Lil-Provocative: Getting the Lil Kim Looks

Lil Kim on the catwalk
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Last Updated on January 5, 2022

The born and raised New Yorker, wildest rapper of the decade, one and only: Lil Kim made the 90s truly edgier.

Her innovative statement outfits created a new platform for female rap artists — she was the first black woman on the cover of Nylon magazine — a much-needed shift in art and culture.

Nylon Magazine

Her international career is filled with show-stopping moments, VH1, Grammy and Vogue awards, just to name a few. And she undoubtedly made a big difference, especially back then when the music genre she was inserted in was mainly male.

It might be a bit frightening to attempt to replicate looks from the original Queen Bee. I mean she modelled for Versace and nearly freed the nipple in a sexy jumpsuit at the MTV Music Awards in 1999.

Or when Lil Kim covered herself in Louis Vuitton Toile Monogram tattoos/logos creating a look by itself — and a cover feature on Interview Magazine.

An all-time media and red carpet crush. Give yourself permission to be at your best as if you were attending the Grammys, use your clothes fearlessly and let Kim be your guide.

Everyday terms

The nineties was a denim decade and Lil´s approach was multi-directional. From one side she related to the core simplicity of the fabric such as a 1999 promotional campaign with Iceberg. This included a minimal white cropped tee and jeans.

From another side, she did her thing and that same year went hard on spark with a metallic bikini, heavily shimmery embroidered jeans and statement earrings.

So, it is up to you to dress it up or down, an ideal outfit option for an off-duty day. Get a beaded crop top or bodysuit and pair it with embellished jeans, vest, or jacket. Add some lace, bling and throw on a logo or two. Cowboy or leather boots are ideal!

Check out how Rihanna did it this century.

Bomber Jacket

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Bold occasions

A famous way Kim accessorised her mini-garment, like shorts and dresses, was with fluffy outerwear. And her policy was literally from hair to toe!

Want a visual reminder?

Watch the “Crush On You” official video from 1997, where the star matches the colour of the set, from blue to red, green and yellow, a matching perfection of a different wig with a fur coat.

Lil Kim, “Crush on You”, 1997

This is a combination you can incorporate easily, take your fuzzy coat and wear whatever hangs in your closet that matches its colour. If you want a great example of a big trend follower, get ready for the coming photo showing nothing less but the other queen B, Beyoncé herself in a dreamy blue ensemble mimicking Kim.

2019 saw Lil Kim receive the I Am Hip Hop Award and her legacy contributes to women’s rights regarding sexuality and femininity, it is about being wild and free.

This is how she words it:

“Look, I’ma be myself. I’ma come out and I’ma wear whatever I feel.’ I didn’t know that it would be so iconic.”

Lil Kim

But there is still an annual award the world wants to see being granted to Kim and that is the The Council of Fashion Designers America (CFDA), let’s hope it happens soon!

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