9 Women’s Leather Jackets from the 90s That You Can Wear Today

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Last Updated on June 6, 2022

A leather jacket is timeless. Period. There is no argument to it. A fashion-savvy woman knows that she must invest in a good leather jacket and put aside all her outfit worries. Every penny spent on a leather jacket is worth it.

Women’s leather jackets have been marked as essential attire for the ultimate capsule wardrobe. Since the passing decade, it has been the best companion for any stylish woman. It gives an instant oomph to any outfit. It matures with age and never gets old. Also, it is so versatile that it can be worn throughout the year.

Let’s take a look at the types of leather jackets that you can wear through eternity.

#1. Leather moto jacket

A moto leather jacket is one of the first leather jackets that were created by designers. It is also called a motorcycle jacket. Since it was specifically crafted for motorcyclists, it had an asymmetrical front metal zipper so the wearer would not be harmed while riding.

The moto leather jacket which was created as a necessity for riders was soon adopted as a luxury attire by famous fashion brands. In no time it became an essential wardrobe staple for fashion savvy women. It can make any outfit attractive.

#2. Leather biker jacket

Another varied version of the moto leather jacket is the biker leather jacket. It has a more sleek and stylish silhouette. It is no less than a statement piece and looks best in bold colors such as green, maroon, navy blue, and brown.

For the perfect ensemble, pair it with denim and tee or silk blouse and midi-skirt –whichever suits your persona. However, if you have the classic brown biker jacket, then pair it with jeans and a turtleneck sweater.

#3. Leather bomber jacket

A black bomber leather jacket is the epitome of class and sophistication. We can safely say that every woman owns a bomber jacket. It is desirable because of its classic style and lightweight. Also, it can be worn on top of almost any clothing item.

A woman needs a bomber leather jacket for only two reasons. Firstly, to protect herself from the cold winds, and secondly, to give a simple outfit an instant oomph.

For a typical rock star look, you can wear a white t-shirt with black jeans and top it with a black leather bomber jacket for women. For a more feminine look, wear it on top of any flowing long dress and long boots.

#4. Leather blazer

It’s not a crime to ditch the typical black leather jacket when you have a much more gorgeous alternative –a black leather blazer. It flaunts a tailored look and is very aesthetic. It can be worn on formal events as well as dressier occasions. It looks best when worn over a black shirt and jeans.

However, a leather blazer in maroon is even more stunning. The warm color makes it very attractive and pleasing to the eye. For a chic look, wear a white silk top and white skinny-fit jeans and top it with the maroon blazer. Don’t forget to wear matching maroon stilettos.

#5. Leather trench coat

A leather trench coat is an elegant piece of attire. It can be worn over short dresses and long dresses as well. For women who love to keep it subtle with a hint of sexy, this is just for you.

For a casual getup, wear it with a blouse and pants, and add up those knee-high boots for a complete look. You can also wear it over a plain t-shirt and denim. It works best in winter when you don’t want to look stuffy.

#6. Leather robe-tie jacket

This is a leather jacket with a mid-length hemline, unlike other typical leather jackets. The beauty of this jacket lies in the belt feature which is strategically placed to accentuate the waist. Its design has no collar and very wide lapels.

For the best look, wear it on top of any t-shirt and jeans. Choose heels for a smart look and knee-high boots for a funky look.

#7. Leather shearling jacket

The best winter go-to jacket is the shearling leather jacket. The design of this jacket includes shearling on the trims of the jacket which gives it elegance and charm. It has been popular for decades and with the passage of time, it has improvised its design and style.

For women who are not fond of multiple layering during the winters, this jacket is the best option. Just wear your casual black t-shirt and jeans and top it with the shearling leather jacket. No layers yet warm and cozy.

#8. Vintage leather jacket

Nothing can beat the classic brown leather jacket that has been ruling the fashion hub since time unknown. The dazzling brown leather jacket can be worn all year round and with almost anything.

Whether you wear it on a long dress or with a t-shirt and jeans combo, your outfit will get an instant lift.

#9. Leather jacket in a statement color

Women who like to be in the limelight or be the talk of the town, a leather jacket in a statement color would do the trick. Imagine the elegance of leather with the sexiness of bold color –that would be the ultimate stunning combo!

For starters, try a burgundy leather jacket on an all-black outfit to get that pop of fashion. If you wish to try a more feminine hue, go for a pink leather jacket. Wear it on a cute floral flowing dress for any girls’ hangout. However, if you are a risk-taker, go for a white leather jacket. Pair it with your casual skinny jeans to get an elevated chic look.


A leather jacket is no doubt an investment of a lifetime. Designers can’t stop reinventing the leather jacket which has resulted in many exclusive versions of this classic attire. If you choose wisely, this outerwear will prove to be the star of your capsule wardrobe and help you in crafting many stunning outfits.

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