Beyond Fashion: Exploring The Artistic Vision Of Tom Ford Glasses

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Last Updated on July 5, 2023

The Tom Ford eyewear line is inspired by art and luxury. The fashion brand puts in a lot of effort in its design and craftsmanship. And that’s one of the reasons why it has gone from “small beginnings” to “celebrities’ preference.”

Modern fashion has indeed made it easy for individuals to appear as who they want to be perceived as. And the Tom Ford eyewear brand helps in accentuating your look and enhancing your personality. Right from its inception since 2005, it has stuck to creating eyeglasses with classic and in-vogue styles. 

With a stylish blend of fashion, comfort and functionality, wearers now see the Tom Ford brand as one of the best in the eyewear industry.  


This luxury brand has a collection of quality and amazing specs. However, among the glasses in the collection some stand out given its unique designs. They are:

The Tom Ford FT5379

This is one of Tom Ford’s iconic glasses. It has a full frame design and unlike many other eyeglasses, it is suitable for a wide range of face shapes. You can also attach your prescription lenses to it. So, folks with vision disorders can own an FT5379.

The Tom Ford Dimitry Sunglasses

This Tom Ford’s is retro-inspired. Plus, it also features some modern details such as the “T” logo on the temples. If you’re looking to make a fashion statement, then the Tom Ford Dimitry sunglasses is the perfect fit.

The Tom Ford Half-Rim Optical FT5504

This is also another iconic pair of acetate sunglasses in the Tom Ford eyewear by CoolFrames collection. It features square frames with the metal “T” logo at both sides of the temples. The metal eye-rim also gives it a unique look and it is also fitting for those who have visual problems.

Once you get a Tom Ford eyewear, you can easily attach prescription lenses if you must. 


The man, Tom Ford has been a great influence to pop culture and even the fashion industry as a whole. After he left Gucci and established his fashion brand of menwear, eyewear and many other fashion accessories, it didn’t take long before he attained success.

He set his sights on the ideal customer that is “cultured, international, well-traveled and possessing disposable income.” This meant his marketing efforts targets high-value individuals. This explains why his fashion products are quite expensive.  

His fashion designing knowledge and skills helped take the Gucci brand to more prosperous heights and when he left the luxury brand, it was sitting on a $10 billion valuation. With such an accomplishment, he came to be well-known as an exceptional fashion designer.

And this attracted the world’s attention. Even celebrities have been spotted wearing Tom Ford’s fashion accessories.

In 2011, Michelle Obama an ivory gown specially designed by the Tom Ford brand to attend an event at the Buckingham Palace. The Tom Ford brand has also dressed A-list celebrities such as Daniel Craig, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Henry Cavill, and the likes.

This shows the impact the Tom Ford brand has had in Hollywood. Many top stars have also been spotted wearing different shades of Tom Ford’s. In the music industry, the brand has also made headway. In 2013, JayZ sang a song titled “Tom Ford.”

The luxury brand has come a long way and it has gone from a mere fashion brand to a huge influencer in pop culture. With that song by JayZ, there was a huge increase in online search queries for “Tom Ford” which essentially impacted sales for the brand.    


The story of the man, Tom Ford is one that can easily sell itself. Know why? He is known as the man that revived the fortune of the Gucci brand, and one other fashion company (Yves Saint Laurent). This already positions him in the fashion industry as an expert. 

And the truth is, this was what he leveraged on to take his eponymous fashion brand to enviable heights. With such brand positioning, it was quite easy to charge premium for his products and also compete with many other fashion giant brands such as Dior, Giorgio Armani, Hermes, Chanel and the likes.

In 2004, he wrote an autobiography and he detailed all his accomplishments in all the fashion brands he worked in. This was a smart marketing move that has obviously paid him off. 


Tom Ford is undoubtedly one of the most successful luxury brands in the world. And given the exceptional nature of its products, it has an artistic vision. Modern fashion strictly concentrates on the preference and style of the individual and that’s what this brand embodies in art and function.

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