25 Ways to Wear Mom Jeans with Pizzaz

woman wearing mom jeans with polkadot bow on the waist
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Last Updated on April 26, 2023

Do yourself a favor and get a pair of mom jeans.

Here’s the deal:

Mom jeans stretch back to the 1980s, see what I did there?

Ah, never mind.

These were originally worn by middle-aged women, many of whom had children—hence the term mom jeans. At the time, they were considered highly unfashionable by younger generations. Today, they are praised for their vintage aesthetic, and are highly on trend used by women of all ages.

How are they supposed to fit?

Mom jeans have a very particular fit—high and fitted on the waist, figure hugging on the hip area, and slightly loose and baggy around the legs area. However, these are not considered baggy jeans in general. They are slim and fitted, but not skin tight either. They should have a slim fit.

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#1. With Baggy Shirts

Baggy Shirts are the perfect way to accentuate and balance out form fitting mom jeans. Choose a baggy blouse of any kind, but aim for one with exaggerated sleeves, shoulders, or cuffs. The baggier the better.

Pick any print of your preference, such as polka dots, animal prints, ruffles and stripes. Mom jeans are very plain and simple, so a standout top is an easy way to style them. Make sure to tuck the blouse into the jeans for a flattering silhouette.

#2. With Boots

Pair your mom jeans with leather boots for an effortlessly cool look for fall and winter. Tuck the jeans inside the boots if they are high, or cuff them if the boots are ankle length for an unexpected edge.

You can personalize this look by pairing with your favorite winter boots. The most flattering tends to be chunky, combat style boots. However, you can play around with cowboy boots for a nod towards Western, or slim heeled booties for a polished finish.

#3. With Fishnet

If your personal style is characterized by punk and rock influence, this style tip is for you. Choose a ripped, oversized version of mom jeans, making sure the rips are large enough that they show plenty of skin.

Wear a pair of black fishnets beneath the jeans, ensuring that the print is visible through the rips. This makes for a very cool look reminiscent of the 90s grunge era. Style the look with a graphic tee shirt of your favorite throwback grunge band.

#4. With Hoodies

Hoodies are the definition of comfort, much needed as the year proceeds. Wear your favorite hoodie with mom jeans for an understated outfit, ideal for quick errands. During the fall and winter months, layer your hoodie under coats and blazers for a stylish twist and extra warmth.

Opt for neutral-colored hoodies, and leave the printed ones at home. Cropped hems look great with mom jeans, but you can also tuck in longer hoodies or leave them untucked for a distressed finish.

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#5. With Shoes

The possibilities are endless in terms of which shoes you can pair with mom jeans. Our top picks include:

  • Chic kitten heels for feminine style aesthetics
  • Slip on loafers for an unbothered vibe
  • Polished pointed toe stilettoes for business casual
  • Delicate sandals for a spring and summer look
  • Classic ballet flats for a comfortable and stylish finish
  • Clean white sneakers for a sporty edge

There are no limits in which shoes you can pair with mom jeans— adapt to your personal style.

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#6. With Sweaters

Mom jeans can be worn all year around, adapted towards each season. For fall and winter, they are commonly paired with sweaters and cardigans. Chunky knits look best with mom jeans, as they create both a contrast and a balance; the slim fitted jeans, with a puffy, oversized, chunky sweater.

Tuck in the front hem, but leave the side and the back untucked. The trick is to accessorize. Consider gold hoop earrings, a leather belt, or a statement silk scarf.

#7. With Sneakers

While white sneakers look good with anything, there are many other sneakers that will look very trendy when paired with mom jeans. The distressed ‘dirty’ sneaker trend is still going on, and is the perfect way to dress down a pair of mom jeans.

Another edgier alternative for sneakers is your favorite pair of Nike Jordan’s, in any color combination of your preference. This makes for an envious sporty chic look you can wear each season.

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#8. With Tops

Pair mom jeans with a statement crop top for an easy spring and summer outfit. Any kind works, but the more detailed, the better. For fall and winter, you can still wear a crop top with mom jeans, as long as you add an oversized blazer on top.

Another cold weather appropriate option is a classic turtleneck top. Simple, clean, and posh—this will create an elegant look that is highly adaptable, versatile, and reusable.

Another option would be a button-down; simple and casual.

By Color

#9. Acid Wash

Acid wash mom jeans are among the most popular color, and have been worn specifically since the 1990s, when grunge fashion became a massive trend. These are much more casual, informal, and distressed in comparison to the classic blue shade of mom jeans.

While there are many variations of acid wash, the majority feature a spotted, blue, gray, and white print. They look best with tee shirts, knitted cardigans, chunky boots, oversized sneakers, and a shade range of black, gray and white.

#10. Black

Black mom jeans look especially great during the fall and winter, as they match FW clothing aesthetics. These are a must have in every woman’s closet; from younger to older generations, black mom jeans are highly versatile, comfortable, and easy to style.

The black allows you to dress them up or down, as they are more formal than classic blue denim or acid wash variations. Layer other black garments for an understated look, and finish off with a pop of color through a top or shoes.

#11. Blue

The classic blue mom jeans are a chalky blue color. Not dark wash nor light wash—an in between shade. This was the original color worn during the 1980s by middle-aged women, and is now praised for its vintage feel and tribute to decades past.

If you’re thinking of purchasing mom jeans for the first time, we recommend choosing classic blue. These are a must have. They go with anything and everything, adaptable towards every season, and every personal style.

By Design

#12. Embroidered

Embroidered details on denim create a youthful feel that is very reminiscent of the ‘arts and crafts’ clothing trends from the 80s, during which intervening clothing with homemade embroidery was highly common.

