Dana Scully Outfit Ideas

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Last Updated on January 5, 2022

Hands up if you have fond memories of sitting in your living room watching the latest episode of ‘The X-Files’ (it was the 90s, you couldn’t binge watch).

The iconic duo Mulder and Scully were played by babe-of-the-time David Duchovny and redhead stunner Gillian Anderson. The brilliant sci-fi show not only brought serious high-drama, but it also brought excellent fashion thanks to Doctor Scully. 

We’ve studied the wardrobe of this powerful female character, and put together a guide for the best Dana Scully outfit ideas. Let’s get down to business with power suits, no-makeup makeup, and a whole lot of brooding smarts. 

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The black or navy pantsuit and crisp white shirt

Let’s start with the classic Dana Scully look, the tailored black pantsuit with a crisp white shirt complete with large collar and lapels. This look is timeless as a concept, but we can adjust the cut, fabrics, and styling to make it suit the current time. 


  • Tall women could try a wide-leg pant and relaxed-fit blazer in soft linen with a white silk blouse with a cowl-neck underneath
  • Soften the look and add a little color with a deep navy pinstripe suit in 100% organic cotton if you can find a bargain or stretch your budget (it’s softer, more breathable, and better for the environment than polyester)
  • Play with proportions by going for high-waisted pants and a cropped jacket, (great for shorter girls)
  • Put a fresher, more street-friendly spin on the look and swap the shirt for a graphic tee or even an embellished tank to add sparkle beneath the blazer 
  • Shoes are always an opportunity to add color and design flair. For example, offset a “down to business” work uniform with a pair of bright matte leather pumps or even a pair of heeled, studded ankle boots peeping out from underneath your wide-leg pant hemline

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The Turtleneck, Blazer, and Pant 

Dana was partial to a turtleneck top or sweater layered with the go-to pantsuit. This is an excellent look for professional office-wear during winter and fall but can be just as versatile for warmer months depending on sleeve length and fabric choice. 


  • For winter, find long-sleeved turtleneck sweaters in breathable wool knit or cashmere. If pairing with high-waisted, wide-leg pants, go for a form-fitting sweater to create sleek proportions

Women’s Casual Open Front Long Sleeve Knit Cardigan Sweater Coat with Pockets

For spring and summer, a halter-style turtleneck sleeveless top can be worn alone or layered with a lightweight cotton blazer

  • Play with color, pattern, and texture to add interest to your professional-wear. For example, a floral turtleneck under a navy linen pantsuit would be killer.
  • Or, picture a bright magenta turtleneck sleeveless top under a cream slimline suit. Dana Scully but brighter and lighter 

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The Halloween costume

Dana Scully is a badass woman to dress as for a costume or Halloween party, Mulder or not.


  • Create a base costume with a pantsuit and shirt (the most recognizable Scully outfit)
  • You definitely need a classic X-Files prop or two, the most important being an FBI card complete with Dana Scully’s photo and signed with her name
  • Go the whole nine yards and laminate the handmade card so you can wear it on your lapel as a badge, (in fact, this could be a great gift idea for an avid X-Files fan who secretly wants to be the third agent to Mulder and Scully’s dynamic duo)

Fun NDSID Skully FBI ID Necklace, Blue

Get yourself a red, shoulder-length wig you can style with a side parting and perfectly smooth, rounded waves. Keep your makeup nineties-neutral, with a matte complexion, soft brown eyeshadow, barely-there mascara, and either muted red or nude-brown lips 

Go wild and play that iconic X-Files theme song as you enter the party, and greet the first guests with “the truth is out there”. Okay, this may be a little over the top, and there may be people who have no idea what you’re on about…but it’s worth a go. 

The pencil skirt suit and pumps

If you love the “Scully style” but you’re more of a skirt-lover than a pants queen, no stress. Dana wore her fair share of skirt suits and looked gorgeous as usual. This is obviously a great way to dress for the office or work, but it can also be styled for the streets and the weekend adventures. 


  • There’s something sexy and powerful about a high-waisted midi pencil skirt with a silk blouse tucked in with the top few buttons undone, a pair of high pumps and a bold red lip. To make it evening or bar-friendly, choose an embellished skirt with sequins or metallic embroidery 
  • Dana was a champion of the oversized trench coat in rich charcoals or classic greys, with large lapels, wide shoulders, and a slouchy style. You can throw this over any look for winter coverage 

Winter Blended Trench Coat Trench

Remember…“the truth is out there!”.


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