Throwback Fun: 10 of the Flyest 90s Theme Party Ideas for Adults

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Last Updated on September 19, 2023

Want to have a party? What better theme than returning to the 90s? The era of scrunchies and pajama parties, of hot-Britney in a red leotard and Titanic? The 1990s were a legendary decade that gave us amazing music, enduring fashion, and distinctive pop culture. Hosting an adult party with a 90s theme is the best way to recall the good old days! We have 10 awesome 90s theme party ideas for you, whether it’s your birthday or if you just want an excuse to gather some friends and wear your favorite neon jacket! Read on to get your inspiration juices flowing!

#1. 90s Birthday Party Bash

Celebrating your birthday is the perfect excuse to get your pals together for a blast from the past. I know, some people’d rather their birthday pass unnoticed, but girl, why miss out on the chance to order some decorated cake and have a karaoke face-off with your girls? Really, make each year a fiesta! So, my advice is to step back in time and throw a 90s birthday bash that your friends will remember forever. Think grunge, boy bands, an iconic pop idols (like Christina, Britney, Beyonce and so many more!).

Do not miss out on this chance to relive your favorite moments from the past and to share the nostalgia with your friends!

  1. Setting the Scene

There are some basic responsibilities that you have as the host: get food, play good music and set the tone for the festivities. So, embrace the 90s aesthetic and encourage your guests to do the same! Maybe offer some alcohol, if you think that will help! (Only if you are all legal! Please)

For the costumes go for plaid shirts and ripped jeans if you’re into grunge, or crop tops and bucket hats if pop princesses is more your vibe. No matter what you decide on, embrace the era, should be super easy since all major brands are currently carrying the same fashion! Don’t forget to dig out your old Lisa Frank and Pokémon merchandise for some extra flair (or to double up as centerpiece décor)!

  1. Decor and Ambiance

Remember that the party venue is soo important to get your friends in the right mood, add some 90s-themed decorations and maybe hang up posters of your favorite 90s movies, bands, and TV shows. Please avoid Baywatch hawt posters! ( So cringe!) Instead, place neon-colored balloons and string lights around the dance floor to create a vibrant atmosphere that will remind you of the typical highschool prom setups that we all watched in the movies. You can even set up a photo booth with props like oversized sunglasses and inflatable cellphones so your guests can take home some fun memories! (And yes, share it on Insta, because we all know we love our stories!)

  1. Iconic Snacks and Treats

No 90s party would be complete without classic 90s snacks and treats. Serve up a buffet of goodies like pizza bagels, Lunchables, Gushers, and Dunkaroos. For drinks, offer a selection of Capri Suns, Hi-C Ecto Cooler, and Crystal Pepsi. The food and drinks will be a delicious trip down memory lane for everyone!

  1. Party Games and Activities

Don’t forget to keep your guests entertained with interactive 90s-themed games and activities (watching a movie is all fine and dandy but games are much better!). Organize a lip-sync battle where guests can channel their inner 90s stars, this is usually a hilarious ice breaker that can get your friends really going for it! Or you can even set up a dance-off competition with iconic dance moves from the decade like the Macarena and the Running Man (this is a bit harder for some people, but also hilarious!).

#2. 90s Pajama Party

Remember those carefree nights from your childhood, when you would have sleepovers with your closest friends, staying up late, reading some Goosebumps short-stories, and watching your favorite shows together? Well, it’s time to recreate that magical experience with a 90s pajama jam! Step into your time machines and transport yourselves back to the days of slumber parties and sweet nostalgia. (Maybe even do some reruns of Sabrina the Teenage Witch?)

  1. Cozy Sleepwear and 90s Vibes

The dress code for this party is all about comfort and 90s style. Encourage your guests to come dressed in their coziest and quirkiest sleepwear, from oversized flannel shirts and scrunchies to onesies and matching pajama sets. Embrace the mix-and-match patterns and colors that were so popular during the decade.

