How to Style Neon Pants

Neon cloured image with neon pants
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Last Updated on January 5, 2022

What’s the best way to tackle fashion boredom and give your look a kick in the pants?


Yes, playing with bold color is one of the best and most versatile ways to play with new looks and push your sartorial boundaries. 

You only need to take a scroll through the ‘grams of influencers to find plenty of vibrant neons styled to the nines from streetwear to runway-ready. 

All-out neon: the bold and the beautiful 

If you’re going to go neon, you may as well do it right, right? One of the most stunningly beautiful stars of today, Blake Lively gave us all a lesson in neon back in 2018 when she wore a fluorescent, Nickelodeon slime-green pantsuit. The entire outfit from top to bottom screamed “electric neon!” while remaining entirely stylish, flattering, and effortlessly cool. 

If you’re a brave trendsetter, go right for the matching neon pants set and make it work for you by choosing a hue to complement your colouring. For example, you may pop with pink, or are one of the few people who can make yellow turn heads (in a good way). Tone down the boldness with a black tee, tank, or shirt underneath. 

A classic white shirt: work-worthy

Take your office by storm and strut through the doors in neon, tailored pants and a crisp white shirt tucked in. Add contrasting accents with modest shoes, and a neutral blazer or scarf to juxtapose the loudness of the pants. Not only will you be the coolest yuppie in the office, but you’ll command all the attention you need for that meeting or presentation. 

This is a great way for more apprehensive stylistas to embrace neon, as you can choose just one piece of the outfit to be your fluorescent hero, with underplayed tones for balance. 

High-heeled boots and fitted high-necked sweater: Winter-inspired

As the seasons change, so must our style. For fall and winter, wear your bright neon jeans or trousers with a fitted, high-neck sweater and slinky, high-heeled stiletto boots. To combat uber-cold weather, try a long-line wool coat in either a neutral tone for more understated styles or in a clashing neon hue to stand out and make a scene in the best way possible. 

This kind of look is timelessly chic in terms of fit, tailoring, and cut while maintaining the in-your-face coolness of neon. 

Workout gear chic: going-out-out a la Rihanna 

Whenever we need help with all-things clothes, style, new trends, and cool-girl glamour, we look to the master herself…Rihanna. One particular neon look that caught our eye was her fluoro-pink tracksuit, showing us how to make workout-wear dancefloor worthy.

If all-out activewear outfits are a little too out of your comfort zone, just explore the look with neon track pants. Pair with a white tee, tank, or even a cropped long-sleeved top. 

Worn-in graphic tee and cropped leather jacket 

If your go-to style veers toward the grungier, punkier side, follow-up your neon pants with toned-down colors and worn-in textures. Let’s say you’re wearing neon-blue pants, but you’re feeling a little more rave than rock. Throw on your favorite worn-in graphic tee, holes and all, and a cropped leather jacket, with lace-up stiletto boots or 10-year-old Doc Martens.