What to Wear with Joggers Without Looking Scruffy

90s jogging bottoms in light blue
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Last Updated on December 2, 2022

Sweatpants have become the stay-at-home uniform trousers. Due to consistent nationwide lockdowns around the world, comfortable clothing has taken over the fashion industry. From high end luxury brand catwalks, to celebrity images, sweatpants are everywhere!

Simply put:

You have either wore sweatpants on the daily, and if you haven’t, it’s time you did. From day to day Zoom meetings, to quick runs to the grocery store, these are the staple item every modern woman needs in her wardrobe.

If you think its impossible to look put together while wearing joggers, think again.

Read on for our guide on ways to style loungewear made fashionable—not scruffy.



It’s safe to say that there were at least a few of us who were was a little bit excited at the prospect of staying in their pyjamas all day, every day. For a casual jogger outfit that you can wear on the daily from home, choose a light shade of joggers such as a beige or cream.

Pair with a matching tee-shirt. Slip on your favorite socks, and accessorize with gold jewelry. The jewelry will keep the outfit casual and comfy and make you look presentable.

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Semi Casual

At a time when you have a friendly video call or are hosting a small get together, you need to get semi dressed up from home. You incorporate joggers into a look and still dress semi casually.

Choose a high waisted pair of sweats that accentuate your figure. Pair them with a slightly cropped, sleeveless tank top.

Choose a top with some color which will help you look slightly more dressed up, such as pastel tones. Complete the look by throwing on a thick cardigan and leaving it unbuttoned.


When attempting to dress up joggers—accessories are key. This look is ideal for a walk outside, especially if you want to seem refined and put together, without giving up the ultimate comfort that sweatpants provide.

Choose a hoodie and joggers that match, in any shade of your preference. Gray is a goop option that works for both the day and night. Try a classy winter coat with a lapel collar on top.

Pair with a sleek pair of shiny black boots, preferably with high heels. A small chain handle, leather bag will complete this look.

To Work

We’ve all been there: you are sitting at home in your favorite sweats, and you’ve just remembered you have a work-related Zoom meeting starting in ten minutes. We’ve got you covered.

With this work outfit idea, you won’t have to take off a single piece of your hoodie and jogger ensemble and can still look presentable in your meeting. Simply throw on an oversized blazer that matches the shade range of your jogger and sweater combo.

Throw your hair up, apply some concealer, and gold hoop earrings.

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For a cute and chic joggers aesthetic, choose a pair of fitted baby pink sweatpants. Pair them with a slightly cropped, ribbed long sleeve top in white. Make sure that a small portion of your abs are showing through.

Wear with chunky white sneakers if you are planning on going out, or just with thick socks at home. Wear minimal makeup, very dewy, and minimalistic jewelry. Choose thin chain necklaces and bracelets, and small studs for your ears.

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Jogger Types


Denim joggers are the perfect combination of sweatpants and jeans. They include the ‘best of both worlds’—the ultimate comfort of sweats, stretchability, and loose fit, with the visual aesthetic and fabric of jeans. They’re an upgrade to your day-to-day joggers, and are ideal if you are in the mood to dress up a bit more.

Denim joggers still very casual, but perfect for going out during the day. Tuck a white tee shirt into them, throw on some white sneakers, and a casual tote bag. A pair of sunglasses complete this look.


Silk joggers are recommended for women with classy and timeless aesthetics. If you enjoy looking stylish always, even from home, these are the perfect joggers for you. These are slightly higher quality than classic cotton joggers.

Choose a pair that is darkly colored, such as black, moss green, or navy blue. This will make styling them and caring for them easier, as silk can scratch easily, and the darker the material, the less noticeable.

Combine with slip on mules, a loose tank top tucked inside, and a long cardigan on top. This is the perfect airport outfit to travel in.

Button Up

Button up joggers are a bit dressier in comparison to the stretch tie variety. These usually come in the form of cargo pants and are perfect to create daytime looks. They look best with crop tops that show off the buttons, as well as paired with casual garments such as tee shirts and sneakers.

You can accessorize with a statement belt for a pop, but these offer a casual aesthetic that leans towards the military-inspired fashion aesthetic. Choose pairs in earthy shades, such as browns, tans, olive greens or beiges.

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Black joggers are the most versatile kind, that work for all times of day, under any occasion. We recommended wearing them primarily during the fall and winter, as they match more with these seasons rather than with spring and summer.