  1. Nostalgic Movies and TV Shows

Create the perfect mood by playing classic 90s movies and TV shows in the background. Revisit the gang from “Friends” or join the hilarious antics of the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Get inspired by Rugrats, or some other cartoons of the era. These shows will surely bring back memories and spark conversations about your favorite episodes and characters (and if you are lucky some goofy stories as well!).

  1. DIY Pillow Forts and Blanket Fortunes

Take the coziness up a notch by organizing a DIY pillow fort or blanket fort building activity (you can even designate teams and team captains and make it a competition!). Provide plenty of blankets, pillows, and fairy lights to help your guests construct their own little havens and see who does it best. Once the forts are complete, gather inside for some storytelling, sharing old memories, and creating new ones.

  1. DIY Friendship Bracelets

Tap into the creative side of your guests by setting up a DIY friendship bracelet-making station. Provide colorful strings and beads for everyone to design their own unique 90s-inspired bracelets! These bracelets will serve as tangible mementos of a night filled with laughter and friendship and I’m sure your friends will treasure them forever!

#3. 90s R&B Theme Retreat

Step into a soulful retreat that takes you back to the golden era of smooth R&B with our 90s R&B theme party! Prepare to be swept away by the sultry voices of Boyz II Men, TLC, and Aaliyah. This throwback party promises a night of pure nostalgia and urban style.

Set the mood with sensational R&B jams from the 90s. Encourage guests to dress in their best urban fashion with baggy jeans and oversized hoodies. Create a chill lounge area for slow jam dance moments.

Urban streetwear, R&B karaoke, and 90s-themed props will keep the vibe alive. Craft R&B-inspired cocktails to top it off. Get ready to groove the night away at this unforgettable R&B journey through time! I can almost hear the music already!

#4. 90s Grunge Theme Party – Let’s Jam

Celebrate the 90s grunge way of life with a flannel party to the rhythm of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Dress code: you guessed it, flannel and plaid shirts, ripped jeans and Doc Martens.

Rock the hell out of it with a playlist filled with grunge anthems from back way when, like “Smells like Teen Spirit” or “Black Hole Sun”.

  1. DIY Station

For added fun, set up a DIY flannel station where guests can customize their own flannel shirts (or get some new duds for them if you can!). Let them channel their inner grunge and express their unique style while paying homage to the fashion that defined the alternative scene.

#5. 90s Pop Theme Party – Extravaganza Style

Where you a pop princess back in high school? Tap into your memories and get ready to take a trip down memory lane. Think colored lights and pink hues to recreate an electric atmosphere that celebrates the vibrant and colorful world of 90s pop culture. If you were all about embracing the iconic fashion, and infectious tunes of the era, what better way to bring back your absolute favorites back to life?

  1. The Pop Scene

The dress code for the night will be all girly, pink and fuscia clothing. Maybe with a feather boa or two, a Juicy tracksuit and white sneakers! Think crop tops, platform shoes, bucket hats, and butterfly clips – anything that screams fun and funky! Channel your inner Britney Spears, Spice Girls, or *NSYNC member as you showcase your unique pop-inspired ensemble.

  1. The Playlist

Because there can be no pop party without the proper music, get down to dance the night away to your favorite pop albums! From the infectious beats of “Baby One More Time” to the empowering anthem of “Wannabe,” the playlist must be a collection of the catchiest hits that had everyone singing along back in the day. Why? Because even if some songs where not your fave, they will get your friends reminiscing and singing along just because you all heard them 1000 times on the radio!

  1. The Games

Think you know all the lyrics to your favorite 90s pop songs? Put your knowledge to the test with the 90s Lyric Challenge! This game will have you and your friends competing to finish the lyrics of popular 90s tracks. Think you have the best memory out of all your pals? Probe it! Trust yourself to win this fun-filled game! And if you don’t, get listening to those oldies for a quick and enjoyable study session!

