29 Best 90s Halloween Costumes [Men’s Edition]…Don’t Miss Out

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Last Updated on October 6, 2022

We deserve a pretty epic Halloween, don’t you think? The best snacks, all the candy, and a party to remember. That means you need a costume to go down in history.

Guys, what better decade to draw inspiration from than the beloved 1990s?

The 90s was so full of pop culture gems we had to create a list of the best men’s Halloween costumes so you can get prepped.

Here goes!

1. Austin Powers

Don that purple velvet suit, throw on some fake teeth, black glasses, and get your sleaze on. Have some groovy dance moves in your repertoire and practice that nasal “yeah, baby!”.

2. Fresh Prince

The Fresh Prince is still as cool as he was in the 1990s, and his style has aged like fine wine. Throw together a bright, eclectic outfit with that iconic lemon-lime-toned tee, a jaunty baseball cap, and patterned shorts. It’s essential that you practice and perform the Fresh Prince theme song…“iiiin West Philadelphia, born and raised…” you know the rest!

3. The Mask

Arguably, one of Jim Carrey’s best movies of the 1990s. Find a yolk-yellow suit (baggy!), a Panama, Homberg, or top hat (with feather), and the green mask. The exaggerated Carrey walk is a must, and quotes like “ssssshmokin’!”, and “you like me, you really like me!” will go down a treat.


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4. Bret Hart

Live your dream of being a 1990s WWE star and show up as Bret Hart, straggly hair and all. Show your chest and hug those thighs with a low-cut pink and black spandex get-up. Burst in the door with “I’m the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be!”.

5. Macho Man Randy Savage

Embrace the eccentric and extreme by dressing as over-the-top WWE legend Randy Savage. Pay homage to “Macho Man” right, with plenty of leopard print, tassels, knee-high boots, and 90s sunglasses. Get your buddy to go as Bret Hart and choreograph your best WWE fight sequence.

6. Game Boy

Bring high-level nostalgia to the event by dressing as Game Boy, buttons, screen and all. It’s a smart costume idea as you get to wear regular (and comfy) pants and a tee while still totally committing.

7. Captain Planet

Be the hero of the 1990s, Captain Planet himself. Pour yourself into that blue and red suit, add a green wig, and do a few press-ups before heading out (get that CP swole!). Spend the night talking about climate change and add plenty of “the power is YOURS!”.

8. 90s Cool Guy

Hey, you don’t need to go as an official character! Dress as the quintessential “90s guy”, with a neon, graphic zip-up jacket, patterned track pants, an upturned baseball cap, and sunglasses. Bounce around the party your running man, Vogue, sprinkler, and MC Hammer dance. Someone disses you? “Talk to the hand!”.

9. 90s Hip Hop Dude

90s hip hop fashion was perfection, in all its baggy, bold glory. Create a general 90s hip-hop costume with a chunky chain, baseball or bucket hat, high-top sneakers, and either a tracksuit or baggy denim overalls. Take over the music and slap that 90s hip-hop playlist on ASAP.

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10. The Crow

Pay homage to one of the most disturbing movies of the 90s, ‘The Crow’, and dress as the macabre Eric Draven. Get into character with the black leather coat, bondage-style black top, and straggly hair. Cover your mug with white foundation, black kohl on the eyes, and deep lips.

11. Silent Bob

Jay and Silent Bob were a beloved duo in the 90s, popping up everywhere in movie land, it seemed. Get a blonde buddy to be the Jay to your Bob, and wear that khaki green coat, backward cap, and beard with pride. A perfect excuse to have an Askewniverse movie marathon.

12. Wayne’s World

Rally a buddy and go dressed as beloved 90s goofballs Wayne and Garth from ‘Wayne’s World’. Wayne is easy, just slip on a black tee, ripped blue jeans, dark wig, and black “Wayne’s World” baseball cap. Low effort, maximum effect. For Garth? A graphic tee, plaid shirt, ripped jeans, and blonde mullet. Dream team.

13. MC Hammer

Take the opportunity to bare your torso, wear shimmery harem pants, and don a cropped, metallic jacket. Oil your chest, take over the music, throw ‘U can’t touch this’ on repeat, and get that crab walk going.

14. Big Lebowski

Show your great taste by dressing as the lead role in one of the best movies of the 1990s, ‘The Big Lebowski’. The Dude (the incomparable Jeff Bridges) has one of the easiest, and comfiest costumes ever: an old, white tee, plaid shorts, a beige dressing gown, brown sandals, and sunglasses. Slop around the party saying “f**k it, dude, let’s go bowling” whenever the conversation lags.

15. Braveheart

Get your masculine on by dressing as William Wallace from ‘Braveheart’. You need leather armour, a wrap kilt, sword, luscious hair, and blue war paint. Gather your army and shout “freedom!” before swigging your wee dram. Oh, and an all-night Scottish accent is compulsory.

