7 Best 90s Hairstyles Scrunchies Styles from TV, Movies, and Music

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Last Updated on December 1, 2022

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with scrunchies. These iconic hair accessories originated in the 1980s and were embraced during the 1990s too. From pop stars to supermodels, everyone tried this hairstyle out at least once.

These cute accessories are back in style now and there are new ways to wear scrunchies. But, let’s look back at their best moments in the 90s!

Keep on reading to see the 7 best 1990s scrunchie hairstyles.

The best scrunchies from the 90s

Here are some of the best scrunchie looks from 1990s film, TV, music, and celebrity style. Hopefully, these inspire you to try the trend out again!

#7. Phoebe from Friends

Phoebe from Friends is always praised for her individual style. Her scrunchie style involves a loose, low ponytail with relaxed curly hair. This style contracts many of the high ponytail styles we saw in the 1980s, giving long-haired girls a laid-back alternative style. If you have wavy natural hair or like boho styles, this is a must-try!

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#6. Naomi Campbell

It may seem like scrunchies and high fashion style are opposites, but this look from Naomi Campbell proves just how fashionable a scrunchie can be. This scrunchie updo involves straightened hair and glamorous makeup, perfect for any girl who likes the dramatic style.

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#5. Clueless

Scrunchies made their way onto the big screen in the 1990s and they were even featured in iconic rom-com Clueless. A unique scrunchie hairstyle is spotted on Amber in the gym-class scene. Instead of a classic ponytail, Amber wears side pigtails with curly hair and a fringe. This works well as an alternative hairstyle too.

#4. Sporty Spice

Sporty Spice was known for her athleisure looks and funky style. While it may seem like the other Spice Girls got to play around with accessories, Sporty Spice experimented with scrunchies too! She opted for a minimalist scrunchie updo with straight hair.

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#6. Mariah Carey

Though we can’t imagine Mariah wearing a curly natural hairstyle with a scrunchie today, her 1990s hairstyle is a classic style. Her natural curls are emphasized with a half up half down hairstyle and her face framing bangs compliment her face shape too.

#7. Saved By The Bell

Many of us grew up watching Saved By The Bell and this tv show is a gold mine of retro 1990s looks. The hairstyles on this show were playful and always featured scrunchies, notably, the girls wore scrunchies in bright colors and different sizes too. Add some hair crimping and butterfly clips and you have a fun 1990s hairstyle.

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#8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy jumped onto our screens in the later years of the 90s, however, this show still managed to include the must-have scrunchie accessory in Buffy’s style. Instead of the big scrunchies, Buffy uses mini scrunchies for a dainty updo hairstyle. These are also great for creating mini top buns or side pigtail styles too.

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Get Your Scrunchies Ready

Whether you try the classic scrunchie ponytail or the more innovative curly pigtail style, there’s always a new hairstyle to experiment with. This versatile hair accessory will never go out style!

Do you own a scrunchie? Let us know what your favorite scrunchie hairstyle is!