90s Men’s Sweaters: Back to Winter Past

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Last Updated on November 13, 2020

You know who gives the warmest hugs? The kind you could really use in winters?


They’re warm, cozy, clingy (but not too clingy) and not demanding (well other than when you go buy them). They really are just the best!

Sweaters have been around for years (some say for over 500 years! And that’s a pretty solid number). In 1890’s the name sweater was given to the garment and they started to appear in the sports scene as well as some designer collections. But the 1990’s, as with many other things, saw the best of sweater styles.

With winters head, here’s a quick round up of the must-have sweaters every man needs to stay on top of their style game, while staying warm the 90’s way.

The V-Neck

These Vees have really been around, and well can you blame them? They are the most versatile sweaters and look great on just about anyone (with a half decent style sense). It would take a special kinda talent to not put a V-neck sweater to work for you.

As worn on:

Carlton Banks, Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Pro style tips

  • Start with basics – light grey, light tan, blue, red and black (is a forever favorite!)
  • Dress them down and wear with dark jeans, a pin striped shirt, with a pair of brogues. Light tan will look great with blue in your wardrobe.
  • Dress up with a white dress shirt with a casual suit, or even a business suit with black oxfords.
  • Bow-tie optional.


  • Go with cashmere for a luxe feel and look
  • Pick a wool or cotton sweater for easy summer sweat, while lighter on the pocket

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The Crew Neck

A close second to the V-neck (if you will; I love it just as much, if not more!), crew necks are like winter’s t-shirts. You can literally live in these through a total cazh day, bumming with a loose-around-the-neck-cut for a laid-back vibe, or amp it up with suits and jackets.

As seen on:

Zack Morris, Saved by the Bell

Get that ultimate preppy look with a salmon style crew neck

Pro style tips

  • Layer, layer, layer! From a moderately chilly day to when it gets really cold, you can layer it up with suits, sports jackets or long coats to achieve the warmth, while staying on top of your style game.
  • Must haves: charcoal grey, medium or regular grey, neutral color, blue or even deep red
  • Great piece to get bold with – try prints, stripes and bold colors to stand out


  • You can find these in Cashmere, Merino wool, wool, even 100% cotton, depending on how much you are willing to spend

The Cardigan

This one can be tricky, but don’t be quick to dismiss. The humble cardigans been around and evolved too. And thanks to some of our favorite celebrities (aka Ryan Reynolds and Brad Pitt), they are making a comeback!

The cardigan offers a variety of styles to pick from. There’s the shawl collar cardigan, the no collar slim cardigan, slim or heavy, and its more recent, also more athletic version, the full zip cardigan.

I for one truly love me a handsome chunky shawl neck cardigan. Wear the cardigan buttoned up for chillier evenings or open for a more relaxed look. Either way, it says you entered the party looking suave.

As seen on:

Kurt Cobain, MTV Unplugged

Kurt’s cardigan sold for $334,000. Probably the most famous cardigan ever.

Pro style tips

  • For a slim cardigan, keep it, well, slim. Oh, and pick this one if you’ve got the frame for it. The key is to cut a lean, slim silhouette.
  • Or you can bring back a bit of Kurt Cobain style grunge with a heavy cardigan worn button-open, over a well-loved tee (cigarette burned or not, we’ll leave that up to you!)
  • The shawl cardigan is just so stylish when done right. Pair a relatively darker color (but solid) shawl neck cardigan with a Henley or a t-shirt, a pair of jeans with loafers or even combat boots and that’s a pretty rocking look!
  • Bring back a little grunge with


  • These are available in all kinds of material and textures.
  • Merino or regular wool works best for the chunky cardigan
  • For the slim look go for cashmere or cotton

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The Turtleneck

The turtleneck can be a real charmer. I mean think Pierce Brosnan’s as 007, and more recently Zayn Malik! It’s got a classic appeal to it, yet it hasn’t seen as much representation as some of the other sweaters.

This is possibly because not everyone can rock a turtleneck (in my opinion). But done right and this one is a winner and a must have for colder weather.

As seen on:

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond

Pro style tips

  • Make your jackets, suits, blazers, leather jackets and flannel shirts pop. Instantly crank up with a vibrant hued turtleneck layered underneath.
  • Pick a white one or any other light color, for a winter-ready, more stylish alternative to your go-to tee


  • You can get these in cashmeres, alpaca wool, merino wool, cotton and polyester blends depending on the moolah you’re ready to dish out

The Mock Neck

You want to show some pizzazz with least amount of effort, all while staying comfortable? This one is just the one for you. The lesser in-your-face cousin of the turtleneck, a mock neck is more laid back and looser in fit.

It does come in a few options. There’s the pull over style, the half zip mock neck and the button mock neck (we did also see some full zip/button mock necks too). Go for it for a chic, easy breezy, comfortable but making it fashion look.

As seen on:

George Clooney

Pro style tips

  • A personal favorite a deep red/burgundy half zip mock neck with a light grey, or white t-shirt – leave the zip down, with sleek, styled on point hair.
  • Pair a neutral color sweater with a tee that has a lot of character or color or both.


  • Too many and all kinds to choose from – even comes in fleece.

The Pull Over

A little different from the crewneck in that the pull over has a more pronounced front and back; the neck sits a little deep from the front. These are great for bringing back some hip hop and funk of the 90’s (Bill Cosby style or Kanye West perhaps?) or just some understated charm.

Pull one out over the weekend, go all out on trying out the funky patterns you usually shy away from and let those colors pop! A pull over is a great piece to add in a bit of an alter ego to your winter wardrobe. We’d also say the Aran (usually made in Irish sheep yarn) is a great piece for a pull over/jumper style sweater, it has the old charm that still works!

Pro style tips

  • Have one neutral and at least one bright colored pull over – for those effortless chic hangs
  • Play it up or down with the choice of the fit. Look for the oversized one that hang loose around the neck and pair it with chinos or pair of jeans, for a relaxed vibe.
  • When comes Christmas, pull over the ugly Christmas sweater in pull over style for fun, festive feels


  • Wool, Marino, Cashmere, cotton the choices are many!

Wrapping it up (No pun intended)

So, if it’s chilly out, these must-haves are sure to see you through the start of fall to the chills of winter. And since one is never enough, this round up of men’s sweaters will get your wardrobe just ready, just in time!