What to Wear to a 90s Pool Party

What to Wear to a 90s Pool Party
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Last Updated on August 1, 2022

There’s something quite magical about a pool party. I mean, besides it being what all the cool kids did in the movies, the fact that the gathering takes place around (or in) a swimming pool just adds a layer of extra fun. However, knowing how to dress up for a pool party, particularly a 90s-themed one, can sometimes be a bit of a head-scratcher.

Nowadays, there are a ton of options available to men and women when it comes to dressing for any type of gathering or social event. This is quite true regarding dressing for a pool party, too, but somehow most people tend to end up with boring ensembles. 

Depending on the style of the event, women tend to play it safe with a boho combination of either a floral dress or a beachy skirt, while men go for chinos or long shorts and a polo t-shirt. However, all safe bets should be off when you are going to a 90s pool party! 

Forgo the classics and dig in deep for some nostalgic inspiration. The 90s were a super fun decade in terms of clothing so there is no reason why you can’t make the most of the event and have some fun. Go for fluorescent colors, Hawaiian prints, and hair bandanas! 

And if you are not very inspired, read ahead to get some ideas and some quick clothing recommendations on a budget! 


For women, it is paramount to choose a fun swimming suit or bikini! 

90s Bikini Set

& Two-Piece Sexy Bikini

Triangle bikinis are a great option for any type of body because they can be adjusted to best enhance your curves. Go for a retro print to keep things interesting and don’t forget to tie your side straps firmly. If you love the idea of a tied bikini bottom but need a bit more support on your bra, try the second option with thick straps that are tied behind the neck. Because of the design, the pull creates a very nice cleavage!

Women’s Color Block Underwire Bikini Set

& Jelly Women’s Two Piece High Cut Bikini

Color blocking is another blast from the past that will look great on you for a pool party. These particular designs are great if you have a small bosom and need a little extra support and framing on your girls!

90s Inspired High Cut Low Back

& Woman’s 2PCS Bikini Swimsuit Scoop Neck Crop Tank

Barbiecore is hitting us hard this summer, but this trend is nothing new! Barbie’s bright pink shade was super popular during the 90s, which makes this high-cut one-piece and this scoop-neck bikini the perfect investment pieces for either a thematic pool party or everyday beach wear.

Beach Wrap Vintage

Going around wearing only a bikini bottom is not for everyone, so here is a long sarong that you can tie around your hips or breasts for light coverage and a very appealing see-through effect. 

Women’s Sexy Cutout One Shoulder High Cut

Speaking of trending 90s swimsuits, let’s not forget the sexy cutouts. Plenty of amazing colors to choose from and take your inner sexy goddess for a ride.

Tempt Me Women Two Piece Vintage Swimsuit

Go full retro and get as much coverage as possible with this two-piece ruched bikini. It will provide full support and enhance a curvy figure the most.

Capbaby Women’s Letter Print Backless One Piece Monokini

Last but not least, let’s not forget that during the 90s Baywatch was king when it came to swimwear. This funny Bae Watch red swimsuit is a cheeky reminder!

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Men 90s Swim Trunks

Considering that short shorts are trending right now, trunks are a refreshing retro choice for men. Especially with this beloved classic print that screams “90s”!

Bel-Air Baseball Jersey

It’s no wonder Will Smith popped a remake of the Prince of Bel-Air this year, with the revival of all things 90s, it was the perfect time for some fresh princely fashions. Take a hint and grab this jersey for your pool party for some added glam.

Nickelodeon Retro 90s Nick Party T-Shirt

There’s no such thing as a bad classic. And there is nothing as eternal as a white t-shirt with some Nickelodeon cartoon goodies. It brings out all the childhood memories!

MTV Logo Fluorescent Colors Tank Top

Don’t be afraid of the tank top. It might not be huge right now, but anyone that lived through the 90s will appreciate it. Particularly if it sports the MTV logo. Those were the years!

Men’s Baywatch Lifeguard Costume

I simply couldn’t miss out on including this Baywatch costume. You might even combine it with the Bae Watch swimsuit.


Beer Pong Pool Float

A pool party is not complete without some beer pong action!

Butterfly Hair Clips + Big Hair Claw + Checkered Hair Clip

Tying your hair back is always a good idea for a pool party. With clips and claws, you can control your locks and keep them in place no matter how many bomb dives you make.

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Ray-ban Sunglasses

& Jackie Oh Ray-ban Sunglasses

Play it cool with some Top Gun sunglasses! And keep your eyes safe from the glare of the sun all in one fell swoop.

Adilette Shower Slide

This is the ultimate retro slide, for both women and men, to complete your 90s pool party outfit! Plenty of shades to choose from and combine with the rest of your garment.

Do you have any 90s pool party style tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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