How to Wear Knee High Boots the Tasteful Way

How to Wear Knee High Boots
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Last Updated on December 2, 2022

Knee-high boots are known to make a statement. Whether you wear them with a dress, jeans, or simply under an oversized hoodie—these shoes manage to take every outfit to the next level.

They are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe as they instantly elevate any look. 

There’s more:

The trick to correctly styling knee-high boots is to focus on the hem of the garment you are pairing them with. While it may seem surprising to hear that boots are versatile, knee-high boots truly are.

These chic footwear offer an easy way to instantly look highly fashionable. Adaptable for every day of the week, and every season of the year—knee-high boots are useful. 

We have rounded up a guide on how to wear knee high boots for different tastes, styles, and occasions.

Boot Styles

High Heeled

For the lovers of high heels, knee-high boots are no exception to this classic style rule: heels emphasize femininity. They change the way a woman stands, walks, and moves her body. High heeled knee-high boots are a sexy shoe that will boost your confidence.

As they have become extremely popular in the market, the options are limitless—metallic materials, varying shades of colors, from neutrals to brighter alternatives, snakeskin prints, as well as endless other options.

High heeled knee-high boots are very sophisticated. Choose a lower heel range for a more comfortable, daytime option. Opt for a higher heel for special occasions.

No Heel

For the lovers of flat shoes, there are also knee-high boots that cater to you. High heels can be uncomfortable and a hassle, but you can still be equally as chic with a non-heeled version of these knee-high boots.

If you want to dress to impress, we suggest choosing a bold print, such as a snakeskin or leather option. No heel knee-high boots look best in casual circumstances, so pair them with denim, sweatpants, chunky knits, and oversized coats. These are the perfect combo for traveling, as they provide comfort without compromising style.

For an extra touch of style, consider color blocking alternatives, such as a neutral-colored boot with a brightly colored sole.


Suede boots are classic and will keep your feet protected. A knee-high suede boot is a great option to consider as a first knee-high boot purchase. They can be slipped on and off, rolled up or down, and are overall more comfortable alternatives to other materials.

Suede knee high boots look stunning when paired with chunky knits, short dresses, and oversized hoodies. If your style leans more towards casual and sporty, choose suede over leather.

For a casual yet trendy outfit idea, pair black suede knee-high boots with an oversized tartan buttoned shirt. Ensure the hem reaches near the tops of the boots, leaving only a few inches of skin exposed. Accessorize with chunky black sunglasses.


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Stilettos are an upgrade to the classic knee-high, high heeled boots—a slightly more contemporary and modern version. They take the concept of high heels but make it sexier, sharper, and an overall more attractive style of shoe.

Be warned: Stiletto knee-high boots tend to be at least 6 inches high and can be uncomfortable if you are not used to wearing heels due to the lack of support. However, these can make any outfit look stylish, sultry, and provocative.

If your intent on making an impressive statement, choose a pair of brightly colored stiletto knee-high boots, such as a red suede. With the rest of your outfit, keep the shades neutral.

Tie Back / Lace Up

Tie back and lace-up knee-length boots are a bit more fashion-forward and edgy than other varieties. There are a few types that we consider the most fashionable. They are an open-toed, strappy sandal style boots, and a more casual combat boot style knee-high boot.

The combat knee-high boots are much more versatile, as they can be worn through all four seasons. As an outfit idea, we suggest creating a look that is as different and unique as the boots. Layer them underneath a printed skirt with bright colors. Finish off the look with a plain white tee shirt tucked into the skirt.

Fold Over Top

Fold over the top knee-high boots is ideal for people on a budget, who want to invest in only one pair of boots. Wear them stretched up during the fall and winter months, or scrunch them down and fold them over for spring and summer.

They are also the most comfortable style of knee-high boots, and most commonly are made from suede material as it is soft and malleable.

