Double Trouble: 90s Couple Costume Ideas for that WOW Factor

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Last Updated on January 5, 2022

Now that the 90s are well behind us, they’re coming back big time (that’s how fashion works, friends), with 90s-themed parties left, right, and center. If you’ve got a 90s party to attend or throw, and you’re partnering up with your loved one, we’ve picked the best 90s couples’ costume ideas.

Read on for a trip down memory lane, with the best 90s celebrity couples (real and fiction) and tips for how modern duos can recreate the looks. 

We all remember Ross turning up as an armadillo.. right!

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Britney and Justin: the double-denim icons

We have to begin with one of the most iconic duos of the 90s: pop princess Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, and their double-denim moment. Okay, yes, this famous fashion moment happened in 2001, but Britney and Justin got together in the 90s so it’s completely viable for a 90s party! 

If you and your man or lady are game for some serious DIY and many, many photos to be taken and spread over the ‘gram, this is the look for you.

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  • Head to the thrift store and find pale denim jackets and jeans for “the Justin” of the pair, and a plain t-shirt in chambray or pale blue

Men’s Classic Distressed Denim Blazer Jacket

  • For the Britney look, try your local costume stores for a denim bustier or corset, and pair with a thrifted denim a-line maxi 

Denim Bustier Crop Top

  • Find a thick, diamante-encrusted choker necklace and a low-slung, hip-height chain belt for Britney 
  • The Britney beauty look requires honey-toned waves (a wig if necessary!) and nude-toned makeup with a decent dose of frosty highlight 
  • The ombre sunglasses and denim cowboy-style hat are crucial to make Justin truly authentic (and a curly blond wig if you can find one)
  • If you can’t find accurate denim pieces, find what you can, put your own spin on it, and introduce yourselves as “Britney and Justin: 2020”

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Garth and Wayne: Wayne’s World duo 

Garth and Wayne from ‘Wayne’s World’ is a surprisingly easy costume to put together. It’s great for when you’re feeling like wearing casual clothes but still want to play the game. The ideal Halloween costume for goofy comedy-loving couples or besties.

For this look, you need to commit to a wig unless you are blessed with a choppy blonde mop or a shoulder-length brown bob. 

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  • Go thrifting for both costumes, as they should look worn-in and a little raggedy
  • For Garth, find a white tee with a graphic print, baggy pale jeans, and a blue and white plaid shirt. Add black chucks, black-rimmed glasses, and a shaggy blonde wig
  • For Wayne, find a black tee, ripped baggy jeans, black and white chucks, and a dark brown bob wig. Find a black basketball cap and use paper or fabric to create the “Wayne’s World” logo and you’re done 
  • If you want to get super authentic, practice some classic quotes or accents for a hilarious (or hilariously cringey) addition to the party 

Dana Carvey Signed Waynes World Garth Poster

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Ross and Rachel: Friends reunited 

Ask any 90s kid who the most iconic TV couple of the decade was, and they’ll likely say “Ross and Rachel”. Not only were Ross and Rachel iconic in their back-and-forth relationship, but they were also gosh-darn good looking.

Rachel Green’s 90s style was the envy of every female, (not to mention her incredible hair that defined her early career along with her stellar comedic talent). 

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  • For an early Ross and Rachel era, go for the “waitress phase”. Pair a black mini skirt with a central perk tee (they’re super easy to find online) and a denim shirt knotted at the waist. A sleeveless denim top, black mini, apron, sheer black tights and a tray with a Central Perk mug would also go down a treat
  • For Ross, pair loose cargo-style pants with a V-neck sweater, and really ramp-up the references by attaching a fake monkey to your shoulder (Marcel)!
  • For a later Friend’s reference, wear black clothes and draw cat whiskers and write “Ross” on the guy’s face, and draw a fake moustache on the woman’s face. Voila, Las Vegas Ross and Rachel.  
  • If you want to truly play the part, “Ross” could throw in a few “we were on a break!” outbursts here and there 

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Doug and Patti Mayonnaise: cartoon sweethearts 

Who said we could only reference real people? Some of the most iconic duos of the 90s lived in the animated world.

90s kids will have fond memories of watching the cartoon teen and his attempts to catch the heart of Patti Mayonnaise. Doug Funnie and Patti Mayonnaise are easy to dress as, not to mention super fun, sweet, and reminiscent. 

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  • Trawl the thrift store for khaki-colored baggy shorts, a roll-neck white tee, and green V-neck knit vest and Doug is complete! Finish off with red and white chucks

Green V Neck Sweater Men

  • For Patti, look for a blue sweater and sew on large pink polka-dots. Pair with a blue flippy skirt, slouchy white socks, and pink and white chucks. If you can’t find pink chucks for an affordable price, simply find cheap white lace-ups and paint with fabric paint 
  • For an extra-dedicated touch, blast the Doug theme music from your phone as you enter the party 

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Angela and Jordan: ‘My So-Called Life’ angsty teens 

Only the most dedicated 90s TV culture fans know (and love) this throwback. ‘My So-Called Life’ wasn’t on the air for long, but it sure was significant. This angsty teen show was a major launching pad for the beautiful Claire Danes and Jared Leto. If you missed this gem back in the day, watch it now! It’s an underrated classic. 

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  • For Angela, find a dyed red shoulder-length straight wig and sweep the parting to the side
  • Angela’s clothes should be eclectic and mismatched. Pair an oversized plaid shirt with tights, a button-up floral dress, cut-off denim jacket, and chunky combat boots. Go for general 90s grunge teen threads and you’ve nailed it
  • For Jordan Catalano (90s dream boy!) wear a white tank with a loose plaid shirt over the top, baggy pants, a belt, and chunky boots. Tie a string of leather around the neck like a choker. Polish it off with a brown suede jacket with white sherpa lining under the collar 
  • Oh, and don’t forget the brooding, angsty glares 

Victoria and David Beckham 

Let’s celebrate one of the strongest, most long-lasting celebrity couples of the 90s and today. “Posh and Becks” married in 1999 and are still going strong, a great feat in the world of celebrity marriages (touch wood!). The football god and the fashion queen offer a wealth of dress-up ideas through the eras. 

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  • Go for retro Victoria and channel her Posh Spice years with a bodycon black bandeau dress, sleek black wig, and strappy heels. Add dark sunglasses and taupe-colored makeup with a slightly darker brown lip liner 
  • All “David” needs is a Manchester United football jersey, white shorts, knee-high socks, and football trainers. A straight, blond wig with iced tips would go down a treat 
  • This is a great option if you’re a lady with a guy who is a little underwhelmed about the idea of dressing up. Most guys would be more than happy to throw on some football gear without too much resistance 

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Here are a few extra ideas for 90s couple inspiration:  

  • Leo and Claire from Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ 
  • Rose and Jack (Leo and Kate) from iconic 90s film ‘Titanic’
  • Helga and Arnold from ‘Hey Arnold’
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  • Zack and Kelly from ‘Saved by the Bell’
  • Phil and Lil from ‘Rugrats’
  • Joey and Chandler from ‘Friends’
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  • Daria and Jane from ‘Daria’
  • Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee 
  • Kate Moss and Johnny Depp (with lashings of broody sex appeal)
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  • Harry Potter and Ron Weasley (magic wands and spells are crucial!)
  • The entire Weasley family (for groups)
  • Monica and Chandler from ‘Friends’ 
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  • Girl bands such as Destiny’s Child, Atomic Kitten, or TLC (for a trio of friends, or a couple plus a third wheel)
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