Does the Lacoste Brand Have Bite? This is Our Opinion

Is Lacoste a Good Brand
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Last Updated on April 28, 2022

Lacoste is one of those iconic fashion brands that many people can identify just from their logo: a small green crocodile with its mouth open. This clothing line has been consistently popular over the last years, particularly with men who need to dress in business casual styles.

In particular, Lacoste is known for its polo shirts, watches, and other apparel, including shoes. It combines effortless silhouettes, comfort, a sporty appeal, luxury fabrics in ways other famous brands cannot.

History of Lacoste

The brand Lacoste started in France by Rene Lacoste, an avid sports fan, including tennis. He became the best player in the world, won seven Grand Slam titles, and earned the nickname “the Crocodile” because of his iconic crocodile skin suitcase.

Eventually, Rene was married and continued living an active life with tennis, golf, and other outdoor sports. He realized there was a need for lightweight shirts in both tennis and golf, sports that have specific dress codes. He designed a lightweight polo shirt in something called “petit pique” cotton, which still looked professional but was far more breathable than the traditional fabrics. In 1933, founded the Lacoste brand with Andre Gillier, with the brand focusing on those polo shirts.

Up until the 1950s, the brand was small and kept mostly within the tennis world. However, it was slowly growing and by the time the 1990s came, there was a children’s line, women’s clothing, accessories, watches, eyewear, leather goods, luggage, sports bags, footwear, and even a fragrance.

Lacoste has tried different ventures over the years, and was acquired in 2012. Throughout that time, they’ve always upheld the same quality and elegance in their designs. However, the price tag has gone up as well.

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Is Lacoste Expensive and Why?

Lacoste is a bit expensive but still fairly accessible, particularly if you consider all of its different lines and products. Its ready-to-wear Lacoste clothing line (available at is firmly in the $$$ medium-luxury range. The same can be said of its watches, sneakers, and perfumes. 

It also has some fairly inexpensive items available online, either through its website or through other major retailers like Amazon, like the unisex striped ribbed cotton socks or the 3 pack cotton stretch boxer brief pack. All in all, they have quite a big offering of budget items like the Synthetic slides or the Short Sleeve Pima Jersey T-shirt

That being said, a Trench Coat is priced at around $375, and a Loose Fit Fleece Hoodie at $210 on their site, which for me is a bit expensive. As we all know, them having the green crocodile logo is a big part of the price equation, even taking into consideration that the materials are of good quality and that you can also expect superior craftsmanship (this actually depends on each product and where it was made!).

However, to sum it up I don’t think that Lacoste is particularly expensive. Although it does have some expensive items, it is a fairly affordable brand. 

Lacoste Sneakers We Love

Some of my favorite Lacoste items are sneakers. They have a huge variety and they all look amazing. If it were up to me, I’d adopt them all asap!

4. Tramline Midi Sneaker for Women

When I spotted these high-top sneakers, I was instantly smitten with their retro silhouette. The velcro tongue con top of the ankle collar is a major selling point for me because of how nostalgic it feels. Of course, it is also a super cute shade of pink, it’s made of perforated vegan leather and has matching eyelets and lace cords. If you were looking for a pair of sneakers that were both street savvy and Barbie-worthy… These are the ones for you!

3. Storm Sneaker for Women

I am a huge sucker for chunky retro sneakers, so I couldn’t resist including these beauties. The combination of different shades of pink is spot on, and it contrasts nicely with the green of the Lacoste logo. The combination of thick rubber sole and suede upper creates the most comfortable sneakers ever. Add to that the fact that they have the Orth Olite technology and bam! You will never take them off!

2. Hapona Sneaker for Women

If you are more into athleisure than athletic wear per se (much like me!) you will love these white and pink streamlined sneakers. They are super delicate looking and will look amazing paired with jeans and a blouse, good enough for some light shopping or a day trip with friends. Oh, their insides are super cushioned and covered with a soft layer of perforated fabric that makes them extra soft on your feet, and the laces are quite delicate as well. If I had to sum them up, I would say these sneakers are pretty, dainty, and utilitarian! 

1. Jump Serve Sneakers for Women

This is my absolute favorite model! I confess that the feature that sold me was the scribbled logo on the side. They have a bit of a rocker vibe, being black and graffitied, but they are also super chic with the Lacoste logo and black & white combination. Their rubber sole is quite thick, creating a silhouette that resembles a classic Vans. They are also made of canvas, which is much more durable than synthetic leather. I’d definitely go for these if you are only getting one pair, they will last longer and they can double as going out and daily sneakers. 

