Channelling Aaliyah’s Looks


Last Updated on March 12, 2021

The young R&B artist we all had to say goodbye to, way too early. Aaliyah, timeless beauty with an iconic fashion sense, noticeably relevant today. The late singer ́s brief career, from 1994 to 2001 — her passing happened the same year as her 22nd birthday — was a pretty special one, with a last self-titled album.

Aaliyah’s ́ways will stay on the books, they have influenced beyond music and trends, they have impacted art and culture since pre-social media technologies, into the current digital era.

A proud ambassador of sassy oversized, Aaliyah (also known as Baby Girl) had an essence that created a perfect balance between feminine and masculine, and that is exactly what her outfits effortlessly reflect. Let’s honor B-Girl through our wardrobe. With some styling guidelines, you too can experience and personalize your looks according to Aaliyah.

Streetwear style

For cool days, and ways, welcome the athleisure essentials. Which takes us straight back to the Tommy Hilfiger advertising, setting trends to this day.

To keep the urban vibes when you step outside, shelter yourself with a big outerwear coat.

White Outwear Coat

Sexy smart

By now you are well acquainted with Aaliyah’s ́personalized way of showing skin, regardless if it was summer or fall, a policy that also applies on the red carpet.

  • Thigh-high slit gowns, like the one for the Academy Awards 1998, make your job easy. Find a maxi black dress and cut a side slit.
  • Sleek pants, because who said you must wear dresses to fancy settings? Check out the different ideas, from 1997 show outfit leather pants and jacket to the embroidered revealing ensemble in 2000, B-Girl clothing choices were new staples in the nineties.
  • All white trend in different takes. The tailored suit worn by itself with a statement necklace, the furry floor-length coat elegantly combined with an open shirt and loose fitted pants in 1997, and the figure-hugging full white glam you can recreate with slim jeans and low V-neck top, featured on More Than A Woman official video.

Throughout the years many people still celebrate Aaliyah and her legacy, including different celebrities and brands. A good example is the tribute collaboration line of cosmetics brand, MAC. A limited-edition that came as an answer to fans ́ demands #AaliyahforMAC, available to shop online. The influenced celebrity-fan is Rihanna who also launched a makeup beauty collection Fenty, peek into her site.

Green Leather Dress

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Suede Leggings

Featured image source: alacoolb / Attribution 2.0