Choose a pair of neutral-toned fold over the top knee-high boots. Leave them straight-up, or whichever preference you choose. The flaps will stick up at the back. Pair with a knitted dress, and complete the outfit with a sunhat for a cute and girly spring vibe. 

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Materials and Colors


Fur always looks elegant and stylish and we’re a firm believer in faux fur. It is one of the most comfortable and coziest ways to stay warm all winter long. Fur knee-length boots are made for the coldest of temperatures, as the fur provides heat from the knees down.

These are a great option for snowy terrains and any place with low temperatures. Have fun with fur knee-length boots. Pair them with an outfit with other pieces that also have fur, such as a fur vest. Wear with any kind of skinny pants and a knitted sweater beneath. 


Denim knee-high boots make a statement. While they aren’t for everyone—as they represent a very particular style aesthetic, they are a great option if you want to switch it up a bit and have fun. Ideal for spring and summer, denim knee-high boots look best with rips and undone seams. Many times, they also feature toe openings. 

Denim knee-high boots look best when paired with casual garments, such as athleisure. Match with an oversized hoodie and a . Throw the jacket around the shoulders in an effortlessly cool way, and prop up the hoodie. 

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Grey knee-high boots are a sleek option. Grey looks great on every skin color, both day and night. These are highly adaptable to every season, making them a must-have shade for everyone who may love boots. Grey boots look best with a suede material and are paired with other shades of grey.

For a comfy and cozy outfit idea, wear a pair of knee-high grey boots that are slightly scrunched down. Grey boots have a sense of casualness, relate to comfort and being more dressed down, rather than elegance and dressier garments.

Pair them with a loose knitted sweater. In the winter, wear a pair of leggings underneath.

Brown / Tan

Brown boots are underrated; a softer version of black, these are also a highly versatile alternative that can be adapted towards the daytime and nighttime. Brown boots are also very reminiscent of springtime—when the weather begins to warm up but is still slightly cool.

Brown or tan boots are a great option to extend their use throughout the year. These look great over dark wash jeans, or with a winter coat that matches the brown or tan color.

For a more springtime look pair them with a floral print skirt or dress. Brown boots are great for making a statement. Known for refinement and elegance, a pair of knee-high leather boots are a must-have. Pair with a colorful coat for a pop of color to an otherwise neutral-toned outfit.


You can never go wrong with a pair of classic black boots, especially knee-high black boots. These are a must-have wardrobe footwear that will never go out of style. Black knee high boots are entirely timeless pieces, that can be dressed up, or dressed down accordingly to different situations.

They are the definition of refined elegance within the knee-high boot category.

As previously stated, black knee-high boots go with everything, and they are the most commonly worn by everyone. Wear them over a pair of light wash skinny jeans, a cropped sweater top, an oversized black blazer, and accessorize with a paperboy cap and gold jewelry.


Burgundy is very similar to navy blue; both are considered neutral shades or dulled versions of brighter colors. Burgundy matches with the majority of other colors, so it is easy to style, pair with different aesthetics, and suitable to combine throughout all seasons.

Wear a pair of burgundy knee-high boots as a statement piece. We suggest choosing a pair that is high heeled and made from some kind of shiny material, such as leather. Combine with loose, flowy garments such as a dress shirt and military jacket for a unique combination of both styles and colors. 

By Season


The easiest way to incorporate knee-high boots into your springtime wardrobe is to pair them with floral prints of any kind.

In terms of skirts, dresses, and jumpsuits—floral prints look great with a kind of neutral-colored knee-high boot variations.

Opt for softer and thinker materials such as suede rather than leather and furs, which are much more adaptable towards fall and winter wardrobes. 


To incorporate knee-high boots in the summer, the shorter your clothes, the better. It is no secret that summer weather can get extremely hot; at times, excruciatingly so.

A mini or midi skirt is the perfect way to wear knee-high boots in the summer. Choose a denim mini skirt for a more casual daytime look, or a black pencil skirt for more formal occasions.


