3 of My Favorite Prada Dresses (And How to Style Them)

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Last Updated on June 28, 2022

Prada dresses are to the body what expensive serums are to the face. I mean, really. We can shop around Sephora for the cheaper, more affordable retinoids and vitamin C serums all day long, but when it comes down to it: you get what you pay for.

When I was an undergraduate student, my skin was terrible… dull and acne-ridden. I finally put down my gimmicky products and saved up for a higher-end treatment for my skin. It was $90, which was a lot of money for a college kid who worked a minimum wage job on campus. Low and behold, after a few uses, my skin was on the mend, and the bottle of product lasted me much longer than my previous $10 serum purchases.

The same can be said for luxury clothing items, specifically dresses. Sure, you can buy a less expensive dress for each event you plan to attend. Having a wide range of options in your closet is important, don’t get me wrong. For those extra special events, however… there is nothing that provides a better sense of confidence and security than reaching for your most luxurious, high-quality gown that has never failed you and will never feel “out of style”.

1. Prada Floral Crepe de Chine Fiore Midi Dress

Though I do have a deep reverence and passion for the over-the-top, glittery, and red-carpet-ready gowns that Prada designs and shares with us each season, I also deeply relate to the need for a perfect casual summer dress.

I present to you: the Prada Floral Crepe de Chine Fiore Midi Dress.

Black and White Floral Prada Dress
Prada Floral Crepe de Chine Fiore Midi Dress

Based on my research, it is clear that 90s inspired basics are going to dictate much of what we wear this summer. And I, for one, am here for it. I love the idea of rocking basic staple pieces in the summer months, because it gives room for everything else: cute accessories, funky sandals, and maybe even those freckles that only show up during the sunny parts of the year.

Clearly, this dress is a bit more bold due to the fun black and white floral pattern. But at the end of the day… it’s still a neutral midi dress that can be transformed into so many different outfits.

Carrie Bradshaw Wearing a Cream Knee Length Prada Dress in New York

This dress would be perfectly paired with either a neutral pair of platform sandals or a pair of chunky white sneakers, depending on the occasion. Consider adding minimal gold jewelry such as these stackable gold bracelets to highlight the natural glow that we all obtain during the seasons of Spring and Summer.

Pair with a basket-esque bag (to pack all of your picnic fixings, of course) and your favorite rounded sunglasses. Voila! A perfect summer outfit that can be worn to an outdoor concert, a dinner date at dusk, or even to the farmer’s market.

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2. Sequined Tulle Dress

Remember when I said that I loved the over-the-top, glittery dresses that Prada has to offer? Yeah, well… Here you go.

Aqua Blue Sequined Prada Tulle Dress
Prada Sequined Tulle Dress

This is one of my all time favorite Prada dresses because it really encapsulates what Prada is all about, with fun and adventurous color palettes, that iconic upside-down triangle logo against an alluring texture, and the reimagination of a classic silhouette with a completely new vision. This trendy babydoll dress is the perfect conversation starter at any cocktail party or festival.

With a dress like this, I can’t help but dream about pairing it with a pair of go-go boots in the same (or similar) cyan color.

However, if you’re not in the monochromatic mood, try matching this mini dress with a pair of tights (whichever color you prefer) and a solid black or white bootie with a slight heel. Silver jewelry is paramount to compliment the badge sewn on to the face of the dress. Chunky silver hoops and a big chain-link necklace would fit the aesthetic perfectly.

While we’re at it, bust out the rhinestones! This tantalizing shade is bold and unique, so get creative with eyeshadow shades and live out all of your Euphoria-vibe dreams.


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3. Lace-up Shirt Dress

The final dress that deserves to be highlighted is Prada’s lace-up shirt dress in white at FarFetch.

White Prada Lace Up Dress Shirt
Prada Lace Up Shirt Dress

I love this fresh and futuristic take on a plain white button up shirt, especially with the corset panel on the front and back of the dress. This dress is the most versatile of the three dresses.

The plain and neutral material combined with the customizable aspects of the dress allows for this Prada number to be a part of your collection for years to come. Wear it loose, wear it cinched, where it unbuttoned… wear it however you’re feeling! That’s the beauty of this piece.

If you’re wearing this to a professional or work event, consider pairing this with platform mules with a fun silver detailing. For posterity’s sake, I’ve linked the Prada mules here (I truly cannot get enough of them), but any sort of mules or loafers would elevate this look. Accessorize minimally, especially if you wear the dress fully buttoned. Finally, polish the ensemble with a slicked back bun and neutral makeup.

If you want to sport this shirt-dress to a party or bar, consider leaving the corset untied like the picture demonstrates. Comfort is key, especially if you’re out dancing! Chunky or embellished black boots are perfect with this dress because it breaks up the structure of the piece.

I would still opt for a bun or high ponytail with this look, though I would accessorize with bright statement-piece earrings. See one of my favorite pairs from Urban Outfitters here; a green chunky hoop that’s sure to act as a conversation starter.

Regardless of the Prada dress you choose to invest in, there are endless ways to style them in order to obtain the absolute largest amount of utility and wear. Consider these three suggestions to get your collection off to a fabulous start, from the club, to the park, all the way to the office. Happy shopping!

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