Best Birkenstocks Kids Footwear: 8 of the Best Put to the Test

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Last Updated on May 11, 2022

If you’re a parent to be or have a little tribe running around already, then the health of their feet is probably one of the things at the forefront of your mind, especially if you suffer from any foot problems yourself such as fallen arches or Plantar fasciitis

Yes, Birkenstocks may be a bit pricey and yes, kids do grow-up really quickly, but with the support that Birkenstocks give your kids feet is second to none and with a range of cool sneakers and trendy sandals this article will feature some of the best kids’ Birkenstocks available – just what the little ones need to play all day, wherever their adventures and their little feet may take them!

One of the first things you are probably wondering is are Birkenstocks good for toddlers.

The simple answer is yes! Kids’ Birkenstock sandals come with great features just like your adult-sized pairs, including orthopaedic support for growing feet.

Unlike the majority of adult sandals and shoes, Birkenstock kids footwear is sized perfectly for both your toddler and pre-schooler so they can enjoy comfortable feet all-day as they get used to toddling around

#1. The Arizona

The Arizona is the iconic, classic Birkenstock that is instantly recognizable and one of the more popular styles in the Birkenstock sandals for children range

With its somewhat renowned two-strap design the Arizona, for kids offers a certain style which is complemented by the signature comfort of the footbed. The upper materials can be Birkobuc, Suede Leather, EVA, Birko-Flor, and also Microfiber for their vegan version. All of which are highly durable, extremely comfortable and great for their feet.

Retailing from $34.95 these are definitely an investment worth making.

#2. The Rio

The Rio is a cute and sporty BIRKENSTOCK classic. For added comfort and support, this functional style includes a backstrap and the signature footbed.

The sandal sparkles beautifully in the Cosmic Sparkle version, which has a striking glitter effect and a shiny coating. Birko-Flor, a skin-friendly and long-lasting synthetic material, is used for the upper. The Rio is more for little girls than little boys, but they do also have a Rio essentials collection which are a little more sturdy and less pink and glittery.

Available in a whole array of colours and styles, the Rio is definitely a fashion statement. Retailing from $34.95 for the EVA uppers to around $69.95 for the optional materials.

#3. The Mayari

The trendy strap design of the Mayari is also functional. This sandal tends to stay on your little one’s active feet thanks to the toe-loop and extra strap. With the extremely comfy and long-lasting Birkibuc material, your child will want to wear them all day.

This is a grown-up sandal for little feet with excellent grip and traction.

Perfect for long walks, trips to the park and ice-cream parlour and ideal for the beach.

Again, the Mayari comes in a wide range of material uppers including EVA, Birko-Flor, Birkibuc and Microfiber. There’s a colour range to suit all styles and tastes and prices start at around $59.95.

#4. The Mogami

The Mogami is the ideal sandal for your little one’s day-to-day adventures, whatever they get up to.

The waterproof footbed and highly functional sole of the BIRKENSTOCK Mogami. The sandal is also incredibly flexible, durable and hardwearing in any terrain, and available in a variety of fun, playful colours. Birko-Flor, a skin-friendly and long-lasting synthetic material, is used for the upper. These are quite chunky looking Birkenstock sandals for kids and with super grip and traction they would be perfect for hiking, climbing, jumping in rock-pools or whatever else they want to get up to.

Retailing at $49.95 these are a great durable, all round sandal that will last your kids for years.

#5. The Milano

Another great robust and durable sandal for kids from the Birkenstock range.

The BIRKENSTOCK Milano is a style and comfort staple, with added security provided by the sturdy, adjustable backstrap. They are also simple to put on and take off thanks to the hook-and-loop fasteners. There are several variations, some with tone-on-tone colours for a trendy camouflage look, and others with just one colour on the upper and a contrasting sole.

The uppers are made from the skin-friendly, hard-wearing synthetic material Birko-Flor, although these do also come in EVA, Suede Leather and Birkibuc.

These are another great all-around sandal with a starting price of around $42 – a reasonably priced pair of Birkenstock kids sandals.

#6. The Porto

Some kids don’t like sandals of course, even if they are Birkenstocks so these trendy, durable sneakers could just be what you are looking for.

The Porto sneaker by Birkenstock is both casual and fashionable. The retro-style sole of the lace-up shoe provides maximum support and comfort for small feet. The upper is constructed of soft leather in various colours.

These Birkenstock sneakers for kids are tough, durable, and great for little feet. Whether it’s kicking a soccer ball around in the park or spending the day at school – these sneakers are a good all-rounder that not only look great for casual-wear but could also double up for a more formal event. These are a bit pricey retailing from $125 a pair, but they are built to last so a good investment to consider.

#7. The Derry

No child’s wardrobe would be complete without a pair of wellies, or wellington boots, or galoshes. Birkenstock think of everything and have now Introduced the Derry – a bright boot ready for a day of adventure, whatever the weather Even in the deepest puddles, keep your feet dry and comfortable. The upper is made of EVA, which is extremely light and flexible.

These boots have the signature Birkenstock footbed and are super comfy, coming in a range of colors that your kids will love.

Retailing at $59.95 may seem a little steep but they are durable and certainly won’t split or fall apart after a few months.

#8. Zermatt Kids Shearling

The BIRKENSTOCK Zermatt is not only a comfortable and warm favourite of both men and women, but they are also suitable for children. This Birkenstock kids clog style slip-on shoe, has a soft and cosy shearling lining over our instantly recognisable cork latex footbed, keeping your child’s feet warm all winter. The upper is made of soft genuine wool.

These are super comfy and super cosy clogs for kids and an absolute must if you’ve got little ones running around all day and night. These are suitable for both indoors and outdoors, they’re durable, sturdy, look great and will keep their feet nice and toasty – especially if they’ve running around in Birkenstock sandals all day.

Retailing from around $79.95 – they’ll last for years, it’s worth the money, trust me.


Birkenstocks haven’t got their great reputation for nothing and their range of kids’ shoes and sandals are of the same high quality as that of their men’s and women’s ranges.

Exceptional workmanship and their signature footbeds make Birkenstock kids sandals a true investment, and with an excellent range of sizes you can be sure to find a size that is a perfect fit for your toddler.