No doubt, you can pull it off like Stefani

Gwen Stefani wearing tartan check jacket
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Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Yes, I am referring to the multiple music awards winner, Gwen Stefani and her iconic and extremely personal sense of style. The career of this American charismatic singer goes beyond music, into the fields of beauty and fashion.

In fact, she is the first celebrity, in the world, to successfully launch different brands that reflect her lifestyle — look up her eponym site, making navigation easy. More recently, the evolution of Gwen´s endeavours made her a coach at the Voice, in her home country.

See how to push the boundaries of your 90s outfits, in a feminine Gwen-ish manner. Good news, no need to dye your hair blonde, nor in bright colours of either blue or pink. At best, you will fall even more in love with this vogue cover muse, at worst you will learn how to powder your nose — pun intended, scroll down and watch the music video!

Casually, Just A Girl

Stefani´s way of singing, performing, and living in the nineties was the embodiment of creativity comfortably expressed. The abs-queen of that decade was practising “athleisure”, even before the term was coined.

Back then, one of her ultimate staples was the crop top effortlessly matched with low rise pants. She wore it in various moments, and this comes quite handy to wear in your everyday life. So, let’s break it down into two main options. 

One, probably being the favourite of all times, featured in the official music video “Just A Girl” — a french-flag-resembling white top combined with navy baggy jeans.

The other, an emblematic outfit from 1996, a cut-off white top (DIY alert: get your scissors out to transform an old top into a new one!) with fitted leopard pants — when the band was interviewed about their music style, and how ska was also part of their eclectic sounds. 

If leopard is your thing, know that Gwen carried it across her many looks, and particularly with a classic fur coat, her first designer piece (Betsey Johnson) in the year of 96! A throwable piece for whenever it feels cold as confirmed by many celeb-people, namely Alexa Chung and Kendal Jenner.

Style, Underneath It All

To stay cool while attending fancy events, just like Gwen, simply layer a sheer maxi dress over a bikini, a bandeaux or a bra, and pair it with pants or an underdress. Too good to be true? It is really that easy. Find photos of how consistently she kept reinventing the look, starting in 1997, then in 1998 at Grammys pre-party, all the way to 2015  at the American Music Awards.

Another icon of those years and proof of how this minimal approach is a must-try is Kate Moss, British model, and trend-setter, when she wore a metallic earlier version in 1993, and should have gotten an award for her bravery.

Nowadays, countless red carpet celebrities keep exploring and celebrating the sheerness of festive attire, like Bella Hadid at a gala dinner in 2017.

Hopefully, by now you feel confident about how to honor, and manage to recreate Gwen Stefani’s ensembles. If you are the book type, there are plenty to choose from so you can deepen your knowledge of the artist´s related content inc. birthday, college and family tree.

Pro-tip: Don’t forget the statement red lips, appropriate in any shade of your choice!