Complete Guide To All Birkenstock Sandal Styles (For Every Personality)

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Last Updated on June 22, 2022

We’ll be surprised if you don’t already know the name Birkenstock. This footwear is classic and offers a unique design that comforts the footbed whilst looking stylish. This functional support shoe doubles as an accessory praised by street style fans and fashion designers alike.

If you’ve been eyeing up Birkenstock models, it might be time to take the plunge and invest in a pair. Whether you’re a fan of the brand or not, you have to admit these shoes are perfect for the summer. Make sure you have your pair ready for Spring and Summer.

Interested in exploring the complete Birkenstock range? Keep reading to find out more.

Why Birkenstock?

Before we jump in and explain which Birkenstock will suit your lifestyle best, here’s why you should trust this heritage brand.

Established in Germany, the Birkenstock legacy can be traced back to 1774. This impressive history includes inventing the modern footbed as we know it and dominating the fashion industry. These shoes work for outdoor wear and catwalks – how many brands can boast a legacy like this!

Unlike many large shoe manufacturers, Birkenstock still produces a large number of their shoes in Germany. The brand also uses premium materials such as nubuck, suede, and leather. These give a luxurious feel and they also last longer as these are more durable than faux leathers.

If you associate these chilled-out sandals with hippies, it’s probably because they were popular with hippies! When this shoe company came to the U.S. in 1966, free-spirit style icons started wearing them and slowly the shoe became a mainstream must-have.

Are you ready to embrace the Birkenstock history?

The Best Birkenstock Sandals For Every Need

Want to find the right pair for you? The function should always come first. We’ve paired each model with the best action to ensure you find the perfect shoe for you. Whether you want a basic Birkenstock or a modern updated style, there’s a lot to choose from.

Best for Comfort – The Arizona

When it comes to comfort, Arizona is a must-buy. This is the classic basic Birkenstock shoe that the world fell in love with. This style is typically available in nubuck leather and the most popular color is a deep brown. The footbed of The Arizona is made from soft suede for extra comfort. Shoppers can find this shoe in regular and narrow fashion.

Best for Durability – The Arizona Eva

While the traditional leather and suede materials make Birkenstock sandals extra comfortable, they can get ruined easily. If you want a classic sandal with added waterproofing, the Arizona Eva is for you. This sandal is washable, waterproof, and lightweight – perfect for outdoor activities in all weather.

Most Stylish – The Namica

Looking for a Birkenstock that you can take to the bar? Well, look no further. The Namica sandal features suede leather and wedge heels for the ultimate minimalist style. The suede upper on this shoe is designed to hug the foot without causing discomfort. The perfect blend of style and function.

Best for the Beach – The Madrid

Sandals are the perfect shoe for the beach, but when you’re out on the sand you might want something more streamlined than a traditional Birkenstock. Madrid offers a German take on the standard beach flip flop. With a single-strap design and a slip-on design, you can easily take this sandal off when it’s time for a dip in the sea.

Best for Hiking – The Kalahari

Want to keep your feet cool while on a hot summer hike? The Kalahari sandal was designed with outdoor activities in mind. This shoe is lined with microfibers to feel your feed cool when you’re hiking the trail. There are three straps to keep your foot stable and in place, so there’s no need to worry about any slips.

Best for Streetwear – The Platform Arizona

Streetstyle is able to embrace boldness, yet subtle at the same time. With this in mind, the best shoe for a street look is the Platform Arizona. This takes the classic Birkenstock style and adds some edge. This sandal comes in an all-black colorway and features smooth leather, an EVA sole, and a traditional two-strap design.

Best for Traveling – The Milano

When you’re on the road or at the airport, you want to ensure your Birkenstock stays on. But, at the same time, it’s best to avoid clunky shoes when traveling. The Milano design offers you the best of both worlds. With a three-strap design and a soft backing, this shoe provides comfort and stability. It’s still an open shoe too, allowing it to feel lightweight when worn and packed in a suitcase.

Best for Indoor – The Arizona Big Buckle Shearling

Once again, the classic Arizona style is appearing on the list. This silhouette suits lots of occasions, but this time we’re choosing it because of the materials it’s made from. In this rendition of the shoe, you’ll find soft teddy shearling fabric. This is cozy, comfortable, and well-suited for indoor use. While users can take this shoe outside, it’s best to keep it as an indoor option as you want to keep the fabric as pristine as possible. Wear it as a slipper or a sandal in the house and you’ll always be on-trend – even in your pajamas!

Best Closed Toe – The Boston

Closed-toe shoes are great for keeping your feet cool whilst still protecting your toes. The Boston silhouette is a popular style from the brand that offers a protective closed-toe shape with an adjustable strap. This is an essential shoe for anyone who wants soft footbeds and a slip-on design. You can purchase this style in clay, blue, and green colorways.

Best Open Toe – The Mayari Vegan

When it comes to open-toe shoes, it can’t hurt to get some extra detail to add to your outfit. While many Birkenstocks feature a strap style, the Mayarishoe comes with crisscrossing straps that meet around the big toe. This style is available with a patterned sole and colorful Birkibuc vegan leather – ideal for anyone that loves cruelty-free fashion.

