Liz, Daring and Powerful

Liz Hurley at the 15th Carousel of Hope Ball to benefit the Barbara Davis center for Childhood Diabetes
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Last Updated on October 15, 2020

Remember that time when Liz Hurley was the ultimate British style icon?

That’s right, we are throwing all the way back to when this actress and model became Austin Powers and Bedazzled muse. But it wasn’t the film industry alone that made Elizabeth Jane the fashion icon she became. 

Born in Basingstoke, Hampshire — daughter of teacher Angela Mary and army major Roy Leonard — young Liz hoped to be a dancer and went on to a ballet boarding school, in college she studied dance and theatre. Alongside her early years of both television and movies, at the age of 29, Elizabeth was selected to represent the popular cosmetics brand Estée Lauder, a champion contract that lasts until today.

Adding to all that, Hurley is featured across the IMDb database, a handful of Vogue magazine covers, as well as other fashionable publications. Her stream of adventures includes a swimwear line, with a repertoire ideal for hot holiday times when all you need is: bikini attire.

Black Bikini Set

Elizabeth’s ́personal life has also had some moments of the international spotlight, from her long-term romance with English actor Hugh Grant, to being married to Indian textile businessman Arun Nayar. No mystery why this 90s beauty is a must-watch, popular fave.

This season, borrow some essential looks from this nineties-icon — the body is king and in good health!

Think Leather-Pink

Go cool and casual with a full-on leather pantsuit. Liz has been spotted multiple times wearing the girlie colour and the sleek animal skin, together and separately. The statement ensemble went to the Mickey Blue Eyes premier in the late 90s, 1999 in New York, to be precise. It is a combo that works like a fountain of inspiration, with two key elements for you to have fun with, the colour and the material. 

The leather pantsuit shows recurrence ranging from, hip hop’s first lady, Queen Latifa to Rita Ora after a performance, at a music festival.

Equally, the all pink is a go-to option in the wardrobes of many celebrities, such as Cate Blanchett on a relaxed stroll, all the way to J.Lo walking to the studio while shooting an American Idol episode.

The leather jacket, the absolute nineties coat, does not require advocacy. Throw it on and match it with your date — role play iconic couples like Kate and Johnny or Victoria and David.

Safe Party-Mode

Style-wise this season, safety pins will, literally, keep you safe. One of the first Hurley’s ́remarkable appearances happened in 1994, the year she accompanied Grant, to Four Weddings and A Funeral premiere, wearing a revealing Versace dress interestingly put together with safety pins.

Lady Gaga unashamedly repeated this fashion moment in 2012, in Milan as part of promoting her music video The Edge Of Glory — an homage to the Versaces´archives. The list goes on if two celebrities were not enough to put you in the mood to try this daring gown, see Jennifer Lawrence´s new take on it, in 2018. The Oscar-winning actress wore a resembling design for a photo-call in London.

Now is your time to play creative safety pin games. Place them in different ways on your clothes or accessories and instantly update your outfits. Another lesson to learn from this look is the high-leg slit, just be ready to show some leg.

Live the 90s your own way! Make the best use of these style guides, all credits going to Liz Hurley, with a little help from Pinterest and its memory-refreshing photos.