About us


Hi there, I’m May and this photo is one if my favourites as I have a lot of memories with this hat and oh yeah Joe!

I first met Joe in 2016 and we pretty much hit it off as good friends having both grown up in the 90s and our passion for fashion. So we both came up with the idea of creating this site to share our experiences and reminisce over the 90s, it was a pretty kool time to grow up.

I mean do you remember 90210? Oh, and Saved By The Bell? I used to totally love those shows not to mention the fashion! I mean the 90s were the epitome of coming into your own style and totally going for it .. right? Anyway I think I have said enough better leave something for Joe! Peace 


Thanks May! Well, the 90s has never really left us now has it? I grew up in the sunny suburbs of Birmingham, UK and 90s hit me full on in my pre-teen and teenage years. In 2008, I gained a BA in Media, Culture and Society from the University of Birmingham so my love of culture has never really left me.

Both myself and May have many fond memories of an era where Tamagotchis were our soul mates, Hanson were just kids, and hippos were really really hungry. It was a great decade with a lots of awesome memories that we hope can rekindle on 90s Fashion World.