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Boots Like Timberland
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Last Updated on December 29, 2022

Among a sea of look-alike boot brands, Timberland is one of the most iconic and easily recognizable companies of footwear out there. So much so, that you don’t even have to see the tree logo, you just glimpse a pair of yellowish nubuck boots and the brand comes to mind. 

It is not surprising, considering that Timberland has made a name for itself in the outdoor lifestyle community as a producer of high-quality, durable, and rugged boots while maintaining its very unique aesthetic. The brand has specialized in creating work boots that protect your feet both from the environment and work-related accidents. 

With all this in mind, it might be hard to think of boots that look like Timberland that can also compete in quality. This might surprise you, but despite not being as famous, there are quite a few boots similar to Timberland that can give you a run for your money. Curious yet? 

Let’s cut to the chase, which off-brand Timberlands can compete? If names of shoe brands like Cats, Blundstone, Dr. Martens, and Red Wing come to mind, you are not far off! These and other brands indeed produce alternative boots to Timberland, and have very little to envy the fashion mogul!

Here is a list of frontrunners that are headlining Timberland’s competition. They aren’t Timberland dupes, but very good boots that either look like Timberland’s classic models or share their best characteristics. Read on to find out more!

For Men


Brief Overview of Brand: Merrell is an American footwear manufacturer that focuses on creating products for an active and outdoorsy lifestyle.

Price Range: $$ to $$$

Who It’s Best For: Men that seek high-performance hiking boots like Timberland. This is one of the best look-alike options.

Origin and Concept: It was founded by Clark Matis, Randy Merrell, and John Schweizer in 1981. Merrell has always been focused on making high-performance footwear like hiking boots, athletic shoes, outerwear, and other accessories necessary for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and the like. 

Recommended Footwear:

Men’s Phaserbound Tall Waterproof Hiking Boot $ 178

Thermo Glacier Mid Waterproof $115

Men’s Ontario Suede Mid Hiking Boot $89.95

Ethical Practices: Sadly, none of its supply chain is certified by labor standards that ensure worker health and safety, living wages, etc. Regarding its environmental practices, it uses few eco-friendly materials but it uses tanneries that are certified gold or silver by the Leatherworking Group. There is no evidence that it reduces its carbon footprint or its greenhouse emissions. 


Brief Overview of Brand: Royer is a Canadian brand that designs and manufactures work boots, work shoes, and safety footwear for the toughest conditions.

Price Range: $$ to $$$

Who It’s Best For: Men who need alternatives to Timberland that are durable and protective. Royer has some of the best technologies to provide the utmost comfort in the direst conditions.

Origin and Concept: Royer was founded in 1934 in Quebec as a manufacturer of high-quality work products. The company offers both safety boots and shoes, with metal reinforced soles and toes that make them ideal for construction workers. Their boots continue to be manufactured in Canada, maintaining their superior quality.

Recommended Footwear:

Ventura Thinsulate All-Leather Boots $182 (239 CAD)

Xpan Sole All-Leather Boots $215 ($282 CAD)

Revolt Vibram Megagrip Pro Sole All-Leather Bootst $250 ($329 CAD)

Ethical Practices: There is not enough information to say.

Red Wing

Brief Overview of Brand: Red Wing is a heritage lifestyle brand focused on rugged work boots and on making a lasting difference in people’s lives. 

Price Range: $$ to $$$

Who It’s Best For: Men that want heels that look like Timberlands, with deep grooves and good grip. 

Origin and Concept: Red Wing was founded by Charles Beckman in 1905 to supply workers in industries like mining, farming, and logging. The aim of the company was to create durable, comfortable footwear. 

Recommended Footwear: Any man that values handcraftsmanship, durability, style, and uniqueness will appreciate Red Wing shoes. They continue to remain popular by maintaining their classic, atemporal style and design. 

Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger Work Boot $349.99

Red Wing Heritage Classic Moc 6” Boot $299.99

Red Wing Men’s Rover Boot $299.95

Ethical Practices: It appears that Red Wing does support ethical practices in its production. Heritage models are manufactured in the USA and the leather used is domestically produced. There are no further details available to evaluate their carbon impact or their greenhouse emissions though. 


Brief Overview of Brand: Grenson is a British heritage brand that epitomizes fashionable high-quality footwear craftsmanship. 

Price Range: $$$

Who It’s Best For: Anyone from Sir Elton John, Keanu Reeves, and the rapper Labrinth have worn Greyson boots. If you love the style and appreciate its finer qualities, it is for you. This might be the coolest shoe brand on the list by far. 

Origin and Concept: In 1866, William Green began making shoes in Rushden, Northamptonshire. Originally, all work was done by hand. As the business grew, a factory at Green Yard was established and became one of the first in the world to use the Goodyear Welted of shoemaking. The brand would go on to produce thousands of boots during the Great War, expand into America, and set up shop smack in the center of London. 

Recommended Footwear:

Aleric $230

Brad $535 

Brady $520

Ethical Practices: Sadly, this historied brand is not particularly ethical or sustainable. 