Dark wash jeans are an autumn seasonal staple, and they look great when paired with knee-high boots. This look is easy to style, comfortable, yet effortlessly sexy, and will elevate your aesthetic.

We recommend pairing with skinny jeans, as they look best when tucked inside the boots. You can also consider wide-legged, slit jeans as another outfit alternative. Alternate between skin-tight boots and wider boots. 


For an easy, simple, and comfortable winter look with knee-high boots, incorporate your favorite thermal leggings into an outfit. Pair with a chunky sweater, oversized coat, or an elegant fur.

Anything on top of a pair of warm, thermal leggings and a pair of leather knee-high boots. We recommend pleather leggings, thick cotton alternatives, or cream-colored variations. 

By Occasion

To work

To incorporate knee-high boots as workwear, opt for a pair of classic black suede knee-high boots. Add a heeled version for a slightly more elegant look. Pair with a cream-colored turtleneck top, and add a grey coat or long vest on top.

Wear your favorite pair of black thermal leggings or black leather pants. Carry a formal business bag to complete the business aesthetic.

Another alternative would be to switch up the black bottoms for a black pencil skirt with tights, just to keep up the formal business-oriented vibe.

If you prefer a dress, choose a modest, wrap dress that reaches the top of the boots to avoid showing off too much skin in the business-oriented environment. 

To the club 

While knee-high boots can be worn in casual settings, they can be used for a dramatic finish to an outfit, perfect for a night out. If you are planning on going clubbing or to a party, begin by building your outfit with a mini skirt of any kind.

Whether it’s leather, sequined, or plain black, any form-fitting skirt will do. Pair with a statement top, such as a sleeveless kind, one-shouldered, or anything that goes with the provocative yet elegant theme.

Finish off the look with a pair of glitzy, metallic knee-high boots. A metallic gold crocodile knee-high boot is the perfect option for a night club outfit that will capture the attention of everyone in the room. Finish off with bold makeup. This outfit will have you wanting to post pictures on your social media!

Plus size

If you wear plus-sized clothing, knee-high boots are a great way to shape bigger thighs and make them appear slimmed-down—especially in the suede material varieties.

We suggest a neutral brown or tan pair that end a few inches above your knees. Pair with form-fitting jeans, and a comfy sweater top, worn slightly loose. 

For short women

Knee-high boots are the perfect way to elongate your legs. If you are on the shorter side, these are an absolute must-have for your fall and winter wardrobe.

We recommend black, as it is the most naturally thinning color. Wear with a pair of matching black shorts, and a cream or white top. Your legs will be immediately elongated—perfect as a quick outfit idea. 

For tall women

It is no secret that tall women can wear just about anything; everything seems to look good on them! If you have naturally long legs, knee-high boots will further elongate them.

If you are extremely tall and are worried about looking perhaps too tall, choose a pair with no heel. This way, you can wear these boots without being worried about your height. Consider thigh-high boots as alternatives as well, similar to riding boots.

Keep in mind that it is a matter of attitude. No matter how tall, short, skinny, or plump women are—with the right attitude, they can shop for and wear any outfits they want.

The reply is— feel confident enough to. Your ideas and possibilities have no limits, and beauty has no single definition. Find the inspiration to wear them within yourself, based on the street style looks we’ve compiled. 

How Should Knee High Boots Fit?

Knee-high boots are praised for two aspects; their timeless style, and their comfort. If you are thinking of purchasing a pair, follow our tips on how knee-high boots should fit. First off, make sure to choose a pair that is true to size.

Many times, when it comes to boots, some people tend to buy a size larger or a size smaller for a more ideal fit. In the case of knee-high boots, try to find a pair that is an exact fit. In terms of the calf and ankle area, the boots should fit snuggly. The boot flaps should not scrunch down on their own, only when you scrunch them down manually.

Overall, they should be very comfortable and easy to wear. Read any information or ask any questions on the website or store regarding your choice of boots. 

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