5 Best Prada Bag Styles that are Timeless and Beautiful

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Last Updated on May 13, 2022

So, you want to buy a Prada bag.

Buying designer items can be a big investment, I know. Well, here’s the good news: by taking the time to research various sizes, textures, and color palettes- you’re able to obtain extra assurance that the bag that rests on your shoulder will be one that remains timeless and beautiful.

Prada is a smart decision if you are looking for an item that will continue to excite, day after day. After all, it’s a big deal to finally purchase the bag you’ve been pining over. Why not splurge on something fun? Whether you’re interested in an everyday tote, a trendy satchel, or a crossbody bag to wear to those special events.

I’m here to catalyze the search for your perfect accessory by showing you four of the trendiest, most useful, and best Prada bags out there.

No buyer’s remorse here!

#1. Re-Nylon Padded Tote Bag

If you’re in search of an everyday tote that blends durability with style, look no further. The Prada Re-Nylon Padded Tote Bag comes in two colors- classic black and beige- highlighting the versatility and timelessness that endures with all of Prada’s offerings. You can find this one on Farfetch (which has incredibly fast shipping, we love it).

Tote bags are hot on the market right now, and as such, there are an overwhelming amount of options. Marc Jacobs recently released a line of tote bags in varying patterns and colors.

Those are great in their own way, but if you want a large vessel for carrying all of your important items without it having “THE TOTE BAG” written across the front, this is a great alternative. You can buy the Marc Jacobs Traveler Bicolor Canvas Tote Bag at Neiman Marcus.

Out of all the Prada totes, I think that the padded nylon style here stands out against its sister-styles, for a variety of reasons. First, it’s neutral. There exists no outfits that this tote could not be paired with in a pinch. While Prada currently offers a variety of trendy, sparkly, and fuzzy totes on their website (see Prada’s sequined mesh tote bag) in my opinion, they provide less utility.

I love those bags for special occasions, don’t get me wrong, but the padded bag ensures that it can accompany you on an everyday basis.

Next, the padding and lined interior will prevent rips, tears, or exterior stains from the lip gloss that exploded at the bottom of your purse (no, I’m not speaking from experience). One of my biggest pet peeves is a large tote bag that is accompanied by a thin strap. They’re more prone to tears, and can cut into your shoulder when carrying all of your items.

The straps on Prada’s nylon padded tote are thick and reinforced, completely removing all strap-related anxiety from your mind.  Finally, according to Farfetch’s website, this product is made of at least 50% sustainable materials (organic, recycled, or easier on the environment as a whole), making it a more ethical purchase overall.

Prada Re Nylon Handbag Black

Prada Re Nylon Tote Bag at Farfetch

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#2. Saddle bag

Saddle bags are always a justified choice when shopping for a new designer bag. They’re strappy; so they can easily be worn over the shoulder of every outfit, and they are smaller in size, making for a great pouch to bring on a coffee date, a night out, or a shopping trip. Prada has created some pretty incredible shapes and patterns that fall under this bag subcategory, but here are my favorites.

The Prada Cleo brushed leather shoulder bag with a flap magnet enclosure is simple, sophisticated, and soft. This bag is a re-imagine of various 1990’s bag styles from the fashion house, and is crafted from brushed leather in the body and the strap of the bag. Like all Prada bags, this purse is durable and will retain it’s elegance for years to come.

If you haven’t fallen in love with a bag from the current collection, Prada’s older saddle bags are incredible, too. Pictured here is the Calfskin Saddle Shoulder Bag in a beautiful emerald green color (also available in classic black), which you can find on ModeSens.

Prada Green saddle bag
Prada Green Saddle Bag

This one is an elevated version of the recognizable lines of a saddle bag, with an interesting shape and elevated gold hardware.

Personally, I prefer this bag because while it is a timeless staple piece, it shows more personality with the interesting shape combined with the tantalizing colorway.

Prada brushed leather saddle bag

Prada Cleo brushed leather shoulder bag with flap

#3. 90’s Hobo Bag

Truly, I would be doing you all a disservice if I didn’t include the 90’s nylon hobo bag in this list. Simply put, this bag has changed the world. It’s a fun, trendy, and nostalgic approach to an everyday shoulder bag, and is well-loved by many. As a result, this bag comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors, making it a completely customizable buying experience.

