10 Types of Party Games your Retro Night Needs

twister was a game played in the nineties decade
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Last Updated on August 6, 2023

WOOOO, IT’S A PARTEEEEE. You’ve got everything set up: 90s decorations, invitations, food, 90s drinks, and a list of BANGERZ. You’ve even got your outfit all set up. The only thing you’re missing are the party games!

Luckily for you, I’m here to save the day AGAIN – here are 9 different types of party games that you can set up for your 90s night. From board games to Twister and everyone’s fave – Mario Kart – there’s something for everyone and for every type of party and friend group.

1. Quickfire knowledge of 90s hits

What do you need? The popular trivia card game 90s Lyric Challenge.

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How many people do you need? At least 2+ people

How do you play? Gather friends and family in teams, or head to head. Tons of 90s trivia across loads of genres including pop, hip hop, grunge, country, rock, rap and more. Take it in turns to ask questions about 90s hits, even sing a long if you know the song! Show off your 90s music knowledge. Be crowned the lyric top dog or queen bee.

How do you win? There are three points levels, “A Breeze”, “No Picnic” and “Tricky” and different types of questions including “In Context, “Multiple Choice and “Fact or Fiction”. Win points to win the game, or make up your own rules!

2. Dramatic reading of song lyrics

What do you need? For this one, you only really need some cards with song lyrics written out, and you know, basic literacy.

How many people do you need? There is no limit to how many of your guests can play this, which makes it excellent for parties.

How do you play? The concept may be the easiest of them all – one by one, each one of your guests draws a card with some song lyrics written on it. The song lyrics have to be the funniest, most ridiculous, most nonsensical you can find. The aim of the game is to read this out as dramatically as possible. The juxtaposition between the dumb lyrics and the serious voice should bring the LOLz.

How do you win? The winner is the one that manages to make the most people pee their pants laughing. Okay, okay, maybe just the one that makes people laugh the hardest, or you can put your hands up to decide.

3. Charades

What do you need? Cards with topics written out, and a desire to make a mockery of yourself trying to act out the cards.

How many people do you need? You could technically even play this with 2 players, but it’s no fun that way. Realistically, you’d need at least 4, so you can create teams.

How do you play? We’ve all played Charades at least once in our lives, but let’s give everyone a refresher. One person gets given a topic of something they need to act out. For example, let’s say it’s Jennifer Aniston.

The player will probably try to act out Friends, or her famous Rachel haircut, being married to Brad Pitt, etc. in order to create clues for the others to guess the celeb. The topics can also be famous movies, TV shows, songs, or artists from the 90s.

How do you win? The player or team who guesses the most topics wins!

Family Charades

4. Guess the celeb

What do you need? You should have pens and some post-its, and hopefully a deep knowledge, or at least a certain familiarity, with 90s celebs. Otherwise, you’re doomed.

How many people do you need? There is an unlimited number of players for this, but you need at least 2 or 3, depending on who makes the post-its.

How do you play? Basically, every post-it will have a 90s celeb written on it. The post-it gets stuck on the forehead of a player who has not seen the name on the post-it. They cannot see it and they do not know what the name is.

They now need to ask the other players questions about the name, trying to guess the 90s celeb name on the post-it. Like, let’s say the name is Britney Spears. The player might first ask if it’s a man? The answer will be no. Is it a blonde woman? The answer is yes. Is it Christina? Nope. Is it Britney? DING! DING! DING!

How do you win? Whoever guesses with the least amount of questions, or guesses the most names is the grand winner.


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What do you need? Well, the game Twister. Alternatively, you can also make your own; you only really need a white sheet, and some colored paper to cut into circles and glue them on.

How many people do you need? You need at least 2 people to play Twister, and the maximum is…well, just short of what you can fit in before it turns into an orgy.

How do you play? I don’t know how you’ve made it so far in life without ever learning how to play Twister, but here we are. So, you spin the thing and it lands on a colour and a body part, like Right Foot, Red. All the players must abide by the order, at the same time. So, you’ll all be looking to place your right foot on red. Any player who touches the mat with other body parts or falls, is OUT.

How do you win? Technically, it’s the last one left standing, but does anyone ever really win at Twister? It all just sort of turns into a pile of limbs and nonsense.


6. Mad Libs

What do you need? Cards and pens, and a dirty mind, TBH.