For a classic and cool outfit idea, choose a pair of oversized, high waisted plain black joggers. Wear a cropped turtle neck top, and throw on a black puffer jacket to complete this black-on-black look. Check out these puffer jacket inspo tips.

Tuck the hems of the joggers into a chunky pair of glossy black combat boots. This look is edgy and fashion forward, but still very comfortable.

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Navy joggers are a must have athleisure piece and an overall crowd pleaser for their ability to be dressed up or down. For an easy outfit idea include a pair of navy joggers with matching navy tank top. Finish off the look and add a thick, fluffy cream-colored fur sweater on top.

This outfit is very clean and simple. Throw on some high heeled black boots and a statement necklace to transform this stay-at-home look into the perfect look for a casual meet up.


Khaki joggers are highly trendy as a way to slightly dress up classic joggers. These are linked to the ‘cool girl’ streetstyle aesthetic—perfect for a walk around town. Khaki joggers combine the comfort of classy joggers with an aesthetic that makes you look a bit more put together, yet still adaptable for the everyday.

Khaki shade variations can vary from a light sand color, to a darker muted brown shade. We recommend a beige sand tone as it is the easiest to mix and match with other prints and fabrics. Try pairing the khaki joggers with other beige toned garments.


Gray joggers are the uniform for casualwear. Gray goes with everything—there are no exceptions. When you think of sweatpants, you immediately think of a pair of gray sweatpants. They’re a must have in every contemporary woman’s closet. A timeless classic, an athleisure necessity.

Even though it may be hard to imagine wearing these without looking scruffy—there are simple ways to do so. Choose a pair that cinches your waist, and the hems end at your ankles. Go for a size that is fitted rather than oversized. You can wear sneakers, but make sure to accessorize with a chain bag for a touch of glam, and a pair of sunglasses.


Red joggers add a bright pop of color to casualwear. Red is also a common color incorporated among sportswear and athleisurewear. It’s sporty, and when styled correctly, can help create a cool and different sporty chic outfit.

Choose a pair of red joggers that have certain details, such as a high waist and stripes down the sides of each leg. Among the most famous style of red joggers are the classic Adidas.

Pair with a white crop top, and throw on a jacket on top to complete this look. Consider a fanny pack as the ideal bag to accessorize with.


Camouflage print joggers are common. They’re a quick and easy change from standard joggers with no prints. While camo print is known for being casual, it is very easy to combine with other prints and colors, as military greens and grays are neutral.

Ideal for the day, the outfit combinations you can create with these are endless. Pair with a V-neck tee in any solid shade. For shoes, you can play around with different styles. For a casual attire, choose heeled wedges in tan leather.

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Capri style joggers have a fresh, summer and spring vibe to them. Ideal for warm weather, these joggers mimic the length of classic capri pants, but are made from the stretchy fabric of joggers. These will be your go to option for looking dressed up while wearing sweats.

Combine them with a white tee, a beige cardigan, strappy kitten heels, and a statement handbag, for a comfy yet functional look that is adaptable to many different situations. Wear at home but also to lunch, to a friend’s house, or to an early dinner.

Printed / Patterned

There are endless options when it comes to printed and patterned joggers. They’re an improved version of the unicolor kinds, as they provide a statement within any outfit they’re paired with.

Choose animal printed joggers, for example, leopard print. Leopard print has come and gone within fashion, but it has surged as a consistent trend more than ever recently.

Choose a pair of silk leopard print joggers, and style with a black leather jacket. Sultry heels and a studded clutch will complete this comfy yet outgoing look.


Baggy joggers have become an overall favorite and general crowd pleaser recently. Perfect for sports fans and casual wear lovers alike, these are known as the most comfortable kind of joggers and often double as pyjama pants.

They look best when worn with an equally as baggy hoodie or sweatshirt, socks with the hems of the joggers tucked in, and sneakers.

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With Clothing


You can create an instantly cool, editorial style look by combining opposing elements, such as a button up blouse and joggers. Choose a button up blouse made from a cool tone such as an icy blue, and from a shiny material such as silk.

Close the buttons in the middle, leaving the top and bottom of the shirt undone. Then, hastily tuck in the bottom half of the shirt into high waisted black joggers.