#6. 90s Themed Skate Party

If skating was your thing back in the day, you might want to get a 90s skate theme party going on. I reccon rollerblades and boomboxes were at the ready back in high school despite them not being my scene! So, host a roller-skating bash (it’s the perfect time with the roller blade resurgence right now!) with a playlist packed with hip-hop and pop classics (make them catchy and fun!). For an added effect, transform the venue with neon lights and graffiti-style decorations on the walls to achieve that true 90s skate party vibe. And if you don’t want to damage your garage’s paint, glue paper on top and then go for the graffiti!

#7. 90s Rap Theme Party – Throwdown

Were you into rap during the 90s? If you were, get ready to drop the beats with a 90s rap theme party! To get in the mood, you can dress up as Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., and Dr. Dre. And if you are all in the mood to get some rhymes going, get a mic and host a rap karaoke session! This kind of reminds me of that Eminem movie, don’t kill me, people! Anyhow, keep the party bumping with a mix of East Coast and West Coast rap tracks so everyone has something they like! And if you have any contributions for this party drop me a comment!

#8. 90s Neon Blast Theme

Make everything glow with a 90s neon theme. Think bright colors, glow sticks, and neon face paint (you can even hire someone to give you body fluorescent paint!). This is the most important thing to set the mood: Set up a dance floor with black lights to create an electric atmosphere. I can guarantee that’ll have everyone dancing till dawn! Ohh.. Speaking of dawn, wasn’t it rad to watch the sun rise after a great party? Write that down into your nostalgic to-do list too!

#9. 90s Cookout Theme Party

Get ready to fire up the grill and throw a 90s cookout theme party! Think classic barbecue (corn, and veggies allowed!) and nostalgic treats. This party is all about indulging in delicious food while relishing the flavors of the past, so go all out and forget about that diet!

  1. Barbecue Bliss

For this kind of party, the centerpiece of the party will be the grill, where mouthwatering barbecue dishes will be sizzling away, calling you over with their amazing aroma! Serve up juicy burgers, hotdogs with all the fixings, and don’t forget the tender BBQ chicken. Oh, yeah and for the veggie friends, you can put some grilled peppers, tomatoes, and even corn on the cob. The aroma of the grill will transport everyone back to carefree summer days in the nineties! Hmm thinking about it is making my mouth water…

  1. Nostalgic Treats

No 90s party is complete without some of the iconic treats that we had during break! Set up a snack station featuring Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, and other beloved snacks from the era. These sweet and tangy delights are guaranteed to be a fan-favorite and evoke fond memories recess with long lost friends.

10. 90s Pool Party Theme

There’s nothing that says high school era for me, like a 90s pool party theme! From inflatable furniture and neon floats to sunflower prints, this party is all about celebrating the carefree days of summer from the iconic decade. If you are not getting the idea, you need to get some movies and do a marathon! I mean, its just an excuse but wouldn’t it be fun? You can take notes and then get the party going!

  1. Inflatable Fun and Neon Delights

What will you need for this party? A pool deck adorned with colorful inflatable furniture is a must – think inflatable sofas, chairs, and even palm trees but, why stop there? Add neon floats, beach balls, and oversized cellphones, and if the party will goes on at night… You can get some floating lights or get a reflector that alternates patterns and colors! Whatever you decide on, don’t forget the flamingo!

  1. Tunes from 90s Icons

Play with some groovy hits from TLC, Britney Spears, Shakira, Salt-N-Pepa, or Destiny’s Child for this kind of gathering. Dancing tunes like “Ojos Así” are the best kind of beats for a pool party. They also work just fine as background music while you play ball or sunbathe!

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Lorena Lombardo
Lorena Lombardo is a fashion designer specialized in trend forecasting and fashion journalism. She studied at the UAL (University of London), ORT (Universidad ORT Uruguay), and taken various courses about traditional craftsmanship while living in Tokyo. Some of her favorite memories during the 90s include wearing bucket hats and trying to copy Rachel’s hairstyle. Her absolute favorite show was Buffy: the Vampire Slayer but she was also a huge fan of Clueless because of its amazing fashion choices. Her top track of the decade is currently disputed between How soon is Now? by the Smiths and Here with me by Dido. Both also happen to be the opening songs for two great 90s shows: Charmed and Roswell. Coincidence? I think not!