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Best Backstrap – The Bali Soft Footbed

Backstraps are perfect for anyone who gets irritated by the feeling of their sandals falling off. Though the traditional Birkenstock style includes a backless design, the team of designers now offers shoes with extra support straps at the back. The Bali Soft Footbed shoes are anatomically shaped to hold your foot well. The lining is suede and the upper offers soft leather for a hardwearing and stylish shoe.

Best for Regular Feet – The Kyoto

Feet come in all shapes and sizes. If you have regular-sized feet, count yourself lucky as you have the largest choice in shoe styles! Often, regular feet look great in every shoe silhouette too, so you can go crazy with your style. In this case, we recommend the Kyoto slip-on sandal in Ultra Blue. With a mix of suede, nubuck, and cork-latex, this option is crafted for a comfortable and on-trend mix.

Cutest – The Daytona Shearling

While the classic Birkenstock silhouette will always be cute, we have to admit the Daytona Shearling sandal is a stand-out from the German brand. This slip-on mixes the traditional cork-latex sole with genuine shearling for a soft design. This is cozy to wear and cool to style. The sandal even features a platform sole to give wearers a boost in height and a slight edge. Just be careful when wearing shearling around any wet areas!

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Best Narrow – The Florida Fresh Velvet

Having narrow feet doesn’t mean you should avoid trendy shoes! In fact, Birkenstocks are one of the most accommodating shoe brands when it comes to different foot sizes. Narrow feet suit the Florida Fresh Velvet style. This shoe offers three thin straps and a smooth footbed for a comfortable fit. This minimal style is contrasted by the rich red leather, perfect for daytime and evening time shoes.

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Best Wide – The Barbados Eva

Waterproof slip-on shoes are more popular than ever, especially for those with wider feet. The Barbados Eva style offers a deep heel cup and heel mold for comfort when walking. This also improves the wearer’s posture too! Like many on-trend slider shoes, this option features the Birkenstock logo across the strap. If you want a modern take on the Birkenstock brand legacy, you can find it with this sandal.

The Most Popular Birkenstock Sandals

Are you still unsure which Birkenstock suits you? We’ve handpicked the most popular sandal from each group to make sure you know what’s on-trend this year.

Open-toe shoes are great for the spring and summer seasons. Not only do they let your feet breathe, but they look pretty cool too. Birkenstock is known for its wide range of open-toed shoes, but arguably the most popular is the Arizona style. This is the classic silhouette and it suits all styles, feet, and sizes. You can’t beat the classics, ever.

Other popular open-toe styles include:

Closed-toe shoes offer more protection than standard sandals. Whether you want to keep your feet warmer or perhaps you’d prefer the comfort of a closed shoe on the street, Birkenstock has options for all tastes. The most popular closed-toe shoe from Birkenstock is The Boston. This features a decorative strap, a closed front, and a lined footbed. You can find this specific design in a multitude of colors, shapes, and designs.

Other popular closed-toe styles include:

Trends come and go, but some do stay! Platform shoes have been in the mainstream trend cycle for a few years now and it doesn’t look like they’ll be gone anytime soon. Whether you’re petite and want to add some height, or maybe you want an edgier look, platforms compliment all styles. Arguably, the most popular platform shoe from Birkenstocks is the Arizona in a platform design. This shoe offers comfort and style, leading it to become one of the most popular Birkenstock shoes overall.

Other popular platform sandals include:

If you’re not a shoe fanatic, the term “thong” might sound funny. This actually refers to a flip flop-like strap that anchors between your toes. The thong-style is essential for hot weather or a vacation, to make sure you get yours before they’re all sold out. The most popular shoe in this style is the Gizeh. This thong sandal has an open back and a simple thong strap design. IF you want a trusty minimal sandal, this is ideal.

Other popular thong sandals include:

Who says Birkenstocks are only for the day? There are multiple heeled and wedge sandals online that are waiting to go out for the evening. If you appreciate comfort and style, you might benefit from a Birkenstock shoe. The most popular heeled sandal is the Soley, which combines the traditional German design with modern aesthetics for an exciting wedge heel. While this is more complex than most Birkenstocks, it still offers a relaxed vibe.

Other popular heeled sandals include:

Birkenstocks are known as functional shoes, so it’s only natural that they offer a waterproof range. Waterproof sandals have been a popular trend in many brands over the past few years, but Birkenstock has an edge on other markets. Their most popular waterproof style is the Barbados Eva. This option offers a slip-on style with a logo across the band.

Other popular waterproof shoes include:

Still Unsure Which Shoe Fits Your Style?

If you’re still undecided which Birkenstock style is best for you, don’t fret! This shoe retailer has got you covered in every area. Alongside their extensive sandal collection, they also offer other shoe types.

These include:

  • Sneakers
  • Low shoes
  • Ballet flats
  • Lace-up shoes
  • Business
  • Boots
  • Professional shoes
  • & more!

No matter which occasion you need a shoe for, you can find one with this brand. You can also purchase matching socks, bags, belts, and insoles to compliment your new footwear. Also, if your shoe ever breaks, you can reach out to the team for a replacement footbed. You’re always covered with Birkenstock.

The Bottom Line

Once you purchase a pair of Birkenstocks, you’ll never look back – no matter which style you opt for. All shoes from this brand offer a meticulously crafted sole and luxurious materials. These shoes are built to last and to protect your foot health, all whilst looking good too.

Did you find a pair to suit your needs? Let us know what you thought of the shoes in this article. We’d love to know your opinion in the comments!

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