30 Sweets of the 90s that we Loved to Share During Breaks

90s Sweets
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Last Updated on August 2, 2022

Some tastes from childhood you never forget… Like how your first fizzy candy popped all over your tongue or how Bubaloos squirted all that yummy juice in your mouth when you bit into the center. As I think about some of these iconic sweets, I can almost taste them. 

This is precisely why I loved putting together this list of sweets from the 90s that we all loved to share. If you have a sweet tooth like me, you are definitely in for a treat with these nostalgic candies that we all loved and shared during the break. 

After reading this article, you might end up visiting the nearest candy shop or supermarket to score some sweets! Read ahead at your own peril! You are guaranteed to enjoy the sugary shock, but this list is packed with treats that will undoubtedly make you crave them. 

#1. Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups

Who didn’t love Chupa Chups? There was something particularly creamy about these lollipops that made them one of my favorites. Especially the half strawberry, half vanilla one… But I reckon that the chocolate flavor was also quite good!

#2. Blackberries & Raspberries

Raspberries and Blackberries

I still regularly eat these jellies. The inner soft core is surrounded by crunchy tiny balls that magically stay glued even when they come in a bag by the dozen. What magic keeps them together?! 

#3. Lolly Pops

Lolly Pops

Lolly Pops are such a classic. They have been used in many movies as an element of mischief, often as the preferred accessory of sexy teenagers hell-bent on tempting their classmates or even teachers!

#4. Flumps

Barratt Flumps

Flumps was basically a floppy piece of marshmallow with absolutely no taste. I mean it was sweet and had a lovely cloudy texture, but it wasn’t one of those yummy experiences. I still prefer to warm my marshmallows by the fire, camp-style.

#5. Pirate Milk Chocolate Coins

Pirate Milk Chocolate

Ohh, the pirate’s loot! What fun it was to collect these chocolate coins wrapped in golden foil. They made you hanger for treasure, that’s for sure!


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#6. Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape

Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape was 6 feet of fun

The Hubba Bubba is a great example of how the belt phenomenon conquered even bubble gums. Everything in belt shape was simply better than its pedestrian form. Belt candies simply ruled the decade. 

#7. Dracula Teeth

Dracula Teeth

A Halloween favorite for sure, since you could use these jellies to do a poor impression of vampire’s teeth before chomping on them. They weren’t really tasty though, but certainly fun!

#8. Fizz Wiz – Popping Candy

Fizz Wiz Popping Candy

The popping all over your tongue when you threw these in your mouth was amazing. It is an experience that every kid needs to have!

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#9. Fizzy Belts

Fizzy Belts

The invention of fizzy belts was huge during the 90s. It just made you cooler to eat fizzy candies if they were in belt form, I’m not even sure why! But they were everywhere, and every tv series for kids had them. So, of course, this made us all want to have some too.

#10. Jelly Teddy Bears

Jelly Teddy Bears

What a classic! The most famous jelly form ever to grace candy stores all over the world. Jelly teddy bears continue to rock in my preferred list of sweets.

#11. Fizzy Jelly Worms

Haribo Fizzy Jelly Worms

I cannot stress enough how much of a fan of these fizzy worms I am. I can eat the whole package in a second if I am not careful! There is something about their gooey and stretchy texture that just does it for me. 

#12. Love Hearts Roll

Love Hearts Candy

To prove how much of an icon these candies are, you need only look back to how Kim Kardashian got inspired by them for her recent product campaign. 

Kim Kardashian Promoting Love Hearts with her Baddie, Baby Girl and Wifey Candy

It took me a second to remember what her product was, I think it was a collection of fragrances, but what stuck with me were the pictures of little heart-shaped candies with varied messages!

#13. Rainbow Drops

Rainbow Drops with no artificial colours and suitable for vegetarians

Rainbow drops are one of those 90s candies that are a mystery to this day. I mean, I have no idea what they are made of, but these soft and puffy pieces coated in sugar and colored flavoring were a huge sensation. 

#14. Push Pops

Push Pops with 5 different flavors

Push Pops were a sticky business. When you inserted your finger to push the candy out, it usually came out gooey and sticky. As it melted, a sweet mess slowly dripped all over your hand. I was definitely not a fan!

