A True 90s Baby, but is Skechers a Good Brand?

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Last Updated on July 2, 2022

If you grew up in the 1990s, you may remember lusting over a pair of Skechers and being jealous of every kid that owned them. If you were lucky enough to own a pair, you knew you were the coolest in class when you wore them.

But, are these trainers still cool now?

Impressively, Skechers isn’t only surviving, but thriving!

With a range of comfortable foam technology shoes and some re-imagined classic silhouettes, this brand is still popular with the youth of today as well as older customers too.

Want to know more about Skechers? Continue reading to find out more.

What is Skechers History and who invented Skechers?

Skechers is a relatively new company as the brand was founded in 1992. Unlike other popular 1990s brands, this one was created in the same decade it’s associated with. Surprisingly, this brand’s initial purpose was to distribute Dr. Martens boots, not their own designs.

The company was founded by Robert Greenberg, who also owned the already established company LA Gear. After a few lawsuits with Dr. Marten’s, the Skechers brand changed its direction and started to create its shows. These initial shoes were skate trainers and utility boots too.

In 1997 the brand went global and used celebrity endorsements to catch the younger generation’s attention. This was successful and the brand remained popular through the 2000s too.

Skechers was initially designed to be a super-comfortable shoe option and many designs still feature engineered soles to keep feet comfy.

This wasn’t the only selling point though, as these shoes became increasingly successful due to their funky and alternative styles. The brand was especially popular with teens and young adults in the 1990s and even rivaled other top shoe brands such as Adidas and Nike.


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Who is Skechers Best For? (Professions, Events, Activities, etc.)

Though Skechers are popular for their stylish design, they’re popular for active sports too. Thanks to their memory foam soles, these shoes cushion the footwell and they’re also very breathable. Skechers is known for their great quality and foot support.

The main activity these shoes are popular for is walking, or general light athletic sports. This means if you’re a serious athlete you may want to invest in a more specialized brand, however, if you just want a stylish or comfortable sneaker then Skechers will work for you!

Over the years Skechers have designed a wide range of shoes. From retro-looking trainers and boots to modern sneakers, there are a lot of different models you can choose from. Here are some of the most popular options they’ve created!


D’Lites are a classic Skechers silhouette. This sneaker has been reimagined numerous times with different fabrics, colors, and even pearl embellishments too. If you’re after a key retro shoe, this would be one to opt for! The D’Lites always feature a chunky platform sole and the iconic Skechers logo too.

Buy them at:




Go Walk

Another popular style from Skechers is the Go Walk sneaker. This streamlined shoe features a minimal, modern design with an engineered sole for the ultimate comfort. You can find this shoe in a range of colors, however, the most popular is the all-black option.

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Oxford Shoes

While many of the Skechers shoes are sneakers or hybrid shoes, they do offer different designs too. One of the most popular alternative styles is the Oxford shoe. This is made from 100% leather and comes with a platform sole and traditional exposed stitching.

Buy them at:




What are Skechers made of?

Each Skechers shoe features a range of different fabrics and materials, some even feature leather too.

These shoes are most famous for their comfy memory foam soles though. This material is temperature and pressure-sensitive, allowing it to take the shape of your foot for an extra comfortable sneaker. This impressive technology was originally developed by NASA!

Are they good quality and durable?

One of the key selling points of Skechers is their high-quality materials and good design. These shoes are designed to last, making them a great option if you’re looking for some durable sneakers with added design. Whether you use them as a sports shoe or only wear them for chilling, they won’t break quickly!

Are Skechers comfortable and good for your feet?

Another reason Skechers are so popular is that they’re actually healthy for your feet. Some trainers and fashionable shoes on the market do your feet more harm than good, so if you want some added comfort and less strain opt for Skechers.

This is thanks to their memory foam sole and ergonomic shape. These shoes are constantly recommended for anyone who is on their feet for long periods.

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Where are Skechers shoes made?

Though Skechers and an American company with headquarters in California, they don’t have any factories in the U.S. This is fairly common for most modern retailers and their shoes are mostly produced in Vietnam and China.

Celebs Who Wear or Have Worn Skechers

Some brands are great at promoting their shoes with cool celebrity-focused ads. This is always a great way to win public opinion and generate some sales. Skechers is one of those brands that use celebrity endorsements well.

With celebrities like Robert Downy-Jr and the Kardashians promoting their shoes, who wouldn’t want to buy them?

Britney Spears was also featured in a successful Skechers campaign dressed in double denim, a perfect 90s look! Even Christina Aguilera got a Skechers campaign and hers was very flirty indeed!

Are Skechers Good Value?

If you’re considering whether Skechers are a good investment or not, we say go for it! These on-trend sneakers retail for a low price when compared to competitor brands, plus they’re durable and long-lasting meaning your investment works out over time.

Not only that, but these funky sneakers don’t go out of fashion and can be worn as a fashion accessory or a sports trainer too – perfect for anyone who loves versatile and retro style.

Alternatives to Skechers

Some of the main competitor brands for Skechers are Puma, Adidas, and Nike, as these sports-focused brands also sell aesthetic sneakers. If you want replica Skechers for a lower price, Clarks often sell dupes of the classic styles. Other popular sneakers that rival Skechers include Fila Disruptors, platform Vans, and chunky Converse shoes too.


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Summary: Is Skechers a Good Brand?

While it may not be the first brand you think about when looking for sneakers, Skechers are still a high-quality shoe to invest in.

Their retro and funk style isn’t out of fashion, so if you want to embrace the 90s grunge or noughties trend these are a must-have.

They’re also great for anyone who wants a good walking or sports shoe too as they’re more durable than standard fashion sneakers.

Are you ready to embrace the Skechers look again? Let us know what you think of the shoes in the comments.