Back to the past, the puffer

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Last Updated on January 5, 2022

Fashion nostalgia is a great way of revisiting history, you get to play dress-up, rewind a few years and restyle what is already in your closet.

As you might agree, the last decade of the twentieth century, aka the nineties, witnessed some pretty cool styles and plenty of unexpected combinations. 

Throughout fall and winter outerwear is irrefutably necessary.

The bad news is that we have to endure cold temperatures and dark days, the good news is that an array of trendy cold-weather outfits await you.

The advice to cozy up during these seasons, is to reach out to that 90s puffer jacket you have since back then and adopt is as your new coat staple. This piece will help you to stay warm while defying the notion of winter clothing boredom.

Now, let’s make sure to, literally, cover your needs and prove this to be the ruler of coats and jackets

Casual look

First of all, for weekends and laid back days, go back to basics and throw it over a pair of mums ́jeans and a white T-shirt, the best go-to combo of that time.

You can also play with the color of the jeans and T-shirt (or turtleneck) and opt for an all-black look à la Princess Diana, who made sure the outfit accent stayed in the red coat. For one color look, swap the bottoms for sporty drawstring pants and go all-white like Kim Kardashian.

If you don’t fear the cold, wear a cropped top paired with camouflage trousers and suddenly you will resemble Gwen Stefani.

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Smart look

Secondly, for more formal situations wear it on top of a slip dress and add an under layered long sleeve just like Alexa Chung, or without if you are in party mode. The right shoe match is a quick fix depending on the occasion, one could be Dr. Martens, another could be classy high heels.

For tops and bottoms matching colors create Gwyneth Paltrow ́s feminine look on Great Expectations. To wrap it all up with sophisticated puff, just ask Rihanna.

There is almost no way to go wrong when wearing a quilted coat. When it comes to nineteen-nineties wisdom, regardless if you have a street or an office day ahead, @90sanxiety is a must-follow Instagram account. It throws-back to key celebrity pictures that show-case endless ways of reminiscent this era.

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Ready to rock this coat and spice up all your looks?

Speaking of spices, something worth mentioning regarding the 90s trend, are the Spice Girls, all of them wore the puffy-classic in super cute ways, multiple designs, and cuts— there is a lot of inspiration to be drawn from the pop ensemble, from hairstyles to make-up ideas.

So, as women, we have five options to pick from, depending on how we feel and what situation we are attending — we can even choose a different “Girl” for each day of the week!

Don’t let the freezing days numb the fashionable ways of expressing yourself. As the five music icons would recommend: “Spice up your life!”. Besides having a blast from the past, there is no need to buy a thing. Have a stylish last month of the year!