Many brands have taken on the concept, and create unique designs that offer an alternative print from classic plain denim.

There are no rights and wrongs when it comes to embroidered mom jeans. Common designs include starry and floral prints. Wear with a solid-colored top for a more cohesive flow within the outfit.

#13. Patches

Patched mom jeans became a huge trend during the 1990s grunge rock era, when everyone was modifying and personalizing their denim. Many people patched their own jeans at home, while others preferred to purchase them.

The patching technique works by deconstructing and reconstructing the jeans. A few pairs are taken apart, and placed together as a single mom jean featuring patches of different denim fabrics. These are a unique and considered a standout piece in any outfit.

Pair with a neutral-colored top, white sneakers, and a mini handbag as a cool outfit idea.

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#14. Ripped

Ripped mom jeans are a more dressed down, distressed version of the classic mom jeans. They come in all shapes, sizes, and color variations, and are very common among younger crowds.

Perfect for the summer, ripped mom jeans play with the stylistic idea of grunge fashion, can be paired with tights, sneakers, boots, and endless tees. Throw on a black tee shirt, chunky sneakers, black leather jacket, and thick sunglasses for a biker chic look.

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#15. Stretchy

Stretchy mom jeans are ideal for those seeking a pair of mom jeans that have a little ‘more to give’. These are more comfortable than the classic jeans as they feature a material that stretches easily will adapt to all body kinds, providing a comfortable fit.

They are made to provide all day comfort, and still feature the high waist line, slimness down the legs, and you can find them in the same shades as the classic mom jeans.

These are ideal for women with bigger behinds.

By Look

#16. Casual

For a casual mom jeans outfit, we suggest choosing a standout pair of mom jeans. Since the outfit will be quite casual, opt for mom jeans that have a twist to make the outfit overall more interesting, such as an uneven closure.

Pair with a sleeveless crop top of any comfortable material, such as cotton. Add your favorite chunky sneakers, comfortable for the everyday. Finish off the look with an unzipped hoodie thrown around your shoulder and accentuate with gold jewelry.

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#17. Cute

Mom jeans can be very cute and girly. The easiest way to make them seem so is to pair them with something pink or purple. Choose a looser style of mom jeans, and wear them with an unbuttoned, pink or purple v neck cardigan. Make sure to show plenty of skin.

Pair the garments with glossy white boots, and brown colored sunglasses. This outfit is easy to style, highly comfortable, and endlessly cute. It is a sweet reminder of 90s cute girl trends.

#18. Chic

For a chic take on mom jeans, choose garments that accentuate the jeans and pair with the aesthetics of vintage fashion. Choose a pair of light wash classic cut mom jeans, and pair them with a loose, puffy sleeved statement top. Make sure the top is in a chic color such as bone or off-white.

Complete the look with heeled slip ons, a top handle mini bag, and delicate thin jewelry. Other small details such as lace ribbons incorporated into the waist as a belt, intertwined with your jewelry or placed in your hair, can complete the outfit.

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#19. Classy

For a classy mom jeans outfit idea that is timeless and posh, dress up the jeans in an understated way that will result in a business casual aesthetic.

Choose a pair of form fitting mom jeans with the classic high waist. Tuck a thick sweater into the jeans, and place an oversized blazer on top of everything. Combine with elegant kitten heels, and finish off the look with a crossbody handbag.

#20. Hipster

Hipster fashion is everywhere, and it pairs ideally with mom jeans. Throw on a pair of light wash mom jeans, no rips included, and make sure they look used and worn out. If they are wrinkled and slightly undone, the hipster effect will be more obvious.

Pair with a slouchy pair of white Converse high-tops, and again make sure these seem well used. Complete the look by throwing on a printed cardigan featuring any kind of blue print. You can undo a button, a layer a solid-colored tank top underneath.

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#21. Plus Size

Mom jeans are adaptable towards all body types, and can be flattering even on plus size models. These are a great alternative to the popularized skinny jeans that do not flatter everyone, but instead cater towards one specific body type.

For a simple plus size mom jeans outfit idea that is highly flattering and slimming, choose a pair of baggy plus sized mom jeans, making sure they are a bit loose on the leg area. Tuck a simple tee shirt into the jeans, and finish off with a tall pair of heels. Easy, simple, and classic.

By Season

#22. Spring

Springtime is the perfect time to take out your favorite trench coat and accessorize it. Pair your favorite light wash mom jeans with a long trench coat that reaches your knees.

Wear a small white crop top underneath, and pair with your favorite chunky white sneakers for a fresh and clean look.

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#23. Summer

One of the great elements of mom jeans is their high versatility, and the fact that they can be worn through all four seasons. For the summer, choose a slouchy pair that will not overheat you or make you feel stuffy.

Another great alternative is to roll up your jeans to make the hems shorter. Wear with a cropped, short sleeve t-shirt, a crossbody handbag, and sandals.

#24. Fall

Boyfriend jeans are the perfect combination for sweater weather. Choose a long sleeve button-up blouse. Tuck it into your boyfriend’s jeans of choice, choose ripped ones for an extra rugged edge. Pair with heeled suede booties, and throw on a thick knitted cardigan on top.

#25. Winter

For an effortless, comfortable, and timeless winter look, choose a pair of polished straight down jeans. Tuck a plush turtleneck cashmere sweater into the pants, and pair with polished black leather boots. Finish off the look with a camel coat for the optimal winter outfit.

How do you like to wear your mom jeans? Let us know below!

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