4 Brands That Give Birkenstock a Run for Their Money

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Last Updated on May 11, 2022

Our forefathers wore Birkenstocks because of their versatility and simplicity, and we are still carrying on the good old tradition of wearing these “Jesus Creeper” style sandals, even with socks!

However, comfort and style come at a cost, and Birkenstocks aren’t the cheapest brands around, especially after their collaboration with Manolo Blahnik in March of this year, where their limited-edition sandals will be costing a whopping $800 per pair!

Even the classic Birkenstocks can be incredibly expensive for some, with the majority of them costing more than $100.

If that’s a deal-breaker for you, you’ll be relieved to know that there are many Birkenstock alternative options that perform as well or even better than the real thing.

This article will discuss some of the best Birkenstock alternatives that are out there that can not only appeal to your fashion sense but also to the condition of your feet.

#1. Funky Monkey

Overview: A hip, young, Amazon-based footwear brand designed for an active urban lifestyle. Ladies’ slippers sandals and sliders from Funky Monkey are lightweight and adjustable. Combining style, fun, fashion, and comfort!

Price Range: $

What makes the brand popular and who are they popular with: This brand is popular among people who adore everything about Birkenstocks except their hefty price tags. Their designs are unisex, making them suitable for both men and women, and are aimed at those who have busy outdoor pursuits but don’t want to sacrifice style or comfort.
My Opinion on Their Footwear Line: I’ve been wearing the Comfort Slide Double Buckle EVA sandal, which is one of their most popular sandals, with more than 14,000 five-star reviews from crazed fans (much like myself) who define them to be some of the most comfy sandals to literally walk the Earth — and I’d have to agree somewhat – they feel like Crocs footwear, but look like the Birkenstock Arizona. Win-Win!

Similar to Birkenstocks, which have considered the proper support that feet require and then have a deep footbed of serious support, particularly through the arch, high side walls, and a good snug fitting toe bar beneath two adjustable straps. They’re completely waterproof while remaining lightweight and “aaah”, making them an ideal indoor/outdoor shoe.

The whole footwear line at Funky Monkey is pretty much on a par with the Birkenstock range of styles available.

#2. Cushionaire

Cushionaire is a leisure shoe brand designed and operated by Next Step Group, a NYC fashion footwear and shoe company. Selim Dushey, a shoe industry veteran, founded NSG in 1998. All through the years, NSG has ended up leading the world of fashion with innovative styles across a variety of lifestyle brands.

Price Range: $

What makes the brand popular and who are they popular with: They cater for women of all ages who are searching for a fashionable, affordable, and comfortable shoes, and they offer shoes in a variety of styles such as sandals, dress shoes, sneakers, and wedges.
My Opinion on Their Footwear Line: The entire footwear line is super-trendy and there’s something for everyone, whether that be sandals, casual slip on’s or something a little more “dressy”.

The Luna Cork sandal is similar to the Birkenstock Mayari sandal, and with over 18,000 Amazon reviews, these sandals, with an extremely comfortable cork footbed, are one of the best Birkenstock alternatives on the market.

Again, like Birkenstock, they’ve taken support seriously, and they share a deeply sculpted insole with arch support and a substantial heel cup, as well as high sides all the way around for added support and toe protection. The upper is made of faux leather, and the lining is made of super-soft suede. The springy and lightweight EVA foam soles are thick enough to keep your feet nice and dry if you step in a puddle.

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#3. Freedom Moses

Overview: Freedom Moses is a young, vibrant design house that puts the fun back into footwear. The team at FREEDOM MOSES ensure that each pair of their slides lightly smell of honey and milk, strange but true…. They’re also hand washable and waterproof, and so cosy that they’ll make your feet smile right back at you.

Price Range: $$

What makes the brand popular and who are they popular with: Their main goal is to promote a relaxed and chilled lifestyle while not harming Mother Earth in the process.

They are popular among younger generations as well as those who believe that ethics and sustainability are crucial to the future of the fashion industry. Not only are their products vegan, as previously stated, but they also care about the people who make their footwear, ensuring that they have good working conditions and a fair wage. Overall, a very “green” company with some bizarre and outlandish designs.

My Opinion on Their Footwear Line: Fun and quirky is at the heart of everything they do at Freedom Moses, including their line of footwear, which includes slider sandals with a very classic and iconic shape and feel to them, similar to the Birkenstock Arizona, but without the need to spend hundreds of dollars.

The Bali Sand slides are similar to the Birks Arizona, but they are made from sustainable materials, vegan friendly, so no suede or leather plus they are super comfy, making it feel like you’re walking on air.

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#4. OluKai

Overview: OluKai is a premium footwear brand dedicated to creating beautiful, high-quality products that combine ocean heritage together with modern performance—all while leaving the smallest possible environmental footprint. Their design principal is synonymous with the brand’s signature anatomically contoured footbeds, which provide the ideal balance of instant comfort and long-lasting support.

Price Range: $$

What makes the brand popular and who are they popular with: OluKai make quality products, I mean really good quality products and they don’t skimp on the materials, the process or the workmanship. Each pair of sandals are meticulously made by hand so they are popular with consumers looking for a high quality piece of footwear.

They seem to be most popular with both men and women between the ages of 25 and 55, whether this is because they are one of more expensive alternatives or whether the styles seem to suit this age bracket more than the teens.

My Opinion on Their Footwear Line: Very much in tune with both fashion and comfort and understanding the need for footwear that supports the foot, OluKai also have contoured footbed’s like Birkenstock and a comfortable insole – all without the need for breaking them in.

The Ohana flip-flop which retails for around $75 and is very much like Birkenstock’s Gizeh with the toe post, but the Ohana’s toe post is much more comfortable and a little more forgiving than the Birks one. Definitely one of the most comfortable sandals I have every tried.


If you want something that’s going to last then you probably will have to pay a little bit more for them. Saying that though, the alternative brands to Birkenstock that we have mentioned above may just surprise you – and you could well have found your new “go to” sandal for the year ahead.

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