3 Sexy Ways to Rekindle Your Spark

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Last Updated on February 23, 2023

While everyone knows relationships take work, they’re also supposed to be fun. So, why not put some work into keeping the spark alive? Whether you and your partner have been together for years or you’re both just slammed with responsibilities, it’s easy for that flame to take a back seat. However, you can bring it back to life with these easy, exciting tips.

1. Go Lingerie Shopping Together

Want to set up the perfect sexy night with your partner? Not everything has to be in your court — and you don’t have to read their mind either. Involving your beau in your lingerie shopping is easily one of the sexiest pre-event activities to get you both ready for a fun night. No matter how busy your schedules are, it’s easy to find time to discover the perfect new set while shopping on your smartphone. 

Send shivers down your significant other’s back with a sexy leather lingerie set you’ve had your eye on, or give them free rein with the entire catalog to browse for themselves. Send the link with instructions to “pick your poison” or “choose your own adventure” and your suggestive emoji of choice. Then, tell them to send back screenshots of the ones they want to see you adorning. Of course, there are no rules on any other commentary ensuing from there.

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2. Excite the Senses

Some of the most sensory experiences happen with your partner. As such, explore new ways to connect with your body and partner by introducing a few new senses into the game. Getting creative with ice cubes; wrapping yourselves in a deep, spicy room scent; or using each other’s bodies as a dessert plate are fun places to start. Even something as simple as setting the scene with surprising textures, like a new ultra-soft throw or leather lingerie, will help keep your minds and bodies connected.

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3. Swap Sheets for Surprises

Sure, there’s a reason beds are the go-to spot for your usual rolls in the hay with your partner. As far as comfort goes, they pass up every other spot by a long shot. But it’s also routine. If you’re looking to introduce some excitement to your love life, finding a new location makes even the longest-term relationships feel fresh and risqué. Whether you heat things up in the shower or spice up your dinner-making routine, there are plenty of places left to try out without having to leave the house. 

Need some ideas to initiate naturally? Switch up the mood while in your locale of choice by pausing, looking at them, and paying them a sexy compliment. Something as simple as “I never noticed how sexy you look in this light” can achieve the desired effect. Follow it up with a slow kiss and get busy.

Bring it All Together

Try any of these tips, or bring out all the stops for one night of sexy fun. It really is a choose-your-own-adventure game, and you get to involve the person who means the most to you in the festivities. If you’re not usually a put-on-a-show kind of person, surprising your significant other with something unexpected will up the ante in ways you might not expect. Rekindle the spark so the two of you can return to being you. Because if anything lights the fire, it’s shared experiences (and sheets).

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