The Best Prada Sunglasses for Any Occasion and Face Shape

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Last Updated on July 18, 2022

The sun has made its spectacular reappearance from the clouds and summer is right around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere. For me, personally, my summer shopping list always consists of two major items: colorful swimsuits and cheeky sunglasses.

Whether you’re using your sunnies for lounging by the pool, walking to the farmer’s market on a crisp Saturday morning, or maybe blocking out the sun while surviving a hangover (we’ve all been there)… we all love to find the perfect high quality accessories that will accentuate our stunning features.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely on the hunt for a new pair of luxury sunnies for the warmer months. With so many options out there, it can be hard to decide which styles are suitable for various occasions as well as each of our unique face shapes. That’s where I come in. Keep reading to find your dream summer accessory!

#1. Best Sunglasses for Everyday Comfort – Prada PR 17WS

When I think of comfortable sunglasses, my mind immediately sprints to the word “chunky”. Moreover, I always seek out more rounded frames with thick silhouettes. That way, you don’t have to deal with any potentially uncomfortable nose pads (which primarily end up getting caught in our hair, at least that’s what happens to me, way too often). This style, the Prada PR 17WS, hits that mark every single time.

These shades are sturdy as they come, too. One thing I adore about many of Prada’s sunglasses is the width of the temple, which are not only more comfortable, but provide additional protection from the sun, as well. If you don’t love the thickness, don’t fret: Prada makes several variations of the rounded rectangular style with thinner, more simple temples.

Wondering if these shades are right for you and your unique face shape? Rounded and thinner frames are perfect for those with square facial features, because it softens the sharper and more chiseled lines that are often found along the jawline and cheekbones. The PR 17WS’s will compliment your bone structure while also balancing out your features.

As far as versatility goes, this style is available in black, blue crystal, and tortoise brown. Remember when I said we all need a pair of sunglasses to block out the sun during a gnarly hangover? Well, these are the pair I reach for any morning after I’ve had one too many St. Germain spritzes.

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#2. Best Sunglasses for the Beach – Prada 58mm Gradient Square Sunglasses

There is quite literally nothing I love more than a well-thought out bohemian-esque beach outfit. Granted, some days I just want to lay down in a plain bikini and soak in my daily dose of vitamin D… but other days, I want to emulate the Mamma Mia Greek beach ensemble of my dreams. I love sunglass styles like these because the large frames cover a wider area of the face, ultimately leading to more protection from the hot sun (but don’t forget to lather up that SPF as well, friends.) 

The Prada 58mm Gradient Square Glasses offers gradient lenses with full UV protection and comes in a classic pale-gold color. I always gravitate towards lighter lenses during the summer months, because I think it helps show off the healthy glow we all achieve as the days get longer.

I recommend these frames for those with either ovular or round face shapes. The geometric and angular design of the lenses paired with the thin metal frames will add some serious structure and beautiful contours to rounder features. Picture these sunglasses paired with a strappy magenta one-piece swimsuit topped off with a beige and gold crochet sarong with nude platform sandals. Can you say Hot Girl Summer?

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#3. Best Sunglasses for the Work Week – Prada Eyewear Collection Sunglasses

That’s really what makes these Prada Eyewear Collection Sunglasses great: they are timeless, not gaudy, and will match any outfit (whether that be your favorite office-appropriate blazer or your bold sundress on the weekend). Additionally, these sunglasses are incredibly comfortable with a sleek feel, making them the perfect staple piece for your eyewear collection, for any and all seasons.

Definitely try snag shades if you have a more square or rectangular face shape, but in my experience and opinion, this style looks good on everyone.

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#4. Sunglasses for the Best Value – Prada PR 02VS 1AB5S0 

The “cat eye” frame style, popularized in the 1950’s, is one of the most iconic and flattering trends, still to this day. Prada’s simple yet refined approach to cat eye sunglasses combines its structured and modern designs with softer and more vintage lines, culminating in the perfect pair of (affordable) shades!

This Prada PR 02VS 1AB5S0 pair can be found on Amazon. There is no question that purchasing a pair of designer sunglasses can definitely be a major investment, and this pair is perfect for the individuals who are looking to expand their collection of luxury eyewear but don’t want to spend too much. 

Cat eye sunglasses work wonderfully with heart-shaped faces. Individuals with heart-shaped features tend to have high cheekbones and beautifully defined chins, and these sunglasses perfectly mimic and accentuate the natural shape of your face. Like the previous pairs, this style can be utilized for various events, with any diverse wardrobe, and in any season. Pair these sunglasses with a polka-dot sundress and a bold red lip for a time-honored retro look, just in time for summer!

Regardless of the face shape you’re blessed with and the sunglasses styles you personally prefer to rock, Prada has an outstanding collection to choose from that seamlessly transitions from work, to fun, to hangover treatment. Enjoy the hunt for your favorite new pair of luxury sunglasses, and happy Summer everyone!

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