4 Easy Ways to Rock Long Sleeve Crop Tops

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Last Updated on March 7, 2023

Long sleeve crop tops are a highly underrated staple piece that belong in every wardrobe. They’re the best for nights out in the chillier seasons when you don’t want to lug around a big jacket, they can be paired with just about any bottoms, and they are always on trend.

What’s more, long sleeve crop tops can be extremely reminiscent of the 90’s, especially when they’re paired with low-waisted bottoms and a black chunky belt and under a boxy letterman’s jacket. If you find yourself having a few cropped pieces in your closet that you’re unsure how to style, this article is for you! Let’s begin.

#1. Big Pants, Little Top

Big Pants, Little Crop Top Outfit with large baggy denim jeans, black handbag and doc marten boots

I’m not sure if I’m obsessed with this specific trend because I’m constantly being inundated with advice from a million Tik Tok fashion gurus, or if I just hate the idea of tight pants as a concept… but, nonetheless, I can’t get enough of the “big pants, little top” craze these days. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the big pants, little top idea is simple. Pair your favorite cropped long sleeve top (you can go with any sleeve length for this look, though I tend to gravitate for more coverage) with your biggest, baggiest pair of pants. 

You can get creative with this! Try it with oversized denim jeans, cargo pants, or even loose trousers! For the example I’ve created, I decided to combine Gil Rodriguez’ El Tigre Chiquito Crop Top with a baggy pair of mid-wash denim that sports large pocket panels on the sides (cute AND practical… how many tubes of lip gloss do you think I could fit in those things?). This particular shirt, although it is an extremely short crop top, is so comfortable! Made out of stretch cotton with a flattering square neckline, it’s sure to look great on any body type. 

I like the monotone aspect of this long sleeve crop top outfit as well, and I think the different hues of blue really add to the effortless 90’s aesthetic. To complete the look, throw on some platform Doc Martens and your favorite shoulder bag. This casual yet put-together ensemble will solicit compliments every day of the week!

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#2. Daytime Grunge

Daytime Grunge Crop Top Outfit

The next long sleeve crop top is one that I don’t think gets enough credit. The Boogzel Grunge Fairy Long Sleeve Top is just that: a 90’s grunge enthusiast’s dream. I enjoy the silhouette of this particular piece because it allows for some additional coverage on the sides of the midriff, while exposing some skin in the front. The ruffled seams and peekaboo keyhole on the chest adds some softer features to this olive green top.

A long sleeve crop drop blouse like this, since it is a little longer, would look incredible with a flowy maxi (or midi) skirt. Since I wanted to embody the 90’s grunge aesthetic here, I went with a basic black floor-length skirt paired with some chunky black sandals. I also couldn’t justifiably call this look “Daytime Grunge” without adding a functional and mysterious black leather tote to fit all of your belongings.

To top it all off, I love these sage green square sunnies that perfectly complement the darker army green tones in the shirt. When I look at this outfit, I see a New York it-girl eager to wear something fresh and exciting on her walk to Trader Joes. Regardless of where you live or where you buy your groceries, I hope I inspired you to incorporate the timeless and chic 90’s grunge look into your personal style.

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#3. Futuristic Night Out

Futuristic Night Out Long Sleeve Crop Top Outfit

The next outfit idea is my take on a futuristic culmination of both 90’s and Y2K fashion trends. By now, dear readers, I think you know how much I appreciate a monochromatic moment. To me, nothing looks more cool or intriguing than combining similar colors in a methodical and intentional manner. With that being said, after doing some brainstorming with new pieces, I knew I had to share this long sleeve crop top outfit with you all!

Initially, I envisioned this outfit for a night out, but I also think this would be an incredible festival-fit. (I know Coachella is nine months away, but… what’s wrong with being prepared?) This neon and animal-printed crop top is from Pretty Little Thing, with strings on the side that you can adjust and tie as you please.

I paired this top with a black, low-waist mini skirt (very 90’s) and some faux leather boots with a little heel. I love a colorful bag, so I added this sky blue hobo shoulder purse. Finally, I threw in some statement-piece earrings and a pair of Y2K-inspired blue shades. These have the twin benefit of providing sun protection while you’re outside, and a surefire strategy to look way cooler than everyone else if you’re inside. 

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#4. Crop Top in the Office (But Make it Classy)

Long Sleeve Crop Top Outfit for Office

Last but not least, let’s look at some potential office outfits! I know not everyone has the freedom or the laid-back office culture to wear a crop top at work (*cough cough*… me at my dayjob), but if you do, this elevated and classy look is definitely one to try out.

This is the Kenna Knit Crop Top from Cult Gaia, and I love how cute and simple it is. It is a traditional fitted long sleeve crop top, but the material that ties around the waist provides a bit of extra coverage and some stylish flair. It is also incredibly comfortable, which is a key consideration if you’re wearing an outfit for eight or nine hours in your place of work! 

If I were to wear this to the office, I would stay consistent with light neutrals; which is exactly why I found cream-colored loafers with a matching bag to be the best accessories option here. Simple gold hoops are a classic addition to the overall vibe, and plaid flared trousers are always incredibly flattering on the legs. 

Whichever pieces you currently have in your closet or have been eyeing online, there is a long sleeve crop top outfit for your unique lifestyle and preferences! Use this guide when searching for your next 90’s inspired look, and happy styling!

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