7 Best Mom Jeans we Absolutely Adore (With Styling Tips)

Best Mom Jeans for Every Occasion
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Last Updated on April 28, 2022

While recently we’ve grown used to wearing sweatpants on the daily, mom jeans are a stylish yet comfy transition piece to begin dressing in “on the street” clothing again.

While there are many variations, mom jeans have three principal characteristics; a form fitting high waist, a straight-leg fit, and a heavy-weight construction that leaves room for flexibility and movement, making them extra comfortable.

You’ll be wondering:

Which are the best mom jeans?

We created a list of the best mom jeans based on brands on our own stress tests and according to material quality, overall feel, appearance, pros and cons, and consumer reviews.

#1. Levi’s Women’s Classic Crop Jeans

It is no surprise that Levi’s makes the top of the list regarding the best mom jeans. Famous for being one of the first companies to produce denim pants as a fashion staple, Levi’s has evolved into a pioneer for jeans and includes a wide array of trendy mom jeans that cater towards different styles and body types. These are a celebrity favorite.

The women’s classic cropped jeans are a simple, classy take on the mom jean style. These are made from a combination of 60% cotton, 22% viscose, 16% polyester, and 2% elastane. The feature a zipper closure, a mid-rise waist, and are slightly baggy around the hip and thigh area.

Their appearance is very posh and put together; ideal to style with dressier pieces such as blazers, button up blouses, and high heels. These are the kind of jeans that can be dressed up if need be.

These jeans fit very nicely on different kinds of body types, are very stretchy and comfortable, and that they run true to size. They are available in three different shades; simply white, a dark wash variation called blue story, and a lighter wash style named Hawaii sun.

#2. Gloria Vanderbilt Women’s Classic Amanda High Rise Tapered Jeans

Gloria Vanderbilt is a brand known for creating effortlessly, fun, and stylish pieces that are classic yet contemporary. Their jeans are known for their elegance and comfort. These Classic Amanda High Rise Tapered Jeans are no exception, and can be worn by women of all ages.

These jeans are made from a combination of 98% cotton and 2% spandex, a classic mix for comfortable jeans. They include a zipper closure and high waistline. The overall style is very flattering, as the high waist sits naturally, includes spacious side pockets, and belt hoops to accessorize.

Style with anything—a white tee tucked in the front and slip-on flats. Reviews praise the length of these jeans, as well as the inseam, and comfortable leg openings. There are many variations to these jeans, including perfect khaki, a dark wash Portland wash, a slightly bluer version Scottsdale wash, black, an in between wash frisco, vintage white, wispy pink, among others.

#3. Lee Women’s Relaxed-Fit Side Elastic Tapered Leg Jean

Lee denim pants are known for providing a lifetime of quality. They have been producing jeans for more than 100 years, made from high quality materials, fine garment construction, durability, and designs that are stylish yet do not compromise comfort.

These tapered-leg jeans are made from 99% cotton and 1% spandex, making them an ultra-comfortable option. They include a zipper and classic button closure. Their fit can be described as relaxed; the elastic waist creates a more spacious pant, and the mid-rise waist creates a sense of high waist without being overwhelming.

The thigh and legs feature a tapered fit that is form fitting, and once again very comfortable. Each waist side features elastic constructions that create a much stretchier jean.

Style with button down shirts or chunky knit sweaters—these are the perfect jeans to have on rotation, throughout the year, during all seasons. They are available in different washes that cater towards each different style preference; dark indigo, double black, and lighter wash pepper stone.

#4. Democracy Women’s Ab Solution Jeggings

Democracy blue jeans are famously sought after for their quality and overall feel. It has been said by many reviewers—once you try Democracy jeans, you will never wear any other brand. They are praised for their fine quality denim material, fashionable appearance, and figure-hugging fit.

Made from a mix of 54% cotton, 27% rayon, 17% polyester, and 2% spandex, these jeans have a relatively low amount of cotton, but this is the secret as to why they are so comfortable and practical. They include a simple zipper closure in the center front.

This particular style is a mom jean gone jegging—the best of both. It follows the structure and built of a classic mom jean, yet is slightly less baggy and much more elastic. The abs solution construction includes an elastic waistband and side mesh panels that will mold your body and provide more support.

They are available in shorter and longer variations, as well as a few different tonalities; indigo, black, blue, dark grey, dark indigo, gray, grey, light blue, mid indigo, and mid wash.

#5. Vibrant 90’s Vibe Mom Jeans

Vibrant Miu jeans are characterized by breaking the status quo, leading through unconventionality, and making women feel powerful & sexy. The brand is committed to creating jeans that fit all body sizes and shapes, that will hug your curved in all the right places.

Composed by a combination of 99% cotton and 1% lycra, these mom jeans are worth purchasing just because of their softness and ultimate comfort. They feature a high-rise design, multi pocket construction, and a rolled hem—a trait found among the most iconic of mom jeans.

These are very reminiscent of the 90s, when mom jeans were all the rage. While they are very casual, they have a sense of formality to them because of the way they are built; sexy without being too sexy, making them a great option for endless occasions.

They will look best if styled with a white button up blouse, and clean sneakers or delicate heels. There are three color alternatives, including a classic blue titled dark stone, vintage black, and a lighter wash medium stone.

#6. Sorrica Women’s Juniors Straight Leg Mom Jeans

Sorrica jeans are committed to creating an experience for wearers; fashionable garments that will put your figure on display, ideal for curvy women, and useful for infinite occasions and settings.

These jeans combine the best of the boyfriend jean and the mom jean trend, creating a single pant that represents the best of both styles. The materials that make up this jean are cotton and polyester.

Together, they create a light weight, soft, denim pant that is also characterized for being breathable, stretchy, and endlessly durable. These are the kind of jeans that you could move about freely with and feel no sense of discomfort.

They include a 5-pocket structure, straight leg silhouette, zipper and button closure, and skinny jean fit. Style with anything youthful such as graphic tees, crop tops, or leather jackets for an edgier vibe. It is available in dark blue and light blue variations.

#7. Ella Moss Women’s High Waist Jeans

Ella Moss is known as a purist denim cult favorite brand that creates collections led by culture, art, and the celebration of life and its experiences. Inspired as well by women’s empowerment and the California lifestyle these jeans are the epitome of mom fashion.

Made from 100% cotton material, they include a zipper closure and a high waist line. The material is sturdy yet flexible, making these jeans adaptable for even colder weather conditions yet comfortable enough for the spring and summer.

The hems are slightly flared and feature light destruction pieces near the hems and the pocket areas; making these a pair of go to comfortable and informal trousers ideal for the everyday. These are recommended for sole use during the daytime, as they are very informal.

Style with a bouse and espadrilles for an easy-going laidback look. They are available in a light wash Holly and light destruction, as well as a more deconstructed version titled Triano and heavy destruction.

They represent a new and improved version of the classic mom jean, a more contemporary aesthetic.

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