From Parisian Streets to Rockstar Vibes, How to Style a Bandana for Any Look

Woman wearing a classic red bandana with bright red lipstick
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Last Updated on January 29, 2022

Once a staple of old Western movies, the bandana has evolved into a must have fashion accessory. The versatility and subtle style of the humble bandana means that is can be used to tie together an outfit, create a bold statement or a subtle sophistication.

Embraced by the stars with famous faces including David Beckham, Chrissy Tegan, Pia Mia and Beyoncé all adding bandanas to their signature styles, the bandana should be a staple of every wardrobe.

So with such versatility, what are the best styles for incorporating this amazing little accessory into your look?

The Headband Tie

Maybe one of the most timeless looks for styling the bandana is the bow. Simply folded, wrapped around the hair and tied at the front, this accessory adds a new level to any look. Pia Mia, and Chrissy Teagan are just some of the many famous faces to adopt this on trend look.

The Mask

Previously reserved for bandits and cowboys, this style is a trendy way to give an added layer of protection without sacrificing on style. This look is particularly popular with celebrities, with stars including Chris Pine and Kristen Stewart opting for a bandana mask when stepping out in public.

The Hair Tie

To fully embrace this look, tie your hair back with a hair tie and then wrap the bandana around the tie, bringing the whole look together with a lazy bow. This look is amazing both for chic city streets and for getting that perfect beach look. The bandana hair tie is easy to make and effortlessly chic.

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The Classic Headband

Embracing the concept of effortlessly cool, the headband bandana is a favourite of celebrities, with the likes of Beyoncé adopting this on trend look. Creating a smooth band with the bandana, tying it close to the hairline on the forehead, this style looks effortlessly cool while feeling like its embracing just a touch of rebel attitude.


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The Paris Tie

Easy to make and the epitome of style, the Paris tie is easy to make and brings out the sophistication of any outfit. Created by simply folding the bandana to make a band a few inches wide and tying around the neck. Expertly worn by Kendall Jenner, this look is sure to turn heads.

The Cowboy Tie

Drawing inspiration from a western look and adopted by the likes of David Beckham, the cowboy tie is always on trend. To achieve this effortlessly cool look, fold the bandana into a triangle and tie the ends together behind the neck. The style is popular with a red paisley print but can be styled to look great with any outfit.

The Bag Tie

The easiest of all these styles to make is the bag tie. Achieved by simply tying the bandana around the strap of a handbag, ensuring to keep the tails long and tied close to the bag itself, this style helps to tie together a look brings a new element to any accessory.

The Belt Loop

This is an understated look that when done right can make a bold statement, tying together an outfit and adding and badass rocker vibe to your look. Created by very simply tying a bandana to the beltloop on your jeans or shorts, this style looks great with a crop top and combat boots for a grungy, rocker vibe.

Cinderella Style

This simple look is an extension of the earlier headband look. Instead of folding all of the bandana into a bow, leave a large triangle of fabric at the back so when you tie the bandana behind your head, the triangle covers the top of your hair. This style looks great with short and long hair and adds an understated sophistication to any outfit.

Tying it all together

A bandana truly is the must have accessory, elevating any look, tying together an outfit, embracing the rebel vibe or adding an effortlessly chic element, there is nothing that a bandana can’t do.

Embraced by celebrities around the world and with the versatility to wear in style as diverse and the headband, cowboy tie and or stylishly tied to a handbag to bring an element of cool to your look, bandanas should be something that are found in everyone’s closet.

Whatever your look, the bandana has a style for you.

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