For cold weather, layer a matching black turtleneck under the blouse. Accessorize with silver jewelry and black leather boots. If you prefer, you can also change the shirt to either a stripped blouse, or even a sweatshirt for a more casual take.

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Crop Top

Joggers and crop tops go hand in hand, as if they were made for each other. Joggers are highly sporty garments, and crop tops mimic the shape and feel of sports bras. Choose a crop top that is different from the classic most commonly worn spaghetti strap kind.

Choose a cotton crop top that features a one shoulder sleeve for a feminine twist to this classic combination. Pair with high waisted joggers in gray, and with everyday sneakers rather than sporty sneakers, such as a pair of Adidas Yeezy’s.

Make sure the shade of the sneakers matches the shade of the crop top for a color balance within the outfit.

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Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are a form of expression that represent youthfulness and a free-spirited mindset. Every woman should own at least one denim jacket, as these can be paired with basically every other piece within your wardrobe.

Denim jackets looks great when worn with joggers—they’re an easy, casual, and street style-esque way to dress up a sweatpant combination and make it more wearable for the everyday.

While you can play with the different types of denim jackets, choose a classic lightwash version that will be adapt towards all your different joggers.

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Styling a blazer with joggers may seem intimidating; blazers are considered highly formal garments, while joggers are seen as the complete opposite. For the right occasion, these make a great combination.

Choose a statement blazer where the focus of the outfit will be placed. Select anything boxy, oversized, with large shoulders, and bold prints. A classic tartan print is ideal. Pair with a scooped neckline top, tucked into high waisted neutral toned joggers.

Make sure the joggers fit you correctly, even if the style is baggy. Throw on some open toed black booties and you’ll have created a look that you could wear during fashion week while prancing down the street.

Shoes / Boots

There are endless options when it comes to which shoes can be paired with joggers. As seen in the various examples throughout this style guide, even heels can be used with joggers when styled correctly.

  • Sandals
  • Boots
  • Sneakers

The possibilities are limitless. For boots, tuck the sweatpants inside for a polished aesthetic finish.


Sneakers will always look best with joggers, as they match the sporty aesthetic. Any brand will do; Nike sneakers, Adidas sneakers, Rebook sneakers—choose your favorite. Both oversized sneakers and smaller more minimalistic versions looks great, but go for white sneakers. You can never go wrong with white sneakers—they tend to look the best.

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For a spring outfit that incorporates joggers, choose a pair of olive-green linen joggers. Wear with a black lace camisole, and striped cardigan.

This look is perfect for spring style, and combines all the comfort and style you will need to take on your day. Finish off with a pair of neutral toned kitten heels to make the outfit slightly dressier.


As a summer outfit idea that incorporates joggers, choose a pair of brightly colored joggers that feature an adjustable waistband. Combine with a classic white tee, and pair with strappy espadrilles. Accessorize with gold jewelry and sunglasses.


For a fall outfit with joggers, choose a pair of faded gray informal joggers and tuck an oversized puffy sleeved camel toned sweater into the waistband. Throw on a a cardigan in the same camel shade on top. Complete with white sneakers.


For a cozy winter outfit that incorporates joggers, find a matching joggers and sweater combination. Layering with the same shade tonalities is always an easy way to look extra posh and put together. Layer a sweater with the same shade of sweatpants underneath a heavy winter coat in the same shade.


How should joggers fit?

Depending on the type of jogger you are considering, the shape and fit will be slightly different. A few rules to keep in mind, the:

  1. Waistband should not fall below your hips
  2. Hems should stay put around your ankles
  3. Joggers should not feel heavy, but rather light

Even though oversized is considered highly fashionable, opt for garments that are designed as oversized, rather than attempting to go a size up yourself. Sweatpants should not be too tight either—they should be as comfortable as pyjama pants. Loose, but not overly loose.

How long should joggers be?

The right length depends on the kind of finish you want. Allow the joggers a few inches short of your ankles for a more contemporary finish. For colder weather conditions, wear joggers that fall a few inches below the ankles.

When to wear joggers and when to wear jeans?

While joggers and jeans are seemingly very different, they can also be seen as very similar. Both are seen as highly casual garments, even though jeans are seen as slightly dressier.

Jeans are not worn around the house, as many people find them slightly uncomfortable and not as soft and stretchy as sweatpants.

For casual daytime occasions, opt for joggers. For slightly more formal events—keep the sweatshirt, but exchange the joggers for jeans.


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