15 of the Best FILA Sneakers for Women (You Won’t Ever Want To Slip Off)

Best Fila Shoes
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Last Updated on April 28, 2022

Sneakers are the foundation of every look. They can either support or take the stage, but in every single case, they are the item that can make or break an ensemble. Nowhere is this more true than in 90s looks, with sneakers being an integral part of the relaxed sports vibe together with bucket hats and relaxed cargo pants.

This is why having a couple of amazing pairs of 90s FILA shoes to choose from is paramount.

There are a lot of brands that have retro styles that I love, but few can nail down the chunky 90s sneaker vibe as well as Fila. They have some fantastic low-tops and hi-tops as well, but their sneakers absolutely take the cake! 

If you think about sports footwear, maybe it’s not the first brand that comes to your mind…Chances are you think about Nike, Adidas, or Puma first. However, with this list, I will show you some of my favorite retro-colored styles that will undoubtedly change your mind. Let me prove to you why Fila should top your sneaker wishlist this season!

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#1. Fila Women’s Disruptor II 

The signature retro Disruptor II sneaker is an all-white chunky shoe that is striking yet subdued. The most notorious feature is the golden logo over a red, white, and blue combined stripe. It has a slight heel and a thick platform that adds a bit of height to it. The upper part is quite tall, reaching almost to the ankle and on the backside, there is another logo patch with the traditional Fila logo. 

The model itself is quite wide and bulky, making it perfect for wide cargo jeans and a bandana top ensemble. You could also pair it with baggy cuffed joggers and a tight bodysuit.

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#2. Fila Women’s Oakmont Tr

The color combination of these chunky sneakers makes me so nostalgic! The neon shades of yellow, green, blue, fuchsia, and orange plus the speckled rubber sole and crisscrossed laces are so 90s it hurts. As if that weren’t enough the rubber sole is finished in an X pattern that makes me think of the Fox Kids logo so much!

The midsole is made of EVA foam and the upper combines leather and mesh textile panels on the side for the perfect aired shoe. The presence of the Fila logo is quite minimal here, there is a small logo on the side and an F on the back of the ankle, right under the padded collar. 

There are a ton of colors to choose from if you don’t want your sneakers to be THAT colorful. I particularly fancy the black model with a gradient rainbow rubber sole, get it on Amazon. It might be easier to combine with my black sportswear. Still, I can’t help but love the neon model so much!

#3. Fila Women’s Disruptor Premium

At first, you might think that this trainer looks a lot like its cousin the Disruptor II and it is true, they are quite similar. However, it is a simplified, 100% leather high-quality version that minimizes the attention-calling details of the previous model. 

The Fila logo is very small and streamlined into the lines of the upper panels and other than the contrast between the white, navy, and red colors of the logo on the side and tongue, the shoe is completely white one panel blending into the next. I can totally see it working in a capsule wardrobe because of its versatility!

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#4. Fila Women’s Reunion Low-top

Because sometimes you just want something NOT bulky, here is a simple low-top sneaker in pretty much the same style as one before but without all the extra body. The slim rubber sole is as flat as it can be, with a lower laced tongue, and a vegan leather upper that is perforated on the side to create an airflow. 

With no logo on the back heel and an all-white design, it is a classic style that goes with literally anything. The easiest, most comfy look for me would be to pair them up with a bootcut pair of Levi’s jeans and an adventurous t-shirt. The price is very accessible for a Fila sneaker, too. 

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#5. Fila Women’s Electrove 2 Sneakers 

Worry not, I promised you chunky retro sneakers and I will deliver! I was just tempted by the simple retro design of those models, but here is a beautiful and girly chunky shoe that begs to be paired with a cute Barbie t-shirt, get it here

The chunky retro silhouette with a thick heeled lug rubber sole and almond toe shape is not only a classic hit from 1990, it is also super comfortable. The ample cushioning and exaggerated EVA midsole absorbs impact and distributes the weight of the body over the whole surface, creating consistent comfort for every step. The combination of pastel pink, yellow and green colorway in coated leather and synthetic upper reminds me of a fruit ice cream and makes them look good enough to eat! 

#6. Fila Vulc 13 Mid Hightops Anodized

Basket shoes were the ultimate sports footwear that anyone wanted to be caught in during the 90s, even if they had never stepped on a court in their life. 

This striking white and red glossy model maximizes their glam appeal by reinforcing their ergonomic shape with red curved lines trim and making their laced vamp and hook-and-look strap standout. The shoe’s outsole is made of thermoplastic rubber, whereas the lining and insole are made of textile fabric. 

The upper is fully synthetic though, so I wouldn’t recommend it for summer and would instead pair them up with a lightweight waterproof jacket. They are very light and come in several colors. The most striking after the red might be the golden one, but I absolutely abhor golden on mostly everything so I’d rather go with the crimson. 

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#7. Fila Women’s Hallasan Sneakers

The Hallasan sneakers are a weird cross between a chunky sneaker and a high-top basketball trainer. They combine an integrated tongue design with a ribbed sock cuff with pull tabs that sits quite tall on the ankle and a thick rubber Vibram outsole.

