5 Discontinued Birkenstock Styles (How Many Did You Wear?)

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Last Updated on May 12, 2022

Considering Birkenstocks have been around for hundreds of years, it’s not
surprising some of their sandal and clog styles have been
discontinued and have finished up in the retired Birkenstock styles bargain
bin in places like Nordstrom or popping up in Etsy shops across the US.

Fashions of course change, consumers want something different each
season and designers are always trying to go one better to blow their
competition out of the water.

But what of the old vintage Birkenstock sandals that we used to have?

In this article delve into old Birkenstock styles that
didn’t quite make the cut …

What is a Classic Birkenstock?

Nowadays you probably think the Arizona as being a classic Birkenstock
style and, although they have been around for a few years, these Jesus
Creeper-esque sandals are still being manufactured and are as popular
as ever with both men and women.

The same can’t be said for some of the older Birkenstock models.

Let’s look at these styles in a little more detail:

#1. Birki’s Birkenstock Sporty Clogs Mules 

Birkenstocks “Sporty” sneaker clogs from the early 2000s, which have long
since sold out. They’re not sports shoes; instead, they’re Birkenstock
mules/clogs for comfort, as are all of their clogs. They were simply dubbed
“Sporty” due to Birkenstock’s sneaker/trainer styling and are essentially a
slip-on sneaker with an open back.

These “Sporty” clogs were only available in a very limited quantity and
quickly sold out. They are now extremely rare and sell for more than $300
USD each.

Suede wingtips were white/off-white on canvas uppers/inners with
the signature Birkenstock comfort multiple layered cork insoles and non-
slip rubber outers.

#2. The Athens Gladiator Sandal

Who doesn’t love a gladiator sandal? Russell Crowe and 10,000 Corinthians
can’t be wrong can they?

In 2013 Birkenstock released their Athens Gladiator Sandal which, although
popular, wasn’t as successful as they had hoped and it was binned in
favour of the Yara – which has also met its untimely demise.

#3. Iona Mary Jane Classic

These are definitely NOT what you would expect from Birkenstock which is
probably why they are no longer manufactured!

A pre-2000’s shoe with a thin, single strap that resembles gym shoes or
ballet pumps.

Now apparently these were super comfy and were much more “shoey”
than the classic and iconic Birkenstock range, and perfect for working in an
office. Made in black, the Iona was Birkenstocks take on the classic “Mary
Jane” style of shoe

Unfortunately, this style of shoe from Birkenstock didn’t get consumer’s
pulses racing and was soon discontinued.

#4. Betula blue backstrap sandals

Another classic from the 1990’s the Betula sandals did have the iconic
Birkenstock shape and style much like the Arizona with two chunky straps
that we still see today.

Although the Betula isn’t available anymore, it does have significant similarities to the Milano, which as a style, is still going strong.

#5. Papillo Lola Wedge

Wedges were a fantastic invention, especially for those that area little
challenged in the height department – they gave you an extra couple of
inches and were much easier to walk in as opposed to stilettos.

The 2018 Papillo Lola Wedge by Birkenstock had a small wedge heel that
complimented this delicate and feminine sandal.

Discontinued somewhere in the mid 2000’s this didn’t stop Birkenstocks and even today
they have a range of wedges available including the Soley, Glenda, Mary,
Namica and Ebba.


Birkenstocks have come a long way over the years and although they are
stylish, classic, and iconic, looking back at some of the styles that were
discontinued has certainly been a bit of an eye-opener.

Clogs that look like sneakers?? Who knew??

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