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Last Updated on July 29, 2021

Every 90s kid agrees that no outfit is complete without a hat. We grew up watching The Nanny donning colorful berets, The Prince of Bel-Air playing it cool in exotic kofis, and Friends going crazy in bucket hats and beanies.

Be it summer or winter, there were tons of styles to choose from… Do you think you can remember all the crazy styles we wore?

Let’s find out!

Just don’t blame me if you end up going on a shopping spree afterward…


The colourful, patterned African hat also known as the kofi was a statement piece that would make any outfit more dynamic. Think Queen Latifah meets with The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Confident lively kente embroidery with warm dancing tones would make you want to move your feet to some African beat. I love this kofi hat and this hat below …

Kofi Cap

Baseball caps go mainstream

The baseball cap and its official birth into the mainstream happened during the 90’s – not only was it practical for shielding the squinting eyes from the sun, but it was also super cool with fun and funky logos, statements, and brands.

It really made the humble cap have a new life outside of baseball! Still a very popular staple in today’s sports and lounge fashion, this hat is really versatile and practical garb. This cap is awesome and so are these …

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Bucket hats … Avin’ it large

The upside down bucket, with its floppy cotton edges. Great for shading and protecting your sensitive face on a fine summers day. Even greater to do an impersonation of Noel, or his brother Liam Gallagher.

Should be worn at a music festival, preferably caked in mud and with a can of lager in one hand.

Fun fact: The origins of the bucket hat has been transformed over time. Originally worn by fishermen and farmers to protect from the rain, it was quickly adopted by the upper English classes for country pursuits. The hat then went on to be adopted by the working class, especially the cult of Oasis. A hat with many identities!

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Cartoon hats

The kooky and fun-loving cartoon hat showed the world how care-free and childlike you could be. An endearing number to be sat at a wonky angle on the head. These nostalgic hats could make any outfit more animated and fun. Moreover, a great conversation piece! Who’s your favourite – Tom or Jerry?

Preppy college hats

The American college hat was a specific type of hat that would show off your educational credentials. It presented itself as a preppy accompaniment to any outfit. Team it with a white shirt blouse, a grey cardigan, and some knee high socks to get that just rolled out of college, cute ‘Clueless’ (1995) look.

Or wear it with oversized cargo trousers, a tight coloured neon tank top, some jazzy wristbands and you have yourself an ironic twist on the ‘supporting that education system’ look.

Grunge style

The grunge style hat, was any hat that would compliment a grunge-like outfit. It could be a beanie, a witches hat or baseball hat – as long as you have the outfit to match, it could work. I think grunge is all about the effortless rolled out of bed look. Matching and mismatching what should and shouldn’t go together. The key is to go oversized and have you hair hanging low.

Floppy brimmed hats

Nothings says 90’s like the floppy disk. Or rather, the reminiscent floppy hat, this is my favourite, check it out. This type of hat feels ever so appropriate for the summer holidays, the harsh rays bouncing off of its exaggerated sides. However the floppy hat comes in all shapes and sizes, including dense materials like velvet, faux fur and wool.

The floppy hat overshadows the head making it look comfortably secure and protected from any of the elements and whatever the season. Also see the flower hat as there are some uncanny resemblances.

Blossom flower hats

Flower power came back from the sixties with a floral bang in the shape of the cute flower hat. Such a hat was often oversized and had feminine allure.

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Source: Giphy

The necessary ingredient was the iconic large flower embroidered on the front, ahem … Mayim Bailik in Blossom, almost as if it had been magically discovered and tucked in there after an afternoon stroll in the secret garden or allotment.

It comes in a range of materials – velvet, denim, wool or faux fur. This wool hat is stunning and really brings back a bit of Blossom nostalgia.

Stayin’ bold with hip hop

The hip hop hat of the 90’s bares many resemblances to the bucket hat. The 90’s offered hip-hop a creative resurgence, with colourful bold patterns, bling, paisley and denim. The hip-hop hat should always be paired with an ample amount of gold chain and attitude to boot. Run DMC style!

Style tip
Get an original furry Kangol bucket hat and embody the pure hip-hop of the bygone 90’s with upmost authenticity and style.


The leather hat offers a rough, oiled up biker look to the most unlikely of people. The smell of diesel, dirt and dangerous driving. Rough and ready!

Ravers smiley face hats

The acid yellow smiley hat of the 90s was an amazing staple for the dance floor. What a better way to embody the spirit of the 90’s and have you smiling than wearing one of these iconic hats.

Smiley Face Hat 

Nascar hats

The nascar hat would be worn with a fast racing car in mind. Think speed, agility and masculinity. These aerodynamic hats and their logos were of all the range. Bella Hadid wore a race car–themed checked incarnation down the runway at Tommy Hilfiger for Spring 2018.

Neon hats

Bright and in your face with an explosive saturated bang, the neon hat would grab the attention of anyone on the dance floor. It shouts out ‘fun-time confidence’ and also helps greatly if you happen to go missing at sea. Who needs a flare gun, eh.

Zipper Pocket & Adjustable Hat

Starter basketball hats

The starter hat is much like the baseball cap, emblazoned with the logos of basketball teams – Chicago Bulls, Charlotte Hornets, Michigan, Pheonix Suns. Show your passion for sports, dribble that ball and shoot some hoops.

Kooky top hats

The top hat of the 90’s was not just your general, stiff and courtly looking hat we associate with the victorian era. The top hat was tall, proud and defiantly kooky.  The ‘cat in the hat look’ involved stripes, height and was an all-round goofy statement piece that would help any lost soul embody the mischief of Dr Seuss.

Trucker hats

The oversized trucker hat with its mesh behind and general large figure is a great way to cover up that bad hair day. Associated with the American van-man look, this versatile hat can be worn with a number of looks, especially enhancing the casual or cool redneck vibe.


The 90s visor has had a recent comeback. This hollow hat allows the top part of your head to breathe while protecting your eyes from the bright sun. Serena Williams or Anna Kournikova are known for their devotion to the visor and their colour-coordinated outfits. Want a bright coloured visor that’s “90’s out there”? See here. Want something more streetwear? These will give you that cool edge…

Visor Hats One Size Adjustable Cap

Winter beanies

It’s cold, really cold! You’re shivering and the day is bleak. What better way to keep warm than with the winter hat of the nineties. A beanie type fleecy number to keep your ears warm and your mood elevated.