What to Wear to a 90s Hip Hop Party (54 Outfit Ideas)

What to Wear to a 90s Hip Hop Party
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Last Updated on February 1, 2023

With the 90s and 2000s revival wave, it was only a matter of time before costume parties went for one of the biggest fashion trends of that era: hip hop!

There were lots of celebrities that left a mark in the fashion hip-hop scene with their personal fashion style.

We have put together a list with the most easily recognizable hip-hop, rap, and rock stars that wore hip hop clothing, and most importantly what key items you will need to emulate them and create the perfect hip hop attire to attend your party! 

A word before we begin…

Hip-hop music was a huge source of innovation in street and sports fashion. Early on, it gained popularity and notoriety for its uniquely rebellious style, deeply impacting the culture of the decade and completely changing how big brands related to music artists.

It was a movement of creativity that changed how street style work, creating a legacy that continues to live on to this day. 

This list compiles inspiration for everyone who wants to dress up in hip-hop fashion for a fun time. We are certainly not encouraging cultural appropriation of any Afro-American historical hairstyles or fashions. 

Whatever you decide to wear, we hope you do it with respect, honoring the culture that brought it to life and creating your own outfit without copying any certain individual unless you feel it is appropriate for you to do so. We do not encourage mockery of any kind, which is why we have included diverse artists when possible, so everyone can pick and choose what clothing/style fits them best. 

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Men 90s Hip Hop Party Outfit Ideas

Hip-hop fashion was easily identifiable due to some key items. Namely, backward garments, neon apparel,  baseball caps, gold chains, heavy rings & earrings, huge name tags, and Cazal eyeglasses. Fila, Adidas, and Nike were some of the brands that jumped on the wagon when hip hop became a success.

It was heavily influenced by rappers like Nas, Jay-Z, Biggie, and Tupac, and it celebrated elements of the gangster lifestyle. Men wore saggy jeans (pants below the butt) like Dickies with peeking underwear, heavy workboots, Chuck Taylors sneakers, Raiders baseball caps, and sunglasses. 

#1. Ll Cool J

LL Cool J Outfits

One of the most iconic items that Ll Cool J wore was his Kangol red bucket hat.

Of course, bucket hats were super iconic of the 90s already, but if you pair it up with an Adidas track jacket and Adidas track pants, things start to get interesting! If you don’t want to invest in an Adidas combo (totally understandable, if track suits are not your style and you don’t feel like making the investment!), you can always go for a costume tracksuit like this one

One item that we can bet you won’t mind investing in is this Adidas Grand Court Sneaker. Totally fitting for the costume, and your closet will certainly welcome its addition! 

When it comes to the bling, we have several options for you. A rope chain, like in the first pic, a chunky chain that you can layer out, or a thin long chain like in the third pic. 

If you are thinking of pulling a couple’s costume with your significant other, here is how you can replicate it.

First of all, go for a leather vest. Either this high-quality biker leather vest or this budget vest option will do. To complete the look, pair up a black baseball cap with a satin bandana tied underneath, a sports T-shirt with ripped sleeves, and a gold watch.


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#2. Biggie Smalls

Biggie Small Outfits

Biggie had a very laid-back attitude, but he could also pull head-to-toe red velour, so you can go either way. For something along the lines of the first pic, pair up a white Kangol hat, with a plaid shirt, baggy jeans, and yellow classic work boots. A brown beanie from Dickies and an old white T-shirt can tide you over for a carbon copy of the last look too!

The other two might be a bit trickier since velvet shirts are not so easy to find…But you can always default to a red long sleeve shirt like this one from Wrangler, a pair of sweatpants like this one from Fruit of the Loom, and these red workboots

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#3. Nas

Nas Outfits

Red velvet tracksuits were definitely a thing of the scene and Nas was no stranger to the vibrant color. He piled on the bling, with a striking cross hanging from his neck amid plenty of gold chains and plenty of bracelets on his wrists. If you feel like going less extra, grab your favorite jeans and get this Mickey Mouse sweatshirt on! 

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#4. Nwa

NWA Outfits

The kings of black and white athletic wear, Nwa prided itself on going for basic colors and keeping it color coordinated. Great idea for a group costume, particularly if you don’t want to invest in any new clothing!