How many people do you need? You can play this with as many people as you want, but like with most games, you need at least two.

How do you play? Come on, we all know how to play this one: you’ve got a text with a lot of [REDACTED] or otherwise blank spaces. You also get some cards with words on them. Your job is to fill in those spaces with the words on your cards in order to make the text as hilarious as possible. It’s kind of like the O.G. Cards Against Humanity. Most people will take the easy way out and make it dirty. I am most people.

How do you win? I mean, you can be boring and decide that the winner is the one that manages to make it the most coherent, or you can be fun and crown the player who makes it as disturbing/dirty/f*cked up as possible. Your choice.


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7. Operation

What do you need? The game Operation, and a LOT of patience and attention to detail.

How many people do you need? You’re good with a smaller number of people, because this game doesn’t really rely on a group.

How do you play? If you’re familiar with Operation, you know that you have a little plastic dude that’s getting operated on. He’s naked and he looks kinda concerned. And hell, I’d be, too, if I were naked and had that haircut, but I digress.

Anyway, everyone gets Doctor and Specialist cards, and the aim of the game is to remove a bunch of stuff that’s making this dude ill – broken hearts, funny bones, and others. It’s a game of precision where you need to remove the offending part with a pair of tweezers, in exchange for money.

But if you touch the little edges, you get buzzed, the guy’s nose lights up, and you’re kicked off for the turn, because you’re botching this poor sod. This is where the player holding a Specialist card comes in and can do the job for you, for double the money.

How do you win? Whoever racks up the most cash for fishing various random sh*t out of this lad wins!

Operation Game

8. Mario Kart

What do you need? MARIO KART. Well, and the gaming console. And a lot of competitive spirit.

How many people do you need? At least 2. The only game you can play on your own is Solitaire.

How do you play? You sit your butt down, grab the controller and race your friends TO THE DEATH. Okay, maybe less dramatic than that, but you’ve gotta beat everyone else, even if that means playing dirty. I’M IN IT TO WIN IT, BITCHEZ. No, seriously, there are no other rules or directions, you just gotta smash that controller.

How do you win? Well, how do you win a race?

Super Nintendo Super Set

9. Guess the lyrics!

What do you need? Pen and paper, a cassette player and a lot of mixtapes. Playing music off your laptop is also acceptable in a pinch, but it is destroying the spirit of the game. Or save a ton of time and pull the cards from a pre-made pack such as 90s Lyric Challenge.

How many people do you need? Again, this game works best when there are several people playing, and hopefully, y’all know your 90s lyrics, otherwise this is gonna get super awkward, super fast.

How do you play? The premise is really simple: someone plays a bit from a popular 90s song, and then stops it. Everyone else needs to quickly write down the next lyrics. The lyrics must be 100% accurate, so make sure you flex that memory muscle before going to the party. How do you win? The winner is the person who writes the lyrics down the fastest and the most accurate. If you get there first, but make a mess of the sacred texts of Will Smith, TLC, or Christina Aguilera, you’re in trouble, gal.

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10. Spin the bottle

What do you need? A bottle. That’s literally it.

How many people do you need? You can’t play in just 2 people, cause that’s just called making out. 3 people is a threesome or a third wheeling situation. So, you’ll ideally have like, at least 5 to 6 people to really get this going and to make it feel less incestuous.

How do you play? Come on, I don’t have to teach you how to play this one. All the players sit in a circle and the bottle is placed in the middle. One person spins the bottle. The people who are on either end of the bottle when it stops (so, whoever the neck and the bottom is pointing to) need to kiss.

There’s also a variation on this game called 7 Minutes in Heaven where you spin the bottle to pick the people, and then you shove them in a broom closet to secretly do…whatever they wanna do, for a whole 7 minutes.

How do you win? Don’t be silly, no one wins at spin the bottle. The only thing you gain here is herpes, and possibly some foreign spit.

You can’t possibly have a 90s night without some nostalgic games, so I hope these can help you out and give you and your guests enough entertainment for a few hours. Remember that it will never feel the same as it did when you were a kid (nothing really does) and that it doesn’t matter who wins, just how you play the game.

…just kidding, LMAO, if you don’t win, what’s the point? Crush those other bitches with your superior knowledge and 90s-ness and you’ll be the hostess with the mostess. No, but seriously, don’t listen to me, just have fun.

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