90s Jewelry Trends

Nineties Jewelry Trends: A Complete List of Items by Style

Jewelry in the 90s was deeply eclectic and it spread like wildfire due to its accessible nature. Literally anyone could wear a plastic tattoo...
Woman wearing a classic red bandana with bright red lipstick

From Parisian Streets to Rockstar Vibes, How to Style a Bandana...

Once a staple of old Western movies, the bandana has evolved into a must have fashion accessory. The versatility and subtle style of the...
A woman's arm with at least 10 90s hair scrunchies

33 Accessories on Every 90s Kids’ Wishlist

Every Christmas wish-list in the 90s was packed with fad-like accessories to go with your platform sneakers and denim overalls. From scrunchies to Charlie...
90s Shoe Trends

Nostalgia Alert: These 90s Shoes Trends Were So Cool Beans

Shoes in the 90s were interesting, to say the least. We had sleek little strappy sandals, but we also had inexplicably high platform sneakers....
Asian female wearing long looped choker

90s Choker Trends You Can Wear Today

The choker necklace had a surge of popularity in the 1990s before tapering off, but it’s never really gone out of style, it’s just...