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Your Favourite 90s Dresses – Plus Some Mistakes We’d Rather Forget


Last Updated on October 13, 2020

When thinking back to 90s fashion, I couldn’t help but notice one thing – all of our (mine and yours) iconic, favourite looks and trends had one thing in common: they were dresses!

That’s right, folks, 90s fashion heavily relied on dresses, which made it more feminine, in a lot of ways, but without sacrificing comfort. A lot of our current faves are either inspired by 90s dresses, or straight-up ripped from Kate Moss’ cold dead hands. Well, not literally.

From A to Z V, here are some of our favourite dresses from the 90s. And some of the ones I think are better left there, but perhaps unflattering photos from my youth are making me biased.


1. Dungaree dress

The dress of my youth and yours, the dungaree dress can make you look a bit like an oversized toddler. It doesn’t do much for your figure, but it’s super cute, especially on teens. It’s also the easiest outfit imaginable – throw it on over literally any t-shirt, and you’ve got an instant look.

The dungaree dress is exceptional year-round: just change the fabric! Corduroy ones are great for winter, spring calls for a blue denim one, and a flimsy cotton or linen one is perfect for summer.