10 Ideas for What to Wear at a Rave (That’ll Turn Heads)

Enter the rave room
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Last Updated on February 13, 2023

We can’t have a 90s resurgence without bringing raves back, or at least the fashion.

Here’s the 90s rave fashion you absolutely can’t do without; it doesn’t get any easier than this. No, really, I can even show you where to buy this sh*t.

1. A tie-dye bodysuit

Okay, so if you have no idea where to start, a nice, tight, tie-dye bodysuit is always an excellent first piece. It’s fun and it’s easy, because you literally just put it on and you’re done. It’s a one-step outfit.

How do you style it? If you wanna style it, you can just add a pair of booty shorts to it, but REALLY baggy pants also fit the bill with this one. The bodysuit is so tiny, that you can wear virtually anything on top. The one thing you gotta make sure of is that it’s tie-dye, so it’s as authentically 90s as possible.

2. Extreme platform shoes

Don’t quote me on this, but I do believe that the rave police will come and shut DOWN your rave if they find that there are no platform shoes on the premises. Got it? That means that you need a pair of these STAT. The good news is that it’s actually fairly easily to find a pair of ridiculous platform boots, so you should be good on that front.

How do you style it? I mean, you can wear insane platform shoes with pretty much anything, tbh. You just need to work on your walk and your balance, because these puppies are higher than you’ve ever been – distance from the ground, or otherwise.

3. Something in shiny pleather

I know, I know, this one’s vague AF, but honestly, I can’t just limit you guys to ONE item that’s shiny and pleather-y, because that would just be rude. Plus, being a raver means living that PVC life to the fullest, so you can’t just have one thing in your wardrobe. The beauty of PVC stuff is that it can be worn equally successfully by gals and lads. A pair of shiny, plastic-y pants can be totes unisex.

4. A huge fluffy, faux fur coat

Can I just say that I am INTO these? They’re very Scream Queens-esque, and I am here for it. They may not be completely appropriate to wear out and about to the grocery store, but if you’re going to a rave, it’s the ideal opportunity to take this baby out. I know for sure I’ve tried stuff like this on in Topshop, but you can also find tons of options for these fluffy beauties online.

How do you style it? The big raver coat is very much A Look in itself, so if you’re not quite that daring, you can totally choose to pair it with an otherwise neutral outfit underneath; just make sure it’s tight.

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5. Baggy pants

Can’t skip the baggy pants, mate. They are a staple for both male and female ravers, so they will make or break your outfit. Luckily, these are now readily available (thanks, 90s resurgence!), so you won’t even run into trouble sourcing them. We truly do live in the most blessed timeline, don’t we?

How do you style it? As I said earlier, stompy boots are a must with these pants, and you probably don’t wanna do that double-baggy thing, so opt for a smaller, tighter top. You can even make it mesh, but we’ll talk about THAT in just a minute.


Neon and glow-in-the-dark colours absolutely don’t flatter every skin tone (I would know, I’ve got greenish, witch undertones), but we’re all making an exception in this particular case, because I legit don’t think they’ll let you into a rave if you’re not sporting some eyesore neons. Just looking out for you, there.

How do you style it? If you don’t want to wear neon clothes, or if you want MOAR neon, then a set of neon body paints should set you right up nicely. I’d love to be able to tell you that there’s an art to painting yourself with these, but it’s literally just splattering this stuff everywhere, making a mess, and covering yourself in it. Have fun!

7. Some sort of mesh shirt or tights

Controversial, but mesh and nets are sort of back (don’t shoot the messenger!), and I ain’t just talking about cute fishnets; I am talking about the dreaded black sleeveless shirts that were all the rage in gay bars in the 90s. And hey, if you don’t mind looking like an extra from Sex And The City, be my guest.

How do you style it? First of all, you need a rocking bod if you’re gonna do this mesh thing. But otherwise, it goes with pretty much anything, because it’s literally a piece of sheer, barely-there fabric. Black pants are always an excellent bet if you want to look like a Calvin Klein model.

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8. Colorful hair

Cool hair is practically a requirement, so you need to do something colorful to it.

How do you style it? If you’re a girl, big hair is always an excellent bet, so go for that. You can also do it in cool pigtails, but whatever you do, it’s got to be teased to high heavens. You know what the Texans say: the higher the hair, the closer to God.

9. Something rainbow

When you say “rave”, you basically say “rainbow”, or more like shout it. I mean, seriously, what are you even doing, otherwise? Luckily, you’ve got a wide array of options in this category, cos anything can be rainbow: jackets, jumpsuits, shirts, hair, scarves, shoes, bras, wigs, etc. You just need to pick one.

How do you style it? With even MOAR rainbow! Really, gal, this is not the time to go subtle with this. Layer rainbow on rainbow on shiny stuff on glow-in-the-dark stuff and you’ll fit right in.


Remember that one song about Shawty, her apple-bottom jeans, and the boots with the fur? Of course you do. Well, Shawty’s infamous boots happen to be iconic rave wear, and if you fancy yourself a real raver, you need to get them.

How do you style it? You can buy the 70s-esque GoGo boots with the ridiculous fur already on them, but you can also get some sort of hairy legwarmers that you can put on top of your favorite platform boots. And yes, I mean that for both ladies and gents, even though some of you guys might feel a bit silly wearing them.