How To Wear Spice Girls Approved Platform Shoes

Rows of platform shoes on shoe shelf
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Last Updated on June 18, 2022

Slam it to the left and shake it to the right – or however else you choose to celebrate the return of Spice Girls style chunky platforms.

The Spice Girls have made yet another comeback – their sell-out arena reunion tour and their ever-growing bank balances proved that – and as a result, so has their gargantuan platform footwear. 

Akin to Ginger Spice’s Union Jack dress, Baby Spice’s iconic pigtails, and Scary Spice’s explosive leopard print catsuits, we associate platform shoes not only with the music group that introduced girl power into the world, but with the entire 90s decade.

We wept with pride and nostalgia when we saw the girls’ platforms displayed at Spice Up London last year, so we’re beyond ecstatic that they are making a triumphant return to fashion. This means we can say hello to height and full-blown drama, and goodbye to foot and back pain caused by stilettos.

They can be dressed up or down, and best of all, rocked all year round. Here are three ways to style platforms in 2020s…

#1 With Flares

  • Flares call for big heels – especially when you’re trying to deceive the world into thinking you’re six inches taller.
  • A top tip for wearing platforms with flares – when trying to add height – is to look like you’re not wearing platforms at all. In other words, keep them guessing. We’re thinking Cheryl Cole on her first day of X Factor USA – but without the humiliating public firing. 
  • Take your flares and all wide-legged trousers to the tailor, along with your shoes, so the length can be customised accordingly. The bottom should touch – but not scrape – the floor, to maximise style prowess and minimise injury.
  • If you want your shoes to be seen – and why wouldn’t you? They’re fabulous! – then ensure your trousers sit comfortably on or below the ankle. Don’t be afraid to fold your trousers up either to accommodate different platform heights and styles. A great option if you don’t want to commit to one platform, and therefore, one height.

#2 With Your Favourite Party Dress

  • Make like Emma Bunton. Rock your platforms with your favourite party dress. Extra points if you go for a 90s approved slip dress. Even more if it’s a Baby-Spice-reminiscent pink hue.
  • Chunky platforms that look more like trainers will of course make the look more casual. Add a denim jacket and chunky bracelets to complete the easy yet stylish daytime outfit. Check out the best chunky platforms you can buy.
  • Something with a strap (as opposed to laces) will smarten the look up. Choose a darker coloured dress and team with a sharp blazer for a chic, evening-ready aesthetic.
  • Swap your party dress with a cute but casual summer dress to add some spice (no pun intended) to your otherwise overly feminine outfit. Layer up with a hat and pashmina to add some dimension.  
  • Speaking of summer, opt for open-toed platform sandals instead of sneaker style platforms in the warmer months, so your feet remain cool in the heat.

#3 With A Jumpsuit

  • Unless you’re blessed with the height of a 90s catwalk supermodel, or are lucky enough to find one from the petite section, we can almost guarantee that your jumpsuit will be too long when you buy it.
  • Don’t frantically call your tailor just yet, as this is an occasion for platform shoes to work their magic.
  • Jumpsuits and catsuits are perfect for wearing with platforms, as well as paying homage to The Spice Girls.
  • Skinny, straight legged jumpsuits would be better for tall or curvy women, as enormous shoes would stick out on smaller frames. Petite ladies should stick to looser and wider legs to even out the frame and silhouette.
  • There’s something very retro and punk rock about wearing a tight jumpsuit with platforms, so accessorise with a leather jacket and black eyeliner for a rock chick vibe.