16. Edward Scissorhands

Be the most sensitive genius of 1990s film for a night, and dress as the bizarrely sweet ‘Edward Scissorhands’. Get into character with the bondage-style jacket, haphazard wig, and those history-making Scissorhands. Discover your inner makeup artist with white foundation, deep lips, and latex scars. Shuffle around uttering “I am not complete”.

17. Toy Story

‘Toy Story’ has so many options, from Buzz to Woody, not to mention Mr. Potato Head and Slinky. Nominate a pal to go as the Woody to your Buzz, and whip out those “to infinity and beyond!” gems. Spend the night jumping off couches in an attempt to fly.

18. Men in Black

Want to commit to the party but don’t want to get too whacky with your costume? Go as the Men in Black dudes and stay slick in your tailored suit and sunglasses. G

o with a friend or partner as James (Will Smith) or Kevin (Tommy Lee Jones), and go alien hunting all night long. Friends getting silly? Zap them with the memory eraser (oh wait, the 90s-style Cosmopolitans will take care of that).

19. Kurt Cobain

Every 90s guy wanted to be as cool as Kurt Cobain, and now’s your chance. You can get your costume at the thrift store, the grungier the better! Try a striped tee, leopard-print fur jacket, ripped jeans, and black chucks.

Or try a graphic tee, open shirt, green cardigan, jeans, and a straggly blonde wig. Hijack the music and play “Come as you are” for all the O.G grungers.

20. Forrest Gump

Show the iconic, often-forgotten ‘Forrest Gump’ some love, decades on. Go the comfy route with the “running phase” Forrest. Throw on a Nike (or yellow) t-shirt, mini green workout shorts, a bushy beard, and a red baseball cap. If anyone asks who you are dressed as, simply throw “life is like a box of chocolates” straight back.

21. Ace Ventura

Bring back the now rather controversial Ace Ventura by dressing as the namesake character. Throw on striped pants, a white tee, Hawaiian shirt, and knee-high boots. Pop a parrot on your shoulder and quaff your hair to the gods.

Practice that classic Jim Carrey saunter, and utter “aaaallrighty then” when the chat gets drab.

22. Jamaican bobsled team (Cool Runnings)

Celebrate one of the best 90s movies ever, ‘Cool Runnings’, and pour yourself into a full-body spandex suit. Pop on a wig of frozen dreadlocks, and introduce yourself to the party with “it’s butt-whippin’ time!”.

If anyone is confused about your costume, give them a lengthy explanation of why they need to brush up on their 90s movie knowledge.

23. Chuckie

Relive your childhood and show up as Chuckie from ‘Rugrats’ with a planet tee, baggy shorts, perpetually undone shoelaces, purple glasses, and unruly red hair. If you get side-eyed for being a little too rambunctious, just say “I growed out of being cute?” in that ultra-nasal voice.

24. Homer Simpson

Every Halloween party needs at least one Homer Simpson. Find a one-and-done Homer jumpsuit and mask, a fake belly (if you need one), and a never-ending can of Duff beer. Get a bro to dress as Bart and make a show of that famous “why, you little!” strangle scene.

25. Johnny Bravo

Dress as the most self-obsessed, dopiest guy of the 1990s…Johnny Bravo. Throw on blue jeans, a black tee, faux muscles, and the iconic blond, high-top wig. Slap on some black sunglasses and strut, strut, strut. Ask the ladies out with gems like “enough about me, let’s talk about me”. Charming.

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26. Carlton Banks

Carlton Banks, the preppy dweeb with the best nerdy dance moves of the 1990s. Get a group together and go as the whole Fresh Prince cast, (Will, Uncle Phil, Aunt Viv, Ashley, Hilary, Geoffrey, and Jazz).

Get a pair of stone-colored slacks, a plaid tee, and tie a sweater around your shoulders. Throw on Tom Jones’ “It’s not unusual” and do “The Carlton” dance.

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27. The Matrix

Who doesn’t want to be Neo from ‘The Matrix’? Swish around the party in your floor-length black coat, opaque sunglasses, and Keanu-worthy agility. Choreograph a fight scene and rope a friend into coming with you, dressed as Trinity.

28. Steve Urkel

Oh, Steve Urkel, you awkward little guy we all loved. Channel your inner nerd with ultra-high trousers, suspenders, and broken glasses. Practice that bent-over walk and spout out “did I do that?” with a perfect nasal tone.

29. Power Rangers

Everyone secretly wanted to be a Power Ranger, you can’t deny. We picked which ranger we would be, and practiced our sweet combat moves in our rooms. Finally, take the chance to be Ranger this year, and don that iconic suit.