21 Funky Furniture Popular in the 90s

90s Funky Furniture
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Last Updated on September 11, 2021

It’s not a coincidence that trends or elements from certain decades keep popping up. A design with reach can continue to fade in and out of popularity for a long time, feeding on our nostalgia and incorporating new elements as it evolves.

Of course, when we lived through it in our younger years, we greatly appreciate its revival and we are quick to embrace it! 

Such is the case of the 90s decor elements that we all know and loved. Some, you wouldn’t be caught dead using, and others will get an instant buy if you happen to spot them.

Let’s review together some of the best and most popular funky furniture of the 90s.


90s Foyer

Foyers and all types of entrance halls were quite big during the 90s. They also happened to be the perfect place for your mom to put all your embarrassing pictures so that everyone could ogle them as soon as they came in!

Furry Photo Frames

Speaking of funky design photos, let’s not forget the terrible idea of furry photo frames. Well, furry everything was a theme during the 90s, really.

Damask Wallpaper

Few styles grazed so many walls as the damask style. You literally couldn’t escape it. It was on every friend’s house you visited, and by the end of the decade it was a case of the plague, it had migrated to your bed covers and linen! 

Living room

90s Living Room

Overstuffed Recliner

Oh, we all remember the romance between Chandler and Joey’s recliners, don’t we? And they weren’t the only ones! Chances are that if you had a trendy living room, your dad owned at least one big, puffy recliner. 


Wall-to-wall carpeting might be considered cringe and unsanitary now but, back in the day, it was a great, plush alternative to hardwood floors that made your feet feel toasty in winter. There is something to be said for plush floors though, they made for a great sitting option for coffee time when combined with see-through table sets and modern glass tables. Want something a little less overstated? Consider our favourite 90s style rugs as an option.

Furry or Shaggy Sofas

Maybe your family was cool and they had a sectional brown leather sofa sitting front and center in your living room… Maybe, your mom had your couch covered in plastic like Fran Fine…Or just maybe, your lounge couch looked like a cross between a muppet and Cousin Itt from the Adams Family. The truth is, funky couches were pretty much the norm!

Animal Prints

There are few ideas as bad as combining different animal prints together. There is absolutely no excuse to put together a zebra, a tiger, and a leopard. It is even worse if you are trying to create a clever living that feels somewhat modern with a dainty glass table and a furry purple sofa. 

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90s Kitchen

Wood Cabinets

Set in purple, teal, hunter green, or yellow, colored wood cabinets made a kitchen pop! Gallery-worthy railing lighting options provided as much light as anyone might want and stenciled walls mixed nature-inspired designs on open spaces. 

Gingham Curtains

Cottage-inspired rooms are certainly not an invention of 2020! They were quite the thing during the 90s when it was not unusual to spot gingham mantels and frilly flowery curtains keeping good company right next to vintage-looking pots and pans. 

Fake Fruit

The stenciled plants weren’t the only fake nature present in the kitchen, fake fruit was also a thing. Even if your relatives didn’t try to eat it, they looked super tacky and you could tell even a mile away that they were fake!

Dining room

90s Dining Room

Clunky Cabinets

It was quite common to have a dining room table looking towards a clunky cabinet that hosted a tv set. After all, TVs ruled over mealtime, be it lunch or dinner. Such was the power they held that families sometimes didn’t speak a word as the popular show of the moment appeared on the screen.

Striped Walls

White, black, and navy stripes were a favorite wall choice for many a household during the 90s. Beach houses made the most of these colors and added real conch crafts everywhere to further set the mood. 


90s Bedroom

Starred Ceilings

There is nothing that feels as nostalgic to me as creating your own unique starry sky in the comfort of your bedroom’s ceiling. Going to sleep with the comforting presence is something I will not be forgetting anytime soon. And I would love to have them come back so that my future kids can share in on the experience! 

But stars weren’t only reserved for ceilings, they made an appearance everywhere you looked. And so did other astronomical figures like the sun and the moon. Who can say they didn’t have at least one item with a half-moon and sun somewhere in their house? It was frequent to spot metal wall hangings in this shape as well as clocks or paintings.

Canopy or Netted Over-dressed Bed

Dreamy canopy beds that made us think we were princesses or spoiled rich kids in our own Clueless fantasy was the way to sleep in style if you were a girl. If a full-on flowery, frilled canopy was not attainable, a netted bed was just as magical. The only thing missing was a bed covered with throw pillows to the point that you had to remove them all to even have space to go to bed at night… I confess this is precisely how my bed still looks! 

Fun Phone

With smartphones even changing how you signal a phone with your hand (Millenials use the palm and we use the extended little finger and thumb gesture) it is with extreme nostalgia that we remember those oddly shaped phones we cherished during hours of extended chat with our high school besties over the landline. It could be burger-shaped, transparent, or even furry, the 90s accommodated everyone! 

Inflatable Chair

Ohh, the era of air furniture! The idea of a mix between a traditional seat and a pool float might seem like a great idea, but in reality, it was not. Honestly, when I think of these I cannot help but be reminded of the ugly sounds they made when you moved. Those fart noises completely ruined the mood if you were trying to squeeze a smooch on an inflatable couch! That said, buying a cheeky inflatable chair for good old times sake should be on your to do list.

Beanbags were much friendlier in that area, and they easily accommodated two for a lazy afternoon or a movie night.  Still, I would refrain from getting any of them again. Beanbags lost their filling pretty quickly and inflatable anythings had a short life span due to popping or deflation.


90s Bathroom

Vanity Lighting

Hollywood-style lighting around your vanity mirror was a key score for every girl. We saw how it helped many a makeover on most romance movies… The protagonist staring at her unassuming reflection surrounded by big, round bulbs that shone brightly and highlighted her perfect makeup and skin… It might feel like a little too much now unless you are an Instagrammer, in which case you might actually have one of these besides your bed! 

Glass Blocks

Using glass blocks to create an accent wall was a great way to make your decor unique and to create an artsy look that didn’t deprive a room of light. They also made for great bathroom dividers, and I am happy to say that they are making a huge comeback!

Neon Colors

Once upon a time, bright purple was the color to have. The world was purple and super popular shows like Friends and Sabrina the Teenage Witch made it even more famous. Truth be told, it was a welcome change from all the pink and blue floating around but it might feel a bit like the Joker’s house if you went for it right now. 

Game Room

90s Game room

Lava Lamp

It was groovy, it was useless and we all wanted one. Such was the magic of the lava lamp. It was the item that proved you were chill and had a little 70s retro vibe. It was the ideal source of low light for a game room and if you were tripping on boredom, it might even provide a couple of hours of entertainment!

Beaded Curtains

Theme rooms were also quite the rage. It was not unusual to have a Hawaiian decorated cave room, with beaded curtains, tiki lamps, and palm plants. Convertible furniture was another huge hit, transforming that uncomfortable couch that you had in your game room into an extra bed to have your weekend sleepover. 

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