Re-Edition 2000 Logo Terry Cloth Pouch Shoulder Bag

Check out this Re-Edition 2000 Logo Terry Cloth Pouch Shoulder Bag at Bergdorf Goodman.

Is this your first high-end item, and do you want it to be neutral and timeless? You got it. Are you interested in a more futuristic look, combining pastels with industrial-chic silver hardware? Totally, the re-edition can fulfill those dreams. The comfortable and lightweight feel is sure to check all of your mini purse boxes.

All that to say, though, I recognize that this bag is not for everyone. It really is a small handbag, measuring at about 8 inches (22 cm) across. When shopping for a luxury handbag, it’s definitely important to consider all of the scenarios in which you will be using said purse. If you have a large wallet, a big keychain, or need to carry other crucial items with you on a daily basis, I would go with something different.

The three bags here are some of my favorites, because they demonstrate the ways you can customize this bag to your unique styles, tastes, and preferences! The terry cloth version of the 90s Prada hobo bag provides a fresh take on a classic, and I love the embroidery logo on the front.

The re-edition nylon bag at Lyst is a bit more functional, with additional pouches and removable straps, which come in various playful pastels.

Finally, the tried and true: Prada’s black nylon shoulder bag (which is the most affordable out of the bunch). Regardless of which style you choose, this bite-sized handbag will definitely not disappoint; maintaining its allure and appeal for years to come.

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#4. Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags are a necessity, especially if you’re always on the go or enjoy a night out every once in a while. In my eyes, cross body bags are a staple that should be included in every bag collection. I have a few reasons for this. One, crossbody bags provide an additional layer of security, especially when going out.

Cross body bags can be kept close to you, with the ability to hold onto the strap layered over your shoulder and around your torso. Additionally, I enjoy the structure and versatility of crossbodies. Usually, crossbodies have a clasped enclosure and removable straps, ultimately allowing your bag to morph into different sub-styles for any mood or event.

Prada’s Flou Leather shoulder bag

And that is precisely why I can’t get enough of Prada’s Flou Leather shoulder bag.

The bag itself is a blush colored beige, equipped with a slim leather strap and a thicker removable strap with a color block detailing of the Prada logo. This crossbody retails for $2,700, making it one of the more pricey cross bodies on the market, but the comfortability and additional roominess make it a purchase that will provide value and utility for hundreds of nights out to come.

#5. Backpack

If you’re like me, then you see a backpack for what it truly is: the easiest, most comfortable way to carry your important daily essentials.

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a travel-lover, backpacks provide storage and utility that are pertinent to our organization and success. I have always gravitated towards Prada’s backpacks, due to the fact that there is a great range of options when it comes to size, color, and pockets. 

Prada re-nylon leather backpack

Prada re-nylon and leather backpack

Let’s start with the Prada re-nylon and leather backpack. A unisex approach to a luxury backpack, this bag brings a crisp and clean approach to a bag style that we have all worn for decades. This would be my pick, personally. In the past decade, I feel like I have gone through too many backpacks. Either they were too bulky, too uncomfortable, or too out-of-trend… until I found this one.

The thick nylon straps combined with the discrete yet classic leather detailing affords this bag a vibe that is both incredibly trendy, but also organized and powerful. The additional zip-up pockets within the backpack can fit your laptop and any other essentials needed for the day.

Re-nylon medium backpack

re-nylon medium backpack

Next, we have the Prada re-nylon medium backpack. This is a new and whimsical approach to the standard backpack, mimicking the other Prada re-edition nylon bags in that it is equipped with extra silver detailing and many more pouches/pockets than its predecessors. What I like best about this backpack, however, is the detachable zipper pouch! It’s almost like getting a bag and a wallet, all in one purchase.

While this bag may not be big enough for work or school, it does have several zip-up pockets and enclosures within the bag itself. I see this backpack as the perfect casual travel bag, especially for smaller weekend trips. This bag comes in different colors as well, and can be tailored to your individual style.

Wrapping it up

Shopping for a new designer handbag should be a completely personalized and well-informed experience. By doing your due diligence in researching bag types, materials, and potential utility, you can walk away from the store knowing you made the absolute best choice.

Prada is a great brand to purchase, especially if you’re a first time luxury buyer. With Prada, there is something for everyone! I hope that this guide highlighted a few of the best Prada bags, opening your mind to new styles and patterns. Remember: always try to find a bag that is comfortable and works for you. Your future self will thank you!

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