6 Retro Trends Making a Comeback in Today’s Menswear

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Last Updated on December 12, 2023

Did you recently go through the family album? If you did, you might have found photos of your father and uncles from their younger days sporting outfits that are still popular in the 2020s. This might make you wonder whether retro fashion is coming back.

Well, some retro outfits never went out of fashion. They stood the test of time. However, some did fade away in the middle before regaining popularity in the past couple of years. Here are some of those retro trends in men’s fashion that are making a comeback.

1. Men’s Flared Jeans

Men’s flare jeans were a massive hit during the ‘70s. It is quite similar to the iconic bootcut jeans. However, the clothes are cut extra long for this type of jeans to create a stacked effect, where the excess fabric sits on the shoe. In the 2020s, they are making a comeback, but with a modern twist. The men’s flared jeans available in today’s market are made for the current generation, offering an urban edge vibe. These jeans go well with almost anything. Pair it with a bomber jacket or a hoodie to make a statement.

2. Shiny Puffer Jackets

If you were a ‘90s kid, you might have seen young adults sporting stylish puffer jackets of bright colors in your locality. Even though they were more prevalent in the ‘90s hip-hop scene, these extra-comfortable jackets are making their way back to men’s fashion in the 2020s. Apart from helping you grab the attention of almost every passerby, these jackets are also quite practical. Even if it is snowing in your area, you can go out and look trendy without feeling too cold. The current puffer jackets are updated with thick funnel necks and oversized cuts.

3. Slim-Fit Ribbed Turtlenecks

The tight turtlenecks’ body-hugging fit and stretch-knit ribbing made it an instant hit during the ‘90s. Most people remember Steve Jobs wearing it. Even though they never went out of fashion, these turtlenecks are certainly popular among the current generation. People paired the earlier versions of the turtlenecks with high-rise jeans and boxy blazers. Today’s turtlenecks are much more refined and look great with slim-fit jeans and fitted blazer jackets.

4. Plaid Pants

Tailored plaid pants were some of the most popular pieces of clothing during the ‘70s. These mod-inspired pants were designed with a much wider, flared cut. In the 2020s, these plaid pants are making a comeback and creating waves in men’s fashion. While these pants were usually worn with a matching plaid blazer, the plaid-on-plaid suit look isn’t that much in fashion currently. You can pair it with your favorite shirt/ t-shirt or a regular jacket. The current plaid pants also come with neutral-colored checks and contrasting side stripes.

5. Color Block Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts in color-block patterns may be popular in the men’s section today, but this is not for the first time. These color-block sweatshirts were hugely popular in the ‘80s. This color-block trend was used in almost every piece of clothing back then. Sweatshirts with similar patterns that are available in the current market feature a combination of bright colors mixed with slogan graphics. It falls under the men’s streetwear category and is ideal for regular hangouts or just chilling at home.

6. Velvet and Corduroy Pants

Velvet and corduroy are some of the richest textured fabrics used in men’s clothing today. Even in the ‘70s, some of the most popular pants had crushed velvet and soft corduroy. Such textured pants also gained popularity in the ‘90s, especially when matching velour tracksuits became a hot favorite. Currently available velvet and corduroy pants come with the same soft feel. However, the fit is more flattering and has more contemporary accents.


A majority of these retro fashion trends have gone through several updates before regaining their popularity in the 2020s. The original version certainly looked great for its time, but the modernization of these outfits was necessary to match the preferences of today’s generation. Maybe we will also get to see tie-dye t-shirts regain their popularity 40-50 years from now.