90’s Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas for Men

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Last Updated on June 13, 2022

The 90s era is remembered as the time of musicians, rappers, and hip-hop culture. Therefore, more emphasis was put on relaxed, comfy, and loose-fitting outfits. The 90s decade also made room for sneaker culture, casual streetwear, and oversized clothing.

Men’s leather jackets have always been in trend. However, during the 90s they gained a lot of popularity. It was all due to the pop culture that promoted the typical rough and tough look.

So, here are some leather jacket outfit ideas inspired by the 90s era. Go get that 90s vibe!

#1. Bomber style

This leather jacket style took its motivation from the military jackets. It was the talk of the town in the 90s. This style is stunning and sophisticated. It can be worn for formal and informal occasions.

For an informal casual look, pair the men’s bomber jacket with a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. For a more formal get-up, you can wear a collared shirt and trousers and top it with a bomber jacket.

A bomber-style jacket looks best in black. But other than black, you may choose from brown, olive green, and other dark shades of brown.

It gives a casual and dressy appearance together and is also best for events where you don’t want to look like you had put in too much effort. So, try pairing it with a dress shirt, tie, and jeans. This style is not going anywhere so make sure you add it to your capsule wardrobe.  

#2. Biker style

Pop culture was infamous during the 90s era and it gave rise to the rough and tough look of a biker leather jacket. The biker vibe was very appealing back then and any man would want to achieve that look.  

The biker leather jacket is strong, reliable, and stunning. Its sturdy style is ideal for men riding motorbikes; however, men who don’t ride bikes can also wear these tough-looking jackets.

For the ultimate hip-hop look, wear a white t-shirt with black ripped jeans and top it with a black biker leather jacket. Wear black boots to finish off the ensemble.  

#3. Windbreaker style

As we all know, the 90s was the time when oversized clothing was the hottest trend. Thus, during that era, the windbreaker jackets gained a lot of fame. Due to their loose-fitting design, they looked best when paired with baggy jeans.

The windbreaker jackets are light in weight and available in lively colors with funky patterns. They become the star of the outfit whether you wear it under the sun or during rain.

For a formal look, wear a button-down shirt with jeans and loafers and top it with a windbreaker. On the other hand, wear your casual jeans and hoodie and top it with your windbreaker for a refined casual look.

#4. Aviator style

Aviator leather jackets are also known as flight jackets. They were designed to keep the military pilots warm in the windy season. It is a varied version of the bomber leather jacket that can be distinguished by the tightened cuffs and waistband.

An aviator jacket should not be too tight-fitted. There should be enough space to wear an undershirt and you should be able to zip it up easily.  

The original aviator jacket has been adopted as a fundamental part of every man’s wardrobe. For a date night or casual hangout, you can pair it with a simple t-shirt and black jeans. The key is to keep it minimalistic.

These jackets look great with business attire. Wear a collared button-down shirt and trousers. Add up leather shoes and top them with your aviator jacket. Don’t forget to put on sunglasses and your favorite watch to complete the chic ensemble most gracefully.

#5. Shearling style

A Shearling leather jacket is the most desirable outerwear for the winter season. They are designed to provide extra warmth to the wearer with a refined look.

For men who don’t like to put on multiple layers in the winters, you can just wear a turtleneck sweater and skinny jeans and top it with a shearling leather jacket. Wear sneakers and go to your casual hangouts and family gatherings. For another laidback style, you can just pair it with a simple t-shirt and ripped jeans.

Monochromatic styling is also a casual and chic trend. Try crafting an all-black outfit. It is a fail-safe outfit that can never go wrong. You may tweak it by exchanging the black jeans with khakis to give the outfit some contrast.

For a sophisticated and formal look, pair a polo shirt with dress pants and put on suede boots.   

#6. Suede style

Suede is a very delicate fabric and needs to be handled with care. Suede jackets are well-known for their soft and luxurious texture.

To achieve the most elegant look, wear white jeans with a grey t-shirt and top it with the classic brown suede jacket. Match it with brown suede shoes to complete the whole ensemble. We must warn you that this ensemble will make lots of heads turn around.

A black suede leather jacket is also worth a try if you are a black-on-black lover. So pair your black t-shirt and black jeans and channel your inner confidence out on the field.


The fashion in the 90s was very funky and casual to outrageous limits. In this era, oversized clothing was in trend a lot. Nowadays, we cannot think of wearing baggy jeans or oversized shirts. But back then, it was fashion. It was high time for the rappers and hip-hoppers and thus leather jackets were part of this fad. Leather jackets have always been the big baddie and the rough and tough guy on the fashion ramp. No other clothing item has ever beaten these titles.