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Lacoste Shirts

Lacoste shirts are their biggest sellers and the first choice for most people. They come in every color under the sun, ranging from simple basics like and black and white to special collections in neons and patterns. The limited-edition shirts can be really cool and allow for an edgier look, if you can find them that is. They’re in high demand among fashion fans

The new collections are fun as well, but they tend to be a bit too modern for our taste. Instead, the older, boxier shirts from the 80s and 90s give you more options.

Lacoste Polos: The Brand’s Standard

Lacoste’s polos are their most popular product. These shirts belong in closets for everyone from teenagers to 80-year-old men. They keep everything within their design super simple so that the rest of your styling really determines the overall feeling of the shirt. The crocodile logo is there, but everything else is understated, including the buttons, sleeves, and cut.

The quality is good and with proper care, they can last a lifetime. I mean I still have own a Lacoste polo from 1997. And, I know before you ask it doesn’t fit anymore but it’s an iconic piece of clothing that I’ll keep for keepsakes!

Lacoste Watches: Timeless Treasures

A good watch can make or break an outfit, and that is something Lacoste takes seriously. Their watches range from simplistic and subtle to larger and more ostentatious. In the 90s, a big watch was a status symbol. You can go on different resale sites to find some of those older, chunkier watches, but it may take some good searching.

Lacoste Men’s Watch

Lacoste does put a focus on men’s clothing and watches. Unlike brands like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, they don’t necessarily try to keep up with the times. Instead, they make subtle changes that meet people’s needs, but don’t stray too far from what they are known for. Their brand focuses on traditionally masculine lines, sizes, and styles.

However, those watches can be worn by anyone. If you want to add a chunky Lacoste watch to your outfit but your wrist is too small, most jewelers have the tools needed to make them smaller.

Lacoste Women’s Watches We Love

Lacoste has a ton of amazing watches worth your time (pun intended!). But, I forced myself to limit this to my 4 favorite models for every occasion. They are a bit pricier than the sneakers, so they are more of an investment piece.

4. 2020129 GOA Multi One Size

This watch is the perfect tennis wristwatch. The white and green color palette fits perfectly if you are into white polo shirts or pleated skirts. It is the absolute best preppy accessory to have!

3. Ladies 12.12’ Quartz Resin and Silicone Watch

If you are looking for a pop of color, look no further. This silicone and resin watch is a vivid pink bordering on fuschia. The face design is minimalistic but fully functional and the Lacoste logo marks the quarter past. Oh! I almost forgot it can also handle water splashes although it is not apt for swimming.

2. TR90 Quartz Watch with Rubber Strap Pink

This might be one of the prettiest watches I have ever seen. The rubber strap is slightly textured and the dial has rose gold details that match the pink on pink look. A feminine and delicate watch ideal for an evening out. 

1. Geneva Stainless Steel Quartz Watch 

At last, my favorite model! This stainless steel quartz watch has a genuine green leather strap and a matching green sunray dial with a cutout index. An elegant golden crocodile sits at 12 o’clock in typical Lacoste fashion. Why do I love it the most? It’s a watch that can easily be dressed up or down according to the occasion, making it the perfect investment piece. It is also a classic design that will never look dated!

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Summary: Is Lacoste A Good Brand?

While Lacoste has become more mainstream, affordable, and available over the years, it is still a good brand. You can expect high quality, good customer service, and timeless clothes. It is the type of clothing you will see on fashion sites and used as the inspiration piece in 90s clothing.

Lacoste is the type of brand that you know what to expect when you go looking for them. There are very few “surprising” pieces in their collections and when they do make something surprising, it is often very hard to get.

However, since their pieces do stand up to the tests of time, it is a popular brand to buy second hand so you can get some of the older clothing at good prices.

To make their classic designs feel new again, or to give an older shirt new life, women can buy larger shirts and wear them as dresses, pair chunky watches with subtle quartz jewelry, distress them, cut off the sleeves, or just make them your own.

The kids’ clothing tends to be a bit brighter than the men’s clothing, but they are harder to find. All in all, Lacoste does live up to its reputation as a great timeless brand and one that can bring your 90s style to life.

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