Nostalgia Alert: 10 Best 90s Nickelodeon Toys You Can Give as Gifts (And a Funko Pop Figure Special for 90s Collectors!)

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Last Updated on October 11, 2021

Every 90s kid knows Nickelodeon cartoons. I even woke up early to slip into my parent’s bed and watch early morning cartoons from their bed! It’s no wonder then that if given the chance to gift kids (or adults) toys for birthdays or Christmas, I instantly orbit towards these classic characters. Also, these Nickelodeon-inspired toys are amazing!

Here are the Nickelodeon toys I like the most:

#1. Mini Collectible Figures 

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Jump in on the fun of collecting them all to complete your vinyl Funko figure collection. The figures are 3 inches tall and come in a mystery blind box. These mystery mini Nickelodeon figures are the perfect surprise gift. Not even you will know what figure you are getting! Isn’t that fun? 

I have to admit I am a sucker for “gatcha” games and surprise vintage gift boxes. Of course, if you can’t handle getting a repeat this might not be the best idea for you, but if you enjoy the surprise this can get addictive real fast!

#2. CatDog Plush

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As a character, CatDog had the best of both worlds, reflecting the personality of each of its halves to hilarious perfection. What better way to keep their memory alive than with a plush toy?

You might not be cuddling every night to your favorite teddy like you did as a child but if you have younger siblings, nieces & nephews, kids, or pets you should make the most of it and get this plush CatDog toy. 

#3. SpongeBob Rubik Cube

Aren’t Rubik cube’s the quintessential 90s toy? Now add to that the fact that this particular Rubik cube features Spongebob Squarepants and it gets even better! 

Truth be told, I’ve never been good at Rubik Cubes. I think I am not exaggerating when I say that I have never managed to properly put one together. But that never deterred me from trying as a kid! Maybe I should get this one for myself and try it at least once more as an adult…

#4. Glow in the Dark Slime

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Speaking of amazing things we had as kids…Who didn’t have at least one glow-in-the-dark slime? I kind of terrorized my mom throwing my slime ball this way and that. I even ended up with it stuck to the ceiling more than once… She managed to remove it of course but it sort of stained the ceiling each time, which didn’t sit right with her, at all!

This gorgeous pack comes in green, blue, pink, yellow, purple, and orange colors and will be an endless source of fun. Halloween is just around the corner, and what better decoration than this gooey slime here and there to add some spooky glowy forms at night?

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#5. Nick Puzzle

I love a quiet afternoon activity that takes me away from the monitors in my life. This official Nickelodeon puzzle of 3000 pieces is a great option for a rainy day or a bit of tranquil relaxation. It is glare-free, boasts no puzzle dust, and has a great precision fit. It features a bunch of Nickelodeon cartoons in an amazing mashup that has nothing to envy Where’s Wally? in its mixup glory.


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#6. Rapunzel or Sunflower Barbie from Mattel

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This classic Barbie is a dream come true for princess’ loving kids. The dress is made up of two parts, the tulle skirt and the corset with skirt flaps and see-through sleeves. The crown is tied to the head with a pin and the hair can be coiled over it and then pressed so that it falls free in typical Rapunzel fashion. 

I still have my Rapunzel Barbie and Ken stored away at my mom’s house. This was my absolute favorite Barbie ever! I remember that eventually, I took her crown off so that I could create more varied hairstyles but I adored her classic princess dress. 

#7. Ren & Stimpy Jigsaw Puzzle

This easy puzzle of 500 pieces is ideal to get you started on the hobby! Puzzles are great to increase creativity, improve work performance, ease stress, improve concentration and enhance short-term memory. And it also features your fave chars Ren and Stimpy!

#8. Coloring books

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Coloring books are the perfect relaxing activity for all ages! This nostalgic 90s cartoon coloring book for kids and adults from The Splat will take away your stress and provide some much-needed time away from the monitor. You can get as artsy as you want or play it safe with the classic colors of your favorite chars.

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You can also get this other 90s coloring art book that has all your favorite Nickelodeon cartoons in different layouts!  

#9. Usapoly aka Rugrats Monopoly

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This is the Rugrats version of the Monopoly board game, a favorite of all times and ages! The fact that you can put together two great classics like Monopoly and Rugrats is simply great and only enhances an already great game. 

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#10. Plush Doggy Toys

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If your pooch is also a Nickelodeon fan, this plush pet doll is just the perfect gift for them! It comes in different sizes to match your best friend’s dimensions (small, medium, 12 inches, 6 inches, and 9 inches). You can also order different characters from Rugrats like Chuckie, New Chuckie, Tommy, Reptar, or Chuckie & Tommy. 

Extra: Funko Pop Figure Collectibles

This final item is of special interest to any Funko collectors! Not only are they Nickelodeon themes, but they are also some of the most loved characters from your childhood. 

There are some great choices like Stimpy or Tommy:

You can also get Arnold or Helga to kickstart your collection:

Rocko and Spunky if you were a fan:

And even Marvel’s Wolverine from the X-Men!:

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What’s your favorite Nickelodeon gifts? Let us know below!