Outfits with Mary Janes: How to Style Mary Jane Shoes

How to Style Mary Janes
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Last Updated on November 23, 2022

Mary Janes are an essential 1990s shoe, but what is the best way to style them?

This timeless shoe is often seen on catwalks and in street style too, so if you haven’t already it’s time to get yourself a pair!

As these shoes are vintage-inspired many find styling them difficult or confusing, but with this complete guide, you’ll always have a way to style your Mary Janes outfit.

Keep reading to explore how to style this 90s shoe.

Are Mary Janes still in Style?

Mary Janes are still in style and they’re not going anywhere soon! These shoes were even seen in the Chanel Spring/Summer fashion week 2021 show, proving their popularity in high fashion too.

These are often available on popular fashion stores like Asos, Urban Outfitters, and Office, proving the market is interested in buying these feminine shoes.

They may not suit every style, but those that dress in an alternative, preppy, feminine, or vintage style can easily wear them. This versatile shoe can be paired with a range of different styles making it popular in many subcultures. Check out the best Mary Jane shoes you can buy online.

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Types of Mary Jane Shoes

Though Mary Jane’s shoes are similar, not all types of them look the same. Here are some popular styles of Mary Janes.


A popular version of Mary Jane shoes is heeled ones, buy them here. This gives some drama to the shoe and also some height for shorter girls. These are super feminine and look great for an evening outfit or chic daytime look. Square-heeled Mary Janes are on-trend so make sure to try these out!


Platform Mary Janes are also popular renditions of this classic shoe, buy them here. These have a more alternative look and give you height without the discomfort of a heel. Popular versions of these shoes include Dr. Marten’s chunky Mary Janes, combining alternative shoe styles and feminine traditions.


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17 Outfit Ideas to To Get That Preppy Style


Many Mary Janes feature a band or strap, but another variation of the fastening is the “T-strap” band. This is an elegant finish that can add some extra detail to your outfit. These shoes are often found in heeled designs, but you can find flat versions too. Buy them here.

Ankle Strap

You can also find Mary Janes with straps that fasten around the ankle rather than over the instep. These look more modern than traditional versions of the shoe, but they make a great pair of heels for a flirty date look or an evening outfit! Buy them here.

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What is the most comfortable style?

When it comes to Mary Janes, they tend to be more uncomfortable shoes. They’re often made of leather, have heels, and tight straps, which sometimes puts women off as they’re not practical for every-day-wear.

If you want a comfortable everyday style, a flat or platform style is the best to go for as this removes the discomfort of a high heel. You may also want to opt for straps that are looser or thicker as small, tight ones can end up rubbing your feet.

Style Ideas:

Mary Janes are versatile shoes, perfect for any style. Here are some key examples!


Grunge Mary Janes Outfit

Grunge style can be feminine too! Often we think of grunge as old converse and creepers, but Mary Janes can complement the more feminine grunge style too. Pair them with fishnets and slip dresses for a great grunge look.


Preppy French Style Mary Janes Outfit with red beret and red mary janes

Mary Janes suit the preppy style well. Whether you want to pair them with classy blouses or put-together street-style outfits, they’re essential to the preppy girl’s wardrobe.


Goth Platform Mary Janes Outfit with ripped tights and crop top

While you can wear dainty Mary Janes for preppy styles, gothic subcultures embrace super chunky variations. These sometimes come with studs, platforms, and extra dramatic details to give off an alternative vibe.


Punk Mary Janes Outfit with pleated skirt and fishnet socks

Another way you can wear Mary Janes is with a punk outfit. Instead of going extreme like the goth style, punk fans can add Mary Janes to skirt outfits for a different look.

Clothing Ideas:

Want to create an on-trend Mary Jane outfit? Try mixing the shoes with some of these outfits!


Shop the look:

Dresses are popular garments to be styled with these shoes, but there’s a trick to getting the look perfect! When styling your Mary Janes are dress, try to use similar colors to make the look cohesive, i.e orange and burgundy or black and grey!


Shop the look:

Popular jean styles to pair with Mary Janes include straight-legged jeans and wide-legged jeans too. Avoid modern styles like skinny jeans as these can look awkward.


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Skirts are a go-to for Mary Jane style, especially when paired with heeled Mary Janes. Mini skirts make your legs look longer and slimmer, perfect for a daytime street style outfit. Leather skirts and tartan skirts are particularly popular options too.


How to Wear Mary Janes with Socks

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Long, white socks are a common pairing with Mary Janes. These hint at vintage styles and offer a feminine outfit detail that isn’t always embraced by modern fashion.

Shoe Style Outfit Ideas:

Ready to style your Mary Janes? Here are some key outfit ideas for popular Mary Jane shoes.

Chunky shoes

If you’re trying to style chunky shoes or platform shoes, pair them with fishnet tights and tartan miniskirts for a true 90s style. This is perfect for anyone with an alternative style.

Flat shoes

Flat Mary Janes are comfortable for everyday outfits, so why don’t you pair them with denim! Mary Janes and blue denim make a classic pairing, and you can add bold colors for an extra fun styling choice.


Mid-heels are the perfect compromise between style and comfort, allowing you to wear an elevated style without ending up in pain! These are great for getting a 60s look, so houndstooth, tartan, and vintage sweaters are a perfect styling combination.

High Heel

High Heeled Mary Janes are a chic shoe option that keeps gracing catwalks year after year. A popular version is the square heel, and this pairs well with black minidresses and statement socks. Add a blazer to complete the vintage style look!

Shoe Color Ideas:

Though black is the most common color for Mary Janes, you can easily find these cute shoes in a range of colors too.


Traditional black Mary Janes go with any color palette as their color is so versatile. If you want to stick to a classic style, a completely black and white outfit is a great way to get the vintage look. Buy now.


White Mary Janes are another popular choice. The color gives the shoes a modern look and this style can also pair with a range of color palettes. It’s popular to pair white Mary Janes with bold colors like red or green, allowing the shoe to make a statement instead of blending into the outfit. Buy now.


Though it’s not a color, velvet is another popular style to try Mary Janes in. This luxurious fabric gives the shoes a 70s look, making them perfect for pairing with a 70s inspired outfit or flares. Buy now.


Pastel pink Mary Janes are perfect for those with a super girly style. These work well with full monochrome pastel pink outfits, but you can also pair them with whites, blues, and purples too for a cute feminine look. Buy now.


These cult classic shows can be worn in any season, you just have to style them well!


How to Wear Mary Janes in the Summer

Mary Janes are an essential addition to any summer look. Whether you’re pairing them with a funky dress or shorts, add some socks with them to complete the look. Since it’s summer, remember to add some bright colors too!


How to Wear Mary Janes Casual

Want to take your Mary Janes out in winter? Easy! Just make sure you wrap up warm whilst wearing them! Though skirts and tights are popular combinations for these shoes, you can also pair them with a cozy jumper, a coat, and pants too.