7 Major 90s Fashion Mistakes Revealed

Mistakes with clothing
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Last Updated on January 26, 2022

If you were a child of the 90s, you’ve probably made more than one hideous fashion mistake…and you’re probably still making them RIGHT NOW. Look, I’m not saying you dress horribly – just that some mistakes are very easy to make. And keep making. Here are the MAJOR 90s fashion mistakes you’re making right now.

1. You wear huge logos

I know streetstyle is trying to convince you that it’s “cool” to deck yourself in huge, tacky logos. Yes, I’m talking about that hideous t-shirt everyone wore in 2018.

2. You own platform flip-flops

Platforms are back and they’re hella cute, I agree. But I feel like we’re getting a little out of control with the things we’re putting platforms on. Boots? Ok. Those patent Mary-Jane shoes with the straps? Ok. Dad sneakers? Flip-flops? NO.

3. You have one of those teeny tiny shoulder bags

Saddle bags are not for everyone but they are teeny and sometimes not everything fits in so you need to be super sure and super organised if you are going to use one.

4. You wear dresses over t-shirts

I know it seems like the cutest thing EVAAAAAAR right now, but when you really think about it…wearing a cute, strappy sundress over a t-shirt makes no sense at all. Not only does it ruin the effect of the cute, flirty dress you have on, but what’s the point of wearing a tiny, strappy dress like that over a tee?

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5. Putting on aggressively-flared jeans

I’m not saying ALL flared jeans are bad, but there are flared jeans, and then, there are…circus tent jeans. The ones with hems soooooo wide, that they make it difficult to walk properly.

And sometimes, it’s not the end of the world that you wore some hideous stuff years ago, but I feel like you need to acknowledge when you’re actively making a fashion “mistake”, you know? Like, I know wearing sequined shoes AND a sequined bag in the middle of the day, at my age, is a faux-pas, but I own it.

6. Doing double-denim

You KNOW this just isn’t done. You know it. Every fiber in your body is telling you not to, and still, what do you do? That’s right, you put your jeans on and then put that damn denim jacket on top. You should be ashamed.

If it’s the same wash of denim, you should be Super Ashamed, and don’t worry, you will be, in a couple of years, when that outfit is inducted into the What Was I Thinking? Hall of Fame.

7. Wearing jellies as an adult

I can deffo see the appeal with these, because they’re super freaking cute. Jelly, transparent, glittery shoes?

If you’ve ever worn jellies, you know that they’re not comfy for your soles and your feet sweat and slide around and rub, and they end up smelling.