Chances are you can pull it off with whatever black items you have on hand and tossing an extra-large white t-shirt to the mix. In case you don’t, here are some basics that could add to your closet: Champion black jogger, black varsity jacket, white t-shirt, and Nike non-descript black sneakers

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#5. Tupac

Tupac Outfits

It might be hard to pull off Tupac’s style without at least adding some temporary tattoos. But in case you want to cover up, combine a striped long-sleeve shirt under a Dickie’s bib overall and a denim blue striped cap looking back. Oh, yeah, he also loved a good bandana, so here’s Levi’s cotton bandana in multiple colors!

#6. Eminem

Eminem Outfits

Speaking of bandanas, Eminem was known for wearing bandanas both under Nike baseball caps and hoodies alike. His most recognized outfits though were the all-white ensembles of t-shirt and joggers that he often wore to recitals and on music videos.   

#7. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Outfits

Snoop Dogg was really laid back when it came to fashion. He wore a lot of sporty outfits like grey hoodies and tracksuits, so his style might be easy to replicate but hard for other people to identify. However, throw in a bucket hat, tie a bandana around your neck, and get some braids in your hair and you will certainly be one of the in hip-hop crowd.


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Women’s Hop Hop Party Outfit Ideas

Women in the hip-hop scene shared in the use of gangster-style items but wore tighter jeans, particularly bell-bottom jeans, paired with heavy work boots and sunglasses. Black leather jackets and pants were also favored, especially when worn with gold and silver chains. 

Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and DKNY created sportswear that showcased the hip hop style, glorifying street styles and transforming it into the mainstream. Afros, cornrows, and waves, historically African-American hairstyles, also became generalized over this period.

#8. Lil Kim

Lil Kim Outfits

When it comes to Lil Kim, colored furs and wigs were definitely her thing! Be it a blue, red, pink, or purple wig, she usually matched it to the rest of her outfit.

For her red outfit, go for bold red makeup and sunglasses, a golden chainmail tank top, and an oversized red fur jacket. This easy all-in-one purple costume includes the wig and the pastie too! The pink costume might be a bit harder to pull off, but here is a pink fur coat, and some snake pink boots.


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#9. TLC

TLC Outfits

TLC loved color-coordinating their outfits, which makes for a super fun group costume idea for you and your friends! For the all-black, pair up some baggy strappy pants, a black buckled top, or a mesh crop top combined with a black bra top, black sunglasses, and some shiny silver chains

If you are into the tied-up and sexy vibe, the denim overall look might be right for you. Through a plaid shirt over it and chill with your gals!

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#10. Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott Outfits

Missy Elliott’s hat game is the stuff of legends. Be it a pink bucket hat with a pink puffer, or a sky-blue baseball cap with a denim jacket and an attached sweatshirt, she always took great care to color coordinate her outfit.

Her bling game was also top-notch, with big gold hoops, a heavy medallion necklace, and her signature ring on her hand. 

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#11. Salt-N-Pepa

Salt n Peppa Outfits

Salt-N-Pepa had amazing style, but some of the most traditional Afro-American items might be hard to get on short notice. If you happen to have some in your home, go right ahead and match them up with some of these items for the perfect costume.

Alternatively, you can wear a classic Salt-N-Pepa jacket with your outfit and rock the Salt-N-Pepa look.

#12. Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah Outfits

She was also the queen of oversized fashion and baggy clothes so the most important and memorable items of her wardrobe were her outstanding collection of Afro-American traditional hats. Of course, she also wore the occasional red baseball cap, and white tracksuit typical of the genre. 

#13. Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill Outfits

Lauren Hill had an amazing fashion sense, and she was by far my favorite of the lot. She could be either the sexiest, dressed for clubbing in strappy sandals, a long burgundy pencil skirt, and a crop top with a V neckline, or pull a baggy denim onesie with a white jacket and baseball cap with utter ease.

A true chameleon that felt as comfortable wearing a fur jacket and leather dress or a varsity jacket with dreadlocks and a bandana around her neck. 

#14. Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani Outfits

Despite not being a hip-hop artist herself, Gwen surely knew how to rock hip-hop fashions! She certainly was not one to be caught in a boring outfit, going instead for plaid baggy pants, glittery silver crop tops, red bra (and panties!) peeking, plus blinged-out belts. She was also a great fan of wrap-around Indian skirts in shiny fabrics and crystal sticker face decorations.

If you’re fretting about the hair, fear not, we got you covered with a blond wig! (Plus, here is a bonus blue wig if you’re feeling like recreating the bun style!)

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