Their lace-up closure pulls the mesh sides together and unifies the blue, yellow, black, pink, and white striking color combination of the model while also reinforcing the clasp of the sock cuff for a perfect grip. I think these would be amazing for walking on difficult terrain! They are also very easy to combine with classic cargo pants and a sporty top

#8. Fila Disruptor II Tweed LUX

The Disruptor is one of Fila’s most retro-looking models and it has a lot of variations, some small and others not so much. In this case, the all-over white design was swapped for a woven pink and yellow fabric combined with pastel pink trim and a rose-gold glamorous logo on the side.

Pull tabs on the heel and tongue serve to put it on with ease and a long laced upper lets you adjust its fit so that the sneakers sit snug on your foot. 

It is a bold design that would fit Cher from Clueless down to a T. I can totally picture it either as a glam sports option or as part of a mall outing ensemble Think white pleated or tennis skirts with a fluffy matching knit sweater and for the full effect, tie your hair in a high ponytail with a fluffy scrunchie!


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#9. Fila Women’s Sandblast Low Tie-dye

There is nothing that makes me as nostalgic as seeing all the tie-dye models that have recently resurfaced as part of the 90s comeback. After all, it is such an integral design to the street style of the decade. And speaking of which, this Fila low-top canvas shoe is the perfect example of a classic style done right! 

Its colorful upper showcases a rainbow-colored tie-dye effect that swirls over the sides and is the focal point of this relaxed shoe with a white rubber sole and white laces. You might have missed it, but there is also a small embroidered white Fila logo on the side! 

#10. Fila Women’s Sneaker, Multi Iridescent

Tie-dyes may have been huge over the 1990s, but so were metallic hologram-like colors, especially purple and teal. Cue in this amazing chunky sneaker from Fila. Rubber, logo-stamped outsole? Check. Pale purple iridescent trim? Check. Gradient teal, purple, and fuschia iridescent patent synthetic upper? Also check!

This is a Spice Girls kind of sneaker. A total looker made in the iconic lines of the Disruptor retro model, also named trainer of the year in 2018. It is very chunky and voluminous so I would best pair it up with skinny white pants or a pleated long skirt for an uptown look in proper Baby Spice fashion!

#11. Fila Vastra Slip-on Shoe

A vintage but somewhat unconventional slip-on shoe that combines pink and grey in a neutral way. This is the ultimate low-key gym shoe: a style that fits any one of your sporty outfits and doesn’t call for unnecessary attention, while at the same time being anything but basic. 

It comes in a bunch of color-combos, my favorite two being the black on red style and the pink on grey one, of course. It also features a comfy round toe, breathable textile upper, and loop-closure. All the more to make it easy to slip on and off. Comfortable, without sacrificing fashion!

#12. Fila Women’s Disruptor Ii Leopard Sneaker

We have covered metallic shades, tie-dyes, classic all-whites… And now is the time for leopard! Too much this print can seem tacky or look a little dated but its details like this trim can really make a shoe stand out.

The perforated synthetic upper is otherwise white all-over, showcasing the trim. The thick, but lightweight, EVA midsole gives the shoe a soft round silhouette. Embroidered logos on tongue, quarter, and heel add to the soft appeal of the show and frame the reflective eyebrows and heel tab. It might be the perfect time to combine those leopard shorts you have been wanting to try, maybe with a loose white tank top?

#13. Fila Women’s Memory Vernato 5 Shoes

There are few color combinations that I love more than black and fuschia. I mean, sure teal and purple come close in second place, but pink on black is so striking that it just takes the gold. So, it was only expected that when I spotted these Fila sneakers, I was instantly sold!

A synthetic mesh upper in black comes together with black and grey trimmings to form most of the shoe, whereas the collar and the lower part of the heel are accentuated with pink stripes. The logo on the side and the F on the tongue both use the two colors for a sticker effect that really floats my boat. I can totally see this shoe as part of my closet. It would go with all of my black gym clothes and at the same time, add a little color. I might only need to get a hot pink scrunchie to complete the look!

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#14. Fila Women’s Low-top Sneakers

There was a time when I would gladly twist my ankles on a daily basis just to use thick platform shoes. Those days are past for me. I am much too clumsy and now, in my old age, I rather not go falling on the street. However, if your abilities allow you to walk on thick platforms, let me live precariously through you!

These Fila black low-tops have a thick three-fingers tall platform that looks amazing! It has a stamped logo on the side and deep grooves on the outsole for better grip as you walk. It is also surprisingly light for such a chunky shoe! 

#15. Fila Disruptor 2A  

As our last, but certainly not least, Disruptor model, let me present to you this black on white on hot pink running/walking sneaker. A classic navy and red embroidered Fila logo on the side is the only non-black element on the upper since both mesh and trims are a deep black color. 

The sole is what really called me towards this shoe. The heel resembles a bubble-gum bubble and encompasses the back half of the outsole in a see-through effect. They are super comfortable, with a lot of cushioning, particularly on the heel thanks to the bubble effect. It has a ton of amazing reviews, can’t wait to try it!

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