Brief Overview of Brand: Woodland is an outdoor lifestyle brand.

Price Range: $$ to $$$

Who It’s Best For: Anyone with an appetite for adventure sports and outdoor activities.

Origin and Concept: Originally, the brand’s parent company Aero Group was established during the 50s. It went global in 1992 with its hand-stitched leather shoes that gave birth to the Woodland brand. 

Recommended Footwear:

Creek Boot Camel

Excursion Ntan

Camel Mid-top Boot

Ethical Practices: There is not enough information to say.

For Women

Cat Footwear

Brief Overview of Brand: Caterpillar Inc. is a global lifestyle brand that makes the safest work boots, steel toe boots, and shoes both for heavy industries as well as outdoor sports and activities. 

Price Range: $$ to $$$

Who It’s Best For: Builders, makers, and creators that face challenges from environmental or working conditions. According to the brand they “outfit the feet of those who want to tackle the world head-on”. They are also the perfect women’s winter boots because of how toasty they are. 

Origin and Concept: In 1925, Benjamin Holt and C.L. Best merged two of the greatest manufacturers into the Caterpillar Tractor Co. It later evolved into Caterpillar Inc, which is the umbrella company under which it produces rugged smartphones, Caterpillar machinery and other products, as well as footwear under the label Cat Footwear. 

Recommended Footwear:

Women’s Revolver Steel Toe Construction Boot $104.95

Women’s Dryverse 6” Waterproof Work Boot $130

Women’s Jory Boot $97.27

Ethical Practices: Cat makes shoes that are thoughtfully engineered for durability and longevity, ensuring that their products last and create less waste, which in turn means fewer landfills and better conditions for the planet. 

Dr. Martens

Brief Overview of Brand: Dr. Martens is a British brand that created the Docs, an ultimate all-season hard-working boot that will last you a lifetime. 

Price Range: $$ to $$$

Who It’s Best For: Dr. Martens’s boots appeal to women who have their style but share an authenticity and passion for life. People who stand up for something and are not afraid of self-expressing. 

Origin and Concept: Back way when the Griggs family produced boots in the small town of Wollaston in the English Midlands. Since 1901, the Griggs were at the heart of the boot business and earned a solid reputation as producers of durable work boots. The Griggs united in 1945 with Dr. Klaus Maertens, who created a unique air-cushioned sole while convalescing from a broken foot. The new creation made history and became a cultural icon around the 60s when it went on to embody several fashion movements. 

Recommended Footwear:

Women’s Shriver Hi Fashion Boot $160

Women’s Leona 7 Hook Boot $138.64

Women’s 1460 Pascal Front Zip $105.14

Ethical Practices: Dr. Martens aims to make durable products and to stand by its beliefs while doing so, both for the people and for the planet. This is why it has set ambitious long-term commitments which it is working towards. 

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Brief Overview of Brand: Thorogood is an American legacy brand that manufactures work boots. 

Price Range: $$ to $$$

Who It’s Best For: Anyone in all the categories they cover that values quality and rugged footwear that can take a beating. They also have amazing American heritage boots. 

Origin and Concept: Thorogood is part of the Weinbrenner Shoe Company, an American manufacturer of safety, military, work, and uniform footwear. It was founded in 1892 in Merrill, Wisconsin. 

Recommended Footwear:

Soft Streets Chukka Boots $169.96

6” Slip-On Safety Toe Station Boots $144.95

Deuce 6” Waterproof Side-Zip Tactical Boots $154.95

Ethical Practices: The brand is deeply committed to ethical business practices throughout its supply chain.


Brief Overview of Brand: Lugz is a fashionable and athletic footwear brand. 

Price Range: $ to $$

Who It’s Best For: Anyone who wants a wide variety of styles for a budget price. It is not as durable as other options, but the cost is ⅓ in many cases.

Origin and Concept: Lugz was founded in 1993 by the Jack Schwartz Shoe Company Inc. 

Recommended Footwear:

Women’s Convoy Winter Boots $39.95

Women’s Drifter Lx Chukka Boot $39.23

Women’s Mantle Hi Fashion Boot $64.99

Ethical Practices: According to themselves, they do support ethical practices but there is not enough data to either confirm or deny this claim. 


Brief Overview of Brand: Blundstone is an Australian footwear brand, famous for its new lace-up gore technology. 

Price Range: $$ to $$$

Who It’s Best For: Blundstone boots are ideal for women who value fashionable options of good quality and moderate durability. 

Origin and Concept: The Blundstones, originally from England, founded the J. Blundstone & Son company in 1892. They manufactured boots and also imported goods. The company continued to grow and be incorporated along with others, retaining its Blundstone name. 

Recommended Footwear:

Women’s 1351 Chelsea Boots $172.41

Unisex 550 Rugged Lux Boot $138.43

Women’s Original Vegan Chelsea Boot $127.99

Ethical Practices: Sad to say that Blundstone is not good enough when it comes to ethical practices. It doesn’t have a formal statement covering worker rights and it sources its final stage of production from countries with a high risk of labor abuse. 

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