Love, a case of style

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Last Updated on May 3, 2022

Since the early 90s, Courtney Love has been known for her rebellious and unpredictable, yet irresistibly inspiring way of getting dressed. Throughout her personal life, this music and acting icon, and also mother, experienced some pretty bumpy moments. But somehow she used her clothes as a form of art, using textures and details, as a tool of expression. It was thanks to Love that the kinderwhore style — all about mixing lace with rock — became popular. Her fashion at that time was undeniable. Selected as a muse by designers like Hedi Slimane and Gianni Versace, and featured on Vanity Fair in 1992 and Vogue Italia in 1997. Today, you too can revisit the intriguing visual combos of this nineties performer. Be aware that we are now entering the kingdom of slips and sheer dresses. See what works best for you, either in a hot July or a December winter day, you will look great — make sure you have messy hair and red lipstick on, this will definitely help! Read: Slip Dress Outfit Style Guide: How to Wear a Slip Dress with Versatility

Romantic grunge

Laid back, day-to-day outfits don’t need to go full on punk to resemble Courtney. Just get a white dress, it can be new or vintage, long, mid, or short — baby doll could also do — and pair it with black shoes. Preferably Mary Jane platforms, to really make the most of your revival moment. Check out some sock options by Love, such as fishnet tights or white knee-highs.
Courtney Love crouching down in her babydoll boho chic style
This feminine roughness is so versatile, Sienna Miller and Katie Holmes were both spotted together wearing a version of it in 2018 — each in a different cut — for New York Fashion Week. Read: Back to the past, Styling a Puffer Jacket 15 Female Celebrity Fashion Icons from the 90s Getting Tactile: A Lit of 90s Turtlenecks Styles

Unapologetic glamour

When looking into smart looks or party transitions, grab a floor-length black dress that will make you feel just like Courtney, satin will do the trick. Courtney Love wearing a black dress The main thing here is the minimal approach, wear it as elegantly as Courtney did for the Golden Globes in 1997 as well as Hale Berry around the same time. For colder days, you’ve got one of two options to time travel to the 90s decade. Opt for Winona Ryder’s choice when she wore a maxi in velvet in 1993. Or snug into a wool sweater to reach the cozy-looking feeling of Courtney and Kurt. Kurt and Courtney with sweater and ripped jeans This classy staple is being passed on to younger generations by Selena Gomez, who has adopted the long slip trend since 2015, again in 2016 and 2017.

Love well … love’s clothes!

In 2016, Love collaborated on a new clothing line with Sophia Amoruso from Nasty Gal. The collection made it possible to shop the signature styles of the star in different sizes. It was a fair opportunity to wear pieces that celebrated fashion and music from the 90s. From Courtney Love, we learn how to be fearless when getting dressed. In her own words:
“I think that a wardrobe is a living, breathing thing, like, I’ve been known to talk to my dresses.”
For her, the most important qualities of an outfit were comfort and coolness, a combination that resulted in a style that is anything but limited. Read: Essential Style Guide: Grunge Outfits for Every Season and Look (Women’s Edition)