What on earth happened to Jennifer Love Hewitt?

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Last Updated on June 29, 2021

The 90s was a time of so many “it” girls and guys, but one of the brightest stars was Jennifer Love Hewitt. The timeless subject of many a teen crush was a powerhouse of the entertainment industry and a true “American sweetheart” during our favorite decade.

JLHs breakthrough role was as Sarah Reeves on the iconic 90s TV show ‘Party of Five’ (cue reminiscent murmurs!), along with Matthew Fox (aka the guy from ‘Lost’) and Neve Campbell. About a year after the wrap of the show, the spinoff attempt ‘Time of Your Life’ launched, with Jennifer reprising her ‘Party of Five’ role.

However, as many spin-offs do, it was canned after just one season (and barely that!). Jennifer took over the big screen too; who could forget the iconic teen horror movie with the awkwardly long name, ‘I know what you did last Summer’? Or the teen party comedy ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’?.


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Jump a decade forward to 2005 and Jen’s headlining another hit TV show, ‘Ghost Whisperer’ with a five-year run. Skip another four years and Jen’s tearing up the small screen in the popular ‘Criminal Minds’.


The prolific actress took a well-earned break for four years (that’s some holiday) to rest, focus on her family and take time to collect herself in the wake of her Mother’s death. In 2018 she blazed back to work in the Ryan Murphy/Brad Falchuck (Glee) show 9-1-1.

Fun fact:
Jennifer Love Hewitt played the one and only Audrey Hepburn in the TV movie “The Audrey Hepburn Story” back in the year 2000 (feeling old much?). You may also remember her from the forever-classic Enrique Iglesias “Hero” video as the starring lady.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is more than an actress, with the titles ‘writer’ and ‘musician’ to her name as well. In fact, she wrote a New York Times bestselling book, ‘The Day I Shot Cupid’.

This nifty handbook explores her experiences in the world of love and guides men and women through the world of dating in the hopes of finding the perfect partner.

But let’s not kid ourselves, you’re here for the juicy information! You want the down and dirty “real life” stuff we love to read about celebrities. Acting careers are great and all, but it’s the day-to-day dramas we can relate to, right?

It’s an all too common trend of child actors to turn to the drink, get dropped by their agents, get labeled “diva”, and become another sad casualty of Los Angeles.

Good news!

Jen dodged it all.

She’s remained smartly private about her family life, keeping her husband (Brian Hallisay) and two kids close to her heart and far from the paps.

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