#15. Sherbet Straws

Pink, Yellow and Green Sherbet Straws

Plastic tubes filled to the brim with flavored sherbet. A genius invention that was ideal for parties!

#16. Super Fizz Wham Minis

Super Fizz Wham Minis Original Raspberry Flavour: Tongue Tingling Chew Bars

Fizzies came in all shapes and sizes, but some brands simply were more popular than others. Wham fizzies were some of the best out there.

#17. Refreshers 

Refreshers Classic Recipe with striped packagning

Speaking of super popular brands, Refreshers were more than candy, they were an icon!

#18. Candy necklaces

Candy Necklaces

Candy that doubled as jewelry, isn’t that marvelous design? You could wear it as a necklace or as a wristlet until you felt the urge to chomp on it!

#19. Bubbaloo Bubble gum

Bubbaloo Bubble Gum

Between the juicy filling and the fact that they colored your tongue, there was no real competition for Bubbaloos. They had as many flavors as you could want and they melted on your tongue right before you bit them. Bubbaloos are, for me, the best bubble gum ever!

#20. Jelly Strawberry and Cream Hearts

Jelly Strawberry and Cream Hearts

Did I already say that the 90’s most common type of candy was the jelly? Let me tell you, we had so many shapes it was really hard to pick one when your parents made you choose which to bring home!

#21. Fruit Jellies

Fruit Jellies

Fruit jellies are soft and usually come in all the typical fruit flavors you’d expect (like orange, lemon, apple, strawberry, orange, and so on). But they were also covered by a thin veil of sugar on the outside. Double the sweetness, and a refreshing fruit flavor. I continue to be a fan to this day.

#22. Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans in a Jar

Did you like jelly beans? I never quite understood the allure, but I have friends that were die-hard fans of beans. They even inspired J. K. Rowling to create her weird flavored beans, or so I heard. 

#23. Love Hearts Lipsticks

Love Hearts Lipstick

The less sticky cousin of Push Pops, Love Hearts Lipsticks was another weirdly fun cross between makeup and candy that you could carry around in your bag undetected by the candy police. 

#24. Fizzers


The ultimate dry candy, there was no chance to eat only one. Once a package of Fizzers was open, you ended up consuming them all. 

#25. Tubble Gum

Cherry Tubble Gum with red and green packaging

Of all the weird packages gums ended up in during the 90s, the Tubble gum was one of my favorites because it looked like toothpaste and it was fun to squirt!

#26. Rainbow Nerds

Rainbow Nerds

Wonka’s Rainbow Nerds are a combination of sweet and sour flavors when eaten as a bunch, but when eaten individually, they tasted of strawberry, grape, sour apple, orange, and lemon. 

#27. Candy Cigarettes

Candy Cigarettes

During the 90s, cigarettes were cool. So it is no wonder that someone came up with the idea of rolling paper onto chocolate or candy and presenting it like a pack of smokes. This would certainly flop today!

#28. Ring Pops

Ring Pop

You were supposed to wear your ring pops as a ring, on your finger, while you sucked on it. It was quite the sticky business and it was super uncomfortable!

#29. JawBreakers


Jawbreakers became famous after the movie of the same name in which a girl dies because her popular friends stick a jawbreaker in her mouth when kidnapping her for fun. I have to say that the danger was real, it was really hard to break them when you put them in your mouth!

#30. Freddo

Freddo Chocolate Bar

Freddo’s were so cute! I mean, the sweet chocolate was super good too, it was creamy and soft, and everything good melty chocolate is supposed to be. But Freddo the frog was beyond cute. You simply chose Freddo above other chocolates out of love for the little cartoon. 

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Lorena Lombardo is a fashion designer specialized in trend forecasting and fashion journalism. She studied at the UAL (University of London), ORT (Universidad ORT Uruguay), and taken various courses about traditional craftsmanship while living in Tokyo. Some of her favorite memories during the 90s include wearing bucket hats and trying to copy Rachel’s hairstyle. Her absolute favorite show was Buffy: the Vampire Slayer but she was also a huge fan of Clueless because of its amazing fashion choices. Her top track of the decade is currently disputed between How soon is Now? by the Smiths and Here with me by Dido. Both also happen to be the opening songs for two great 90s shows: Charmed and Roswell